Harry Styles Launching His New Beauty Line


The beautiful boy is now said to launch his very own beauty line. The news seems quite big of a surprise for many crazy fans like us. Harry Styles who is an amazing singer, a great songwriter, an actor, and an incredible influencer will now move forward in his stardom by launching his very own beauty line. The news escalated like a fire in the forest when they find out that Harry Styles have registered his own new business by the name of “Pleased as holdings”, what a beautiful name for the new beauty line of this absolutely beautiful man. The wholesale nature of the business which he got registered was of perfumes and cosmetics. Many fans were hoping to ever be able to wear anything by such a superstar.

Now, a perfume smelling like Harry or a blush making you look like Harry could just be enough for now. Fans throughout the world gathered warm wishes and heartily congratulated the new businessman of the age. While many of us are still patiently waiting to divulge into more as soon as something comes up; with high expectations, heavily beating hearts the fans are waiting for the business to start.

As we all can see with the passage of time that a good amount of music people are getting into having their own beauty line businesses. It is evident that we all cannot wait to see what Mr. Styles would Styles for us.

What will the brand be like? What is the name resonating with? Who is it for? There are so many questions that we need answers off. First things first Harry’s brand will be for everyone for whoever wants it. Harry has long been an advocate towards gender queers; he is no scared and does never shy away from societal problems and bringing change. He is the kind of person who is bold, confident and self-expressive. What the fans cannot wait is to look at what this expressive beauty will not be expressing his view and himself in, what sorts of products. We know that this advocate for gender fluidity will definitely resonate and reflect his own brand, which makes us say for sure that the product will be something reflecting freedom and creativity at its best.

His brand could look like a couple of things ranging from rhinestones to typical mid-1970’s vibe, from pearls to dark leather something which will be a mixture of both masculinity and femininity; something that comes off as natural but could be taken as bold as well. The products would be a lip-line, creams eyeshades? There are a lot of questions that the fans have when it comes to us associating Harry Styles with a beauty brand of his own. Multiple scenarios and situations will come up to our mind shouting and chanting Styles in the most eccentric way. So let’s wait a little longer and see what this beautiful human has in store for us.