25+ Unique Things That You Will See At A Music Festival


Music festivals occur at different times throughout the year to help the audience see and engage with different musicians. They allow people to enjoy listening to their favorite artists live. This is why a large crowd is always present at music festivals. Of course, you may not have had the chance to visit such an event yet because of financial or other reasons. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about missing out on stuff. If you’re wondering what happens at a music festival, you’re in the right place. Here are the top 50 pictures to give you insights into what really happens at a music festival.

People In Bunny Costumes

Two people wearing clothing

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Many people like to dress uniquely at music festivals, which is why you will see the crowd in various costumes. One of the unique things you can wear to a music festival is a bunny outfit made of soda cans. These girls have cut out the top part of the cans and attached them onto a string to form a dress to cover their upper bodies. Meanwhile, the bunny masks allow them to maintain anonymity and add a mystery to their costume. The pairing of long boots is also a good addition because music festivals enable you to walk and stand for long hours.

The One Dressed Up Like An Action Hero

Many people love to dress up like action heroes at music festivals. However, only a few individuals get their costume right. The person in this picture did not ace his look because of the ridiculous style. The green shorts and red mask were supposed to make him look like an action hero. However, he looks more like a vigilante than a hero. Of course, the one thing he did get right was a fanny pack. The accessory may have been a bit overboard, but it is a convenient choice for storing essentials and preventing them from getting lost.

The Ones Who Are Dressed Too Hot

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Many people choose their outfits carefully to ensure they remain comfortable while looking chic. However, the girl on the right in this picture decided to choose style over fashion. She is carrying a warm jacket that does not seem to match the weather. You can easily know through the lighting that this was a hot summer day. So it makes no sense for the girl to be wearing such a warm jacket. Of course, people can go to any lengths just to look more fashionable instead of remaining comfortable. We bet the girl regretted wearing a jacket in the summer.

The People Who Carry Others

Many people love to take pictures of singers and DJs at a music festivals. However, it is not always possible to get a clear shot because of the huge crowd and tall heads. This is why some people go to extra lengths to capture special moments. Of course, the top hack to take good shots is by carrying your companion on your shoulders. The person in this picture is carrying his plus-sized sibling on his shoulders so that she can get a clear shot. He seemed to be struggling but still managed to hold her for the photo.

Ferris Wheels

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Music festivals are famous for going big and putting up unique exhibits. However, some festivals are grander than others because they also have Ferris wheels for entertainment. The fully lit ride seems mesmerizing at night, just like in this picture. This is another reason why people go to music festivals. The event offers much more than just party music. The girl in this picture is also enjoying the atmosphere and using the Ferris wheel as a good background. Her backless top and full-length pants also add to her style and make her look glamorous in the picture.

The Extravagant Headpiece

A person wearing a garment

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Females at music festivals tend to be more careful when creating an outfit for the event. This is because appearances matter to them more than males. However, still, some girls who go overboard by using extravagant headpieces. The person in this picture is a clear example of what a unique headpiece looks like. Of course, we feel sorry for those who stood behind the girl during the event. After all, one can barely see what’s going on ahead because of that headpiece. This is why accessories must be chosen wisely so that other people’s view is not blocked.

The Man In A Diaper

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Each music festival is unique but some things are common in the crowd at most events. For instance, you are likely to find at least one man roaming around in a diaper at a music festival. Some people try to imitate a monkey look by not wearing other garments. This man is also trying to do the same and posing for the camera. Of course, such an outfit is not the most practical choice because it can get cold during the night. Besides that, the outfit also makes it more difficult to use the washroom while enjoying the festival.

The Stylish Fanny Pack Users

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Fanny packs have become a must-have for many people because of their high convenience. You can use it to store your mobile phone, earphones, and other essentials easily. The best part is that you don’t have to carry it in your hand the whole time. This is because these bags are worn just above the waist for ease of use. Many people at the music festival also come with a fanny pack like this girl. Vibrant colors such as bright pink can also help you stand out in the crowd like this person. Of course, her color combination is also matching the outfit.

The Loud Gang

Most people visit music festivals with a large group of friends, like the one in this picture. Of course, couples also come to such events for fun dates. Remember that large groups can be very noisy and may affect your overall experience. However, seeing pictures of large groups can also be helpful. This is because you can take points from their fashion style to look good at the festival. A casual outfit is a top option for visiting festivals during the daytime, especially in the summers. This is because such clothing helps to keep you cool easily.

