4 Trends To Look Out For This Summer


Summer is the peak season for new fashion and travel trends. You will see specific clothing more often because of its high popularity. A trend pattern will also be noticeable at celebrity events.

The top summer trends can help you enjoy the holidays and stand out at parties. They may also enable you to leave your comfort zone and try new things. So here are the top four trends to look out for this summer.

  1. Hot Pink Clothing

This year, hot pink is a trending color because of the various fashion houses. Valentino’s Pink PP collection brought this shade into the spotlight, starting a trending wave. Many designers followed in the same footsteps and released various pink clothing at their annual fall shows.

Besides that, pink was also the most-worn color at the Grammy’s. Some celebrities, such as Travis Barker, wore hot pink clothing, while others opted for a baby pink shade. Nonetheless, this color is the top trend this summer. The vibrant color will help you stand out at casual parties, beaches, and formal events.

  • Copper Hair

Blonde has been a favorite summer hair color for many years. However, things are taking a different turn this year. Women are opting for copper hair more these days. This trend has been inspired by the rich hues of celebrities like Zendaya, Kendal Jenner, Sydney Sweeney, and much more.

A subtle hint of blonde highlights is also being combined with copper hair for the best effect. By visiting your nearby hairstylist with your favorite celebrity’s picture, you can join this trend. The best part is that copper hair will help you shine in various clothing especially black dresses.

  • Dark Weddings

People primarily wear light clothing at weddings to celebrate the joyous event. There was a time when wearing a non-white dress was considered taboo for the bride. Many celebrities, such as Gwen Stefani, received a lot of backlash for not wearing the traditional color at their weddings.

However, that is a thing of the past. Dark weddings are becoming more prevalent this summer, with people choosing non-traditional colors. Black boho wedding dresses have been trending in Pinterest searches. Sage green is another color that brides long to wear.

  • Traveling

The pandemic halted traveling significantly with frequent lockdowns. Many countries also didn’t open their borders until early 2022. This is why people are planning various summer trips. This has brought many old trends into the spotlight. For instance, bucket list trips are becoming prevalent amongst travelers.

GOAT traveling is also trending because people want to enjoy their greatest trip before another pandemic. While the COVID-19 situation may seem in control, the security is uncertain. The unstable economic conditions may also make traveling less affordable. So it is best to plan a trip when you can instead of waiting and missing your chance.

Final Words

These are the top four summer trends to look out for. Wearing hot pink clothing will help you feel more confident and close to your favorite celebrity. Traveling will also allow you to relax and view amazing places.