35+ Clothes Designs That Are Difficult To Forget


Fashion can be a tricky thing. It’s challenging to understand what suits you and to choose things that will look good on you and won’t destroy your budget at the same time. It’s hard to know what’s in and what’s not, and sometimes it seems like everyone is just a little bit too cool for school. If you’re feeling a little lost when it comes to fashion, don’t worry – you’re not alone! In this little article, we are going to take a look at some of the biggest fashion fails of all time. From people who have dressed their kids in ridiculous costumes to those who have made epic style blunders, these fashion fails will make you laugh out loud. Keep reading to see them all!

Recreation of Mona Lisa

One of the most famous paintings still considered a masterpiece is Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, “Mona Lisa. “There is a lot of Mona Lisa merch present in the form of cups, print on clothes, and bags. Take a look at how this designer managed to ruin the beauty of the painting.


How they managed to mess up the painting so badly while creating this bag will remain a mystery. It looks as if Mona Lisa has been using one of the Snapchat filters. The designer of the bag made a classic painting look as if it’s straight out of a horror movie.


This shirt was clearly a failed attempt at being motivational. Everyone needs someone to hype them up or read something inspirational at times, as that makes us stronger. However, it looks like the creator of this shirt decided to let down others’ morals with their choice of words instead of motivating them!


Instead of “never quit, do you best,” the wrong placement of the words make it seem like it says never do you best, quit. “The latter is the exact opposite of the message that the designer was trying to tell; however, this shirt can be worn as a sarcastic joke.

‘Feel The Force, Neo’. – Dumbledore said.

Whoever designed this shirt clearly failed Geography in school. The shirt says “New York, Sweden” which is a pretty big mistake. We’re not sure if the person who designed it was trying to be funny or what, but it definitely didn’t work. It is safe to say that this shirt is a fashion fail.

If you are going to wear this shirt to a hangout everyone would remind you after looking at your shirt that New York is in the United States and not in Sweden. To top it all off, the designer also added a picture of The Eiffel tower at the bank which was the last nail in the coffin.

This Pair of Socks That Has Pop Written On Each Pair

This pair of socks looks pretty soft and comfortable. The design and color combination is really good as well. However, it is when you stand while joining your feet that you realize that the word ‘pop’ written on each pair of socks actually joins to spell out something totally different as you can see from this image.

We are sure, the wearer wouldn’t have been pleased when they found out about this. Or it might be the other way around. This pair might have become their favorite pair of socks. Another thing that compels us to say this is that these socks do look extremely soft and comfortable.

Misplaced Words on This Cap: When “Better Late Than Never” Was Written As “Late Better Never Than”

Another fashion fail that is often seen is when words are misplaced on a piece of clothing. This can be extremely embarrassing. This cap is a great example of how words can be misplaced on clothing. The phrase “better late than never” is written as “late better never than”. This makes it look like the person wearing the cap doesn’t know how to read or write.

We suggest avoiding this at all costs by making sure that you check your text before printing! We think that two separate pieces of the cap were first made and then sown together which caused this problem and the part that had to go on the right went on the left and the one on the left was sown on the right side.

The Wolf and Gorilla Dilemma

The best thing about going back to school or university is buying a new backpack! Each backpack comes in various sizes, colors, and designs that you can choose from. The person in the picture decided to put the whole Reddit on a dilemma of whether the bag has a wolf or gorilla printed on it.


If you look at the eyes, you’re going to think it’s a wolf’s eye; however, the zipper of the bag creates the illusion of a gorilla’s head hence making it difficult to understand what exactly it is. However, the majority of people voted for the wolf, as you can see the whiskers right below the nose.

This sASSy Shirt

This shirt has the word sassy written on it but it may be difficult to read the word sassy on your first view. This is because the first S and Y are miles apart from the three letters in the middle which make it look like a bad word.

Æèðíàÿ ïîäáîðêà #471 íà fatcats.ru

You don’t want such a word highlighted on a shirt that you are wearing otherwise people might start calling you something that you might not like. So the NEXT time you want to buy a shirt with words, make sure that the letters are close together so that it is easy to read.

The Dirty Looking Sneakers Trend

It seems like some people are taking the “dress down” look a little too far. In recent years, there has been a trend of wearing dirty-looking sneakers. This trend is not only ugly, but it’s also impractical – who wants to wear shoes that are covered in dirt and dust?

Well-established brands also like to get in on the action. Brands like Nike also introduced designs, which look dirty. We do not know how good of a business decision that is but people seem to buy anything that has the Nike logo printed on it.