Disco Heads

Looking unique is one of the top priorities of people visiting a music festival. Some people dress up to look good, while others make special outfits to have fun and set a new trend. This is why disco heads are frequently seen at many festivals. All you require is a disco ball that you can cut from the bottom to place on your head. Slits can also be made using a cutter to help you see easily through the ball and have room for breathing. Of course, we still don’t know how this person managed to eat through his disco head.

The Girls With Abs

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At every festival, you will come across many people who workout to keep themselves fit. However, finding girls with abs may be more difficult. Of course, the best part about working out is that it allows you to look amazing like these girls. These friends nailed their makeup and outfits by going for a pretty look instead of a unique costume. They also took advantage of the golden hour while taking the picture. So if you want to look this good at a festival, take a hint from these girls and start working out. Simple cardio exercises daily can also help you stay fit.

Shirtless Males

Exploring a music festival without any shirt has been a trend for many males and females. However, this guy took things to the next level by using everyday items to create a unique look. Seatbelts on his body allow him to hold his camera at a specific angle while maintaining an upright posture. The oversized blue glasses also make the appearance funkier. No matter how weird the outfit may be, it did its work correctly. The man was easily able to get more attention than those who dress simply at music festivals. That is why people try new styles during events.

People Wheeling In Belongings

Many people think that people don’t come with many items at music festivals. However, that is completely wrong. Some visitors come during the night to enjoy the event for a few hours, while die-hard music fans come with entire luggage to spend the entire day at the location. The girl in this picture has obviously decided to stay for the night because of the various things she is carrying. It seems that she plans to set up a tent for storing her things and sleeping before the festival starts. Remember that being well-prepared is necessary before attending a musical event.

The Robot Look

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Aliens are an interesting topic for young adults because of the mystery behind them. Another hot topic for people is robots, especially those that look like from space. This girl also tried to achieve a robotic look by wearing a silver dress with a choker and band. She has clearly thought a lot about her music festival look because her outfit is gorgeous. If all aliens and robots start to look like her, people may be more accepting of inhabitants from space. Of course, we don’t have to worry about such stuff because aliens do not exist.

Wet Muddy Fields

The venues of music festivals vary, which is why it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the location beforehand. This is because it will allow you to dress properly before attending the event. For instance, you can see through this picture that the outdoor location has a large space with wet mud. Many people end up getting pushed into the dirt like this man. The girl seems to be apologizing, but she may also be a passerby trying to help the person. Of course, only the people in the pictures know what is going on. This is why it is advisable to be careful when visiting festivals.

The People Who Lift Others

A person standing in a crowd

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At every party, there are enthusiastic people who love to jump in the crowd. Sometimes the people may not catch the person, while other times, the audience is supportive of the individual. This case represents the latter scenario, as everyone is enjoying while holding the man above their heads. The person in the air seems a bit scared, but he can count on the crowd to keep him safe. We bet he had the fun of his life while being carried at a music festival. This is why the audience at an event makes a significant difference in one’s experience.

The Trio Of Girlfriends

A group of women posing for a picture

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Many best friendships include a pack of three people. The same thing also applies to this trio of girls. The one on the extreme left also resembles a character from The Vampire Diaries. This girl gang may also remind you of the trio from the series because of their similar appearances and hair colors. However, the outfits of this trio match the 90s era. Girl bands of that era used to wear such glamorous clothes. Maybe that was the initial inspiration behind the outfits of this trio. Of course, only the girls whether our guess is correct or not.

The Girl Who Looks Like An Actress

A person wearing a garment

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This girl seems like she has come right out of a movie because of her unique look and perfect figure. It must have been hard for her to take an aesthetic picture while being surrounded by dust. Of course, the girl was smart enough to wear goggles for eye protection. It also seems that she is riding a bike, which is an efficient move to save herself from tiring out easily at the festival. One of the best things about music festivals is that you can take various things with you, such as tens, coolers, and bikes.

The Sleepers

A group of people sitting on the grass

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People who visit music festivals early tend to get tired more easily than latecomers. This is why at every event, some people sleeping around the site are always present. The guy and the girl in this picture are prime examples of sleepers at a music festival. The man seems to be enjoying his nap while reclining on a chair. However, the same thing cannot be said for the girl using a cooler as a pillow. The two possible scenarios that came to our minds are that the girl may be protecting her cooler while sleeping, or she may have passed out because of heavy drinking.

