11 K-Beauty Trends Tipped to Blow Up In 2022


As we approach the year 2022, it’s critical to consider any of those current-year objectives. So, what promise will you make to yourself in 2022? Start with your skin, which will be dominated by K-Beauty trends in 2022. When eating better and drinking less (especially after the holidays) are obvious solutions, we’d want to make a case for additional care of your face, the body’s largest component. Who better to advise you how to do it than the industry’s leading K-beauty and skincare product experts? These are the next K-beauty trends to be aware of, ranging from fermentation tea and kombucha to an even more unusual red onion.

Plants you wouldn’t expect to find

“By 2022, there will be a lot more topical tretinoin beauty products on the shelves, as well as some startling findings concerning plant components with healing properties, including spring onion.” In addition, there will be a huge increase in understanding of the process and beautiful movements.”

Fermented ingredients

“I anticipate there will be a further movement toward vegan-friendly foods and more ecologically friendly packaging.” The market seems to be turning away from sheet masks and toward wash-off masks due to their single-use nature. Many companies are now providing sensitive skin-friendly products as well as light, odorless formulas. Fermented components that are also known for their typical anti properties, such as brewed tea and chamomile, are gaining popularity.”

Skincare that works

“In 2022, higher efficacy-based cosmetics solutions that highlight substances like vitamin C, retinol, and AHA/BHAs would be the suggestion for K-beauty.” With Covid-19 refusing to go away, more people are looking for ways to retain their natural skin health at home after wearing masks all day. [Look for] diverse yet effective skincare products that may help with anti-ageing, skin whitening, fewer breakouts, and skin flattening.”

Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant that benefits the body

“Vitamin A is still quite popular. As a result, I expect to see more benzoyl peroxide treatments from Korean companies in 2022.” New mask-addressing healthcare goods will be developed, as will long-lasting make-up that can be worn while applying a face mask, such as transfer-proof lip cosmetics and cushion foundation that dries rapidly.”

Formulas with a relaxed demeanour

“I see a rise in minimalist beauty for customers with sensitive skin, with formulas having no more than 10 components. Sensitive skin is becoming increasingly common, and it is undeniably connected to our hectic lives and city toxins.

Glow from inside

“The desire for a healthy glow is widespread – one of the key trends in Korean beauty is confidence in one’s own skin and an emphasis on healthy skin.” Rather of going for glass skin, attempt a basic regimen that includes moisturizing and lightening treatments such as quercetin and chondroitin sulfate.”

New Concepts

“Based on client feedback and what we observe labs generating, I think that the primary Korean beauty trends in 2022 will revolve on inventive techniques for chemicals to be absorbed into the skin.” For example, Melt-tech is used to disperse components in our Peach Slices Deep Blemish Microdarts.