Grammatically Incorrect

Another common fashion fail is wearing clothes with grammatically incorrect statements on them. This can be a major turn-off for potential dates or employers, and it just looks plain silly. If you’re going to wear a slogan T-shirt, make sure that the grammar is correct!

This shirt is definitely one made by a non-native English speaker. The extra use of the word ‘Like’ makes it feel like anyone reading it would be annoyed by it. It will also make the person wearing it look like they don’t know how to speak.

We Put the ‘S’ In Fun?..

This shirt says “We put the ‘S’ In Fun” which makes it feel like the person who designed this shirt does not know the alphabet works. If you want to be funny, make sure that your jokes are actually funny! Or at least grammatically correct.

Otherwise, they would fall bland like the design on this shirt. As we all know there is no S in FUN so we just don’t understand why they would make the design of this shirt like this. We may never know which letter they were actually going for instead of S.

Think Outside the Box

The alignment of the X from the word box and the O on the right side is extremely brothering. Other than that this shirt looks great. It’s a unique design and we actually like the design. However, it is the alignment of the X and the O that is bothering us.

We feel that the designers missed an opportunity here to make this shirt more fun and creative than it already this. However, there is one thing to be happy about and that is the color combination. It may not be for everyone but we sure love it.

Clothes with Brown and White Combination Look Unappealing

Another fashion fail that is often seen is clothes that are brown and white. This combination is not only unappealing, but it can also make you look like you’re trying too hard to be fashionable. If you’re going to wear brown and white, make sure that the proportions are right – too much of either color will look bad.

As we all know, brown and white is not really a good color combination. The colors clash with each other and it just looks like the person wearing it doesn’t have a good sense of fashion. We suggest sticking to one color or the other when choosing clothes to wear. Even if you want to wear this combination make sure the brown patches aren’t at a place that can make people roll their eyes.

When the Default “Place Text Here” Becomes the Text of the Shirt

There is nothing more embarrassing than when the default “place text here” becomes the text of the shirt. This usually happens when people are designing their own shirts and they forget to change the text before printing. If you’re going to design your own shirt, make sure that you don’t make this mistake!

This is one of those fashion fails that is just so embarrassing, there are no words to describe it. We suggest avoiding this at all costs by making sure that you change the text before printing. Otherwise, you would just be walking around with a shirt that says “place text here” and people would be laughing at you.


Caps, bucket hats, hats, and other headwear types may be pretty advantageous. When it comes to shielding your head from direct sunshine, nothing beats a hat. However, it’s generally acceptable to wear a head adornment to wear one or to declare: “I am a tourist openly.” Pay attention to me.”

There are a few issues with this cap at the moment. The most egregious of them is, without a doubt, the apparent oversight. Why did they attempt aggressively to replace the letter R with the Eiffel Tower instead of the letter A, which would have been more appropriate given that letter A exists in Paris?

Something Luna Lovegood Would Wear

What do you do with your existence if you have never heard of or remembered Luna Lovegood? She is one of the most compelling female protagonists in recent children’s fiction. She is a famous Harry Potter character and this picture looks something of her style.

Luna would be the one to don the cap in the photo on the right. All of the features she likes are there in it: the nineties eclectic style, and it is multifunctional – to be more specific, it can be used as a fashion statement, sun protection, and artistic expression, and, well, a pencil case if that’s what you desire.

It Seems Like Hurting

Everyone loves elegant dresses, especially formal ones whether they are fitted or lose it all depending on what you desire. But the fact is that individuals feel good, that is important. We viewed this as, however, and have questions about it.

Even if it weren’t for the thick zipper at the back, the garment would be beautiful and great. However, what was the designers’ intention when they designed the zipper? The color is royal blue, which is quite fashionable, and the cut in the rear is also sensual and eye-catching.

That’s a ping pong ball.

We discussed platforms, heels, and how to seem taller with the assistance of a beautiful pair of shoes. After all, this is a post about funny fashion blunders, and we have plenty more to offer. We have an outrageously perplexing and ultimately weird pair of shoes to present.

We’ve discovered a slew of strange elements after extensively scrutinizing this photograph. Moreover, these platforms are designed for people who cannot walk in heels. However, the venue is see-through, and also looks unattractive. Lastly, is that a ball of ping-pong tucked inside the left shoe?

Negative in both senses of the word

We haven’t even begun to speak about bags yet! In today’s world, bags are a necessity that may make or break your whole wardrobe for the day. Finding the perfect handbag combining colors, fabrics, styles, and patterns is almost like playing a game — it’s almost like a puzzle.