The Creepy Eye Bikini

A person wearing a garment

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Many fashion styles have come into trend and disappeared later. However, some items continue to be popular for many years. This eye bikini seems to be an outfit many girls love to wear. The design of the dress may be quirky, and it is matching the festival’s vibes, but it is no doubt also creepy. Imagine walking in the dark at night and coming across so many eyes at once. People with glasses are usually said to have four eyes. However, this girl took things to another level by having seven eyes, as she is wearing sunglasses with an eye bikini.

The Confused Man

A person sitting in a chair at a beach with a computer

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At every party, there is a confused individual who does not know what is happening around them. Remember, such people, are also present at music festivals. The man in this picture is a prime example of such an individual. He is sitting on a chair at an elevated platform while tents in front of him are under flood water. His hand position also indicates that he does not know what is happening. The person who captured this moment has impeccable timing. This is why you must not get shocked when seeing pictures of confused people at a music festival.

People Who Flex Their Stuff

A person wearing sunglasses

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Many visitors attending the music festival love to flex their unique characteristics. For some, the special feature is their outfit, while for others, it is their fit bodies. This girl falls in an intermediate category because her outfit is excellent, and she also has a fit appearance. The person was clearly ready for the summer weather because she decided to wear a sleeveless top with shorts. The belt is also adding a glamorous touch to the shiny top, while the glasses and other accessories enhance her appearance further. We bet she managed to take many amazing pictures like this with good lighting.

The Yoga Trainer

A picture containing grass, person, outdoor, field

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Many people use music festivals and other engaging events to promote their businesses. That is what seems to be happening in this picture too. The yoga trainers are showing their skills to the crowd, who seems interested in the session. It seems the like the man in the yellow shirt is a trainer while the girl is helping him out. She may be another trainer or the assistant of the guy. The man’s shirt also indicates that he may have a business called street yoga. Of course, we don’t know if the trainer is still offering services or not.

Unique Art Installations

A person standing next to a pay phone

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Music festivals are held to allow people to enjoy themselves while appreciating art. Because of this, many art installations are also set up at the venue to make it more interesting. You may have banners around the location or fake phone booths, such as the one in this picture. The hilarious part about the installation is that it supposedly lets you talk to God. By the looks of it, this girl seems happy talking with God. We wonder what she asked or confessed to mankind’s creator. The best part about the booth is that it actually has a telephone.

The Goths

A picture containing grass, person, outdoor, field

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At every music festival, a crowd of Goths is always present. Dark makeup can help you identify such people easily. It seems that the girl put hours into nailing the dark makeup. The black outfit also adds more glamor to her look. However, her face seems to look mournful instead of happy. She may be tired of the festival and decided to have a few drinks. After all, the girl does have two bottles of alcohol in her hand. She may also be high because people tend to do drugs at music festivals for a better experience.

People Who Cannot Set Up Tent

A picture containing grass, outdoor, green, tent

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Most people who have been to a music festival a few times know how to set up a tent because of overnight plans. However, beginners also attend such events. You can easily notice such people in their tents. This is because they set up the tent improperly or fall asleep in the middle of putting up the tent. This person falls in the latter category as he decided that setting the item was not as easy as it seems in videos. So if you ever decide to visit a music festival, be sure to learn how to set up a tent beforehand.

The Cyborgs

Cyborg is a famous character that many people take inspiration from while dressing up for a costume party or festival. That is why it is no surprise that this person also decided to create a Cyborg outfit. Of course, we must applaud him for creating the outfit perfectly and nailing the character. However, the person has customized the costume to look unique. For instance, the spikes are a nice touch to look cool. The only downside is that the outfit may hurt someone if the person gets pushed into someone else. The pipes may also block the view of people standing behind him.

People Of Different Backgrounds

People from various backgrounds and ethnicities come together at music festivals because there are no restrictions on who can attend the event. Some visitors are easily noticeable, while others may not be identifiable from a specific background. This picture falls in the former category because of the outfits. The person dressed up as Jesus likely believes in the religion to some extent. Meanwhile, the person sitting on the ground seems to be an atheist. After all, his shirt is a clear giveaway that he does not have any sympathy for Jesus. The irony of this picture is hilarious.

The Human Dog

Music festivals hold large crowds from different parts of the country. This is why some people tend to look weirder than others. The guy in this picture clearly had a bad idea as he tried to attend the event as a god. From his mask to his underpants, everything is made in a dog’s pattern. To take his look to another level, he also decided to wear a cage. Some people love the outfit, while others like us get creeped out. This is why it is necessary to think before trying to be an animal at a music festival.

The Ones Who Mock The DJ

Some people visit music festivals to enjoy the DJ and hang out with friends. However, you will find haters amongst the crowd too. These people visit the festival to mock the DJ, singers, and other people. The girl in this picture is a clear example of someone who attends an event to taunt the musician. She also took a poster so that her message is seen by the DJ. Of course, some people may consider her a savior if the music was actually bad. The only thing to remember is that not every person attends a music festival because of their love for songs.

The One With The Drinking Hack

Music festivals can be tiring for a lot of people because you have to walk for hours. This is why some people use hacks for resting while enjoying the event. The person in this picture came up with a hack for having a beverage without using his hands. It seems like he is enjoying a lot while maintaining his comfort level. The best part about this hack is that it is simple to achieve. All you need is a flamingo to rest the drink on and duct tape for keeping the toy in its place.

The Fake Law Officers

Music festivals tend to have good security with guards placed at entrances and dispersed throughout the location. However, fake officers also surround the festival in their police outfits or military uniforms. The person in this picture is a perfect example of a fake officer. The hat and glasses are a clear giveaway of the look, while the armor adds more glamor to the outfit. Besides that, the double sunglasses also helps the guy add humor to his appearance. So you must remember that not every officer you encounter at a festival is real. Asking for credentials before giving information will help you.

The Person In A Bodysuit

It is no secret that people wear bodysuits to music festivals to stand out in the crowd. However, this person took the outfit game to the next level by choosing a multi-color bodysuit. It seems that he is confident with the way he looks. However, the one thing we are wondering about is how he is looking through the cloth. The outfit may look cool, but it also seems to be very uncomfortable. We just hope that the garment was made of breathable material. Otherwise, the person in the picture may have passed out later due to lack of air.

The Day Drinkers

Music festivals are the most fun during the night, but people start coming to the location in the morning. The morning risers come to the event early to enjoy the different vibes and socialize with others before the site becomes too crowded. Many people also drink during the day to enjoy the event. This girl also seems drunk because of her position. After all, who would jump on the dirty grass in their clean outfit and use a Pringles box for singing? Her headpiece also makes it look like she is attending a wedding instead of a festival.

The Glamorous Couple

Another common thing you will see at every music festival is the glamorous couple. Some people dress funky with their partners, while others may wear shiny clothing. The couple in this picture falls in the latter category. The best part about their look is that they are wearing gender-neutral outfits. It is also visible that they were familiar with the venue and the mud that would be present. That is why they have put on long boots to protect themselves. The couple also looks proud of themselves and enjoying the event without caring about anyone else’s opinion.

The One Who Uses The Crowd For Moving

Some people immerse themselves so much in the festival that they make the crowd lift them up and throw them in the air. However, some people also use the audience to move across the crowd. The girl seems to be using the people to surf around the location. After all, it is easier to get past the rush by being held in the air. However, you must have trust in the people before asking them to do such a thing. The audience must also be supportive of getting you across the crowd. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck.

Daenerys Targaryen 2.0

Game of Thrones is one of the top shows of this era. The book series also has a high fan following because of the intriguing twists. Many people take inspiration from Daenerys Targaryen and try to recreate her scenes. This girl also took advantage of the fire in the tent in the background to pose like the Targaryen queen. If you have watched the series, you may remember the fire scene from the later season. The girl may not look like the queen but her pose will jog the memory of every Game of Thrones fan very easily.

The Bread Thief

Most of the craziest things you will see in your life are most likely to happen at a music festival. This is because the crowd goes crazy when attending the event. One of the prime examples is the person in this picture. It seems the man has stolen bread and using it as an accessory to enhance his look. However, this look has not been achieved on a childish whim. You can easily notice that by the bread boots he is wearing. He must have carved them to fit his foot properly before attending the music festival.

The Human Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are quite common at music festivals because people love to take inspiration from Jurassic Park and other movies. This person also decided to wear an airy dinosaur costume to look unique. Of course, things do not seem to be going well, as it looks like the person is vomiting inside the barrel. At this moment, they must be regretting the decision to wear the outfit. After all, it must have been hard to fit the dinosaur’s face inside the barrel. This scene is another reminder that one should choose their music festival outfit after thinking for a long time.

The Bathing Crowd

People visiting music festivals have a lot of free time while enjoying the event. This is why many of them decide to perform some of their daily tasks at the location. For instance, a unique thing you will see at the festival is the bathing crowd. These people queue around the area with the taps outside the public bathrooms. Some people only wash their faces at the festival, while others bring supplies such as shampoo to wash their hair in no time. The picture above is a perfect example of the different types of people who come to music festivals.

Disco Helmets

Disco heads are one of the top trends of music festivals. Such people wear an entire disco ball around their head with only a slit offering visibility and room for breathing. However, this person has improvised the style by making a disco helmet. The best part about this accessory is that it easier to wear than disco heads. It also offers clear visibility and more room for breathing. The person wearing the helmet also does not have to take off the ball to drink or eat different items. The man is also matching the helmet with disco glasses.

The Drug Dealers

Music festivals or other large events are a major hub for drug dealers, especially when the crowd involves young adults. This is because people find no better time to get high than at party events. Of course, not every individual selling drugs at a festival make their presence known openly. Some people offer subtle hints about their identity so that customers can find them easily. This person has also nailed the art of subtlety by wearing a shirt that says he has drugs. Of course, buying drugs is illegal in various states, so one must be careful.

The Sailors

Not every music festival is situated around a water body, however, those that are tend to have crowds that bring inflatable boats. You can see the earlier picture to notice that many people arrive in boats at a music festival. Of course, many people who enjoy their inflatable boats are usually high. This is why it is better to know the festival’s venue. You can prepare for the stoner crowd better and avoid pathways with the high crowd. Of course, you may also decide to join such people to have more fun. After all, people with unique ideas seem to enjoy festivals more.

The Dirty Group

Muddy fields are pretty common at music festivals because of rain and other reasons. However, people who play with the dirt are rarer. Despite that, every festival has at least one group that throws itself in the mud and plays with it. The people in this picture fall in the second category because they enjoy being dirty. Of course, it is better to steer clear of such groups at festivals. This is because your clothes may ruin because of them or you fall completely into the mud. You can also willingly join them if you don’t mind getting dirty for fun.

The Stairway Installation

Every music festival has one unique art installation that gets the attention of everyone. At some events, this piece of art may be a fake phone booth. However, the festival in this image took the game to the next level by having a rock stairway. The best part about the exhibit is that it allows people to engage themselves in fun and take amazing pictures. Of course, you must have good balance and coordination when using such stairways. This is because you may not have a rail to hold on to if you lose your balance and fall.

Rain Flooding

Another unique that happens during the time of music festivals is flooding due to the rain. Some events happen around the monsoon season, while at other times, rain may occur without any prediction. This is why you must check the weather forecast before deciding to attend a specific music festival. Otherwise, your experience may be dampened because of the rain. This picture is a prime example of an unforeseen flooding that happened during a music festival. Of course, some people still manage to make the most of their time, like the two individuals sitting on chairs in this image.

Quirky Signs

One of the unique things about a music festival is the sign boards that are placed throughout the venue. These are designed to have quirky statements to lighten the mood of passersby. For instance, the earlier sign is adding humor with its quirky placement in the sand. You can also take pictures with such signs because of the unique background. So don’t be too shocked when you see boards around the venue while visiting a music festival for the first time. Of course, the installations change every year, so you should not always expect to find a quirky sign at the festival.

DIY Shoes

A picture containing outdoor, orange, footwear

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It is no secret that rain can affect music festivals significantly. Sometimes you may find patches of mud that can ruin your shoes. Puddles of water may also be present, depending on the location. This is why many people wear boots to the festival. Of course, some people like to explore new styles, as this person did. Instead of wearing boots, you can create DIY long socks to cover your shoes to prevent them from ruining. The best part is that you will not have to compromise on comfort. All you require is some plastic and duct tape to create such socks.

Tent Thieves

Another unique thing you will see at music festivals is tent thieves. Some people do not bring their own supplies and decide to occupy the empty tents of other people. The one in this picture is more subtle than others because they have also put up a warning sign. Of course, such people do not have the right to enter your tent. This is why you must not leave important belongings in a tent at a music festival. Things can be easily stolen at a large event. So be sure to carry your important items with you.