Attractive yet classic, this bluish bag, but the quote is confusing. We’re scratching our heads in bemusement at the error they made. It isn’t easy to maintain your strength–dear! So, now that we’ve learned this, what will we do with our lives?

Socks with a metallic sheen to them

Socks may make a fashion statement, as we’ve seen previously. If you are a fashionista, you must pay close attention to the socks you choose. No more deluding yourself; they are visible to everyone, and sure, everyone is paying attention.

Check these charms! Be not be a hater, just be open-minded. We realized it looked weird, especially the sock in the left pic. However, we like the shiny sheen. Unless they were sold out, we would not buy them. Aren’t they amazing that they were $70? Silly.

You Must Unzip Your T-Shirt When It Is So Hot

Some people like summer, while others despise it. You can’t dispute that it is the calm of seasons for some reason. Is it because we associate it with summer vacations, holidays, trips to the beach, and sunbathing by the sea? Who can say?! But don’t forget about the oppressive summer heat!


Fortunately, wearing this t-shirt, surely you will not be overheated because it’s completely zipped. Putting aside the humor, what did people expect this to accomplish? Is it securing you from sweating and allowing you to get some fresh air? Neither is it useful nor fashionable. A chance squandered!

A pair for you, a couple for me

A search of the internet pulled up a slew of bizarre and hilarious fashion disasters and some very outlandish fashion initiatives. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else. The NEXT item you’re going to view could make you feel uncomfortable. If you’re the kind of human who is easily intimidated, avoid this.


According to someone who has seen it, something like a cartoon jacket with two children inside, each claiming to be an adult. For us, this proved to be true. If there is a high fashion statement that we are missing, please let us know; we are at a loss for words.

A simple shirt with a simple message.

There is a good chance that tattoos will last for a lengthy period. It is common for people to get new tattoos to cover up old ones that they don’t like. It’s a good thing clothes don’t endure as long as tattoos. What if you had to wear it every single day?

You may either remove your clothing or buy a new one. From the rear, she appears to be a woman in her 40s or 50s who has no idea what her clothing indicates about her age. It’s good for you in a way. Who knows? Even if she’s not a big laugher, you never know.

Yellow is the new black.

One more set of clothing with amusing captions for you and your buddies, here you go. Yellow is the color of genuine gentlemen. Take precautions and avoid being too hard with him. His attention may have been directed to the shadow by chance.

The producer of this outfit, not the unlucky wearer, is to blame. That should have been abundantly clear by this point. What’s the point of creating something that goes against your own natural instinctive tendencies? Isn’t it true that yellow has replaced black as the color of choice?

Maybe green is the new pink now?

The following image resembles the one before quite a bit. There are a number of colors and quotations to pick from; that’s something we can all agree on. Assuming we’ve come across a designer who’s just attempting to get it done.

The intriguing thing is that the floor and rack are greener than the garment itself, making it even more fascinating. The green may have gone there. No harm in a few M&Ms, right? We don’t give a damn about sales because kids will wear anything no matter what color and text.

‘How Many Patterns Do We Want?’ – ‘Yes’.

There is no denying that patterns and animal designs are really adorable. You can have so much fun playing with and mixing these things around. Right? Even if you do not know how you could still try. The conduct of the woman in front of you is appalling and confident.

Scan this image attentively, then continue reading without becoming distracted by anything else in the background. Unfortunately, this is not an option for you at this time. However, despite being unable to pull off the outfit, we have to give this woman a lot of respect for her perfect haircut, composure, and grace. Queen, your time has come.

Accidents can happen…

Even adults might find themselves in a sticky situation from time to time. Being human is just a natural aspect of who we are. Even if it’s unpleasant, there are worse things in life. At least it is your own goo and not anyone else’s.

In case you were curious, this pair of cushioned bike shorts protect the inner thighs and other sensitive areas of your body. However, when we initially viewed this photo, we had the same thoughts. The shorts should have been consistent in hue and made them the same color.

Occasionally, your toe needs a breath of its own.

When you stare at someone else’s feet or toes for an extended period of time, you feel awkward. The toes of others are not something we will condemn you for being interested in. Comment on these heels and let us know what you think.

Both the color and the material have a great deal to recommend to you. From the beginning, we can tell that this is a high-quality product. Despite this, we are perplexed as to why only one toe is displayed rather than all four. Someone, please provide further information.

No, I haven’t wet my pants.

When a female asks, “Can you check me?” there are specific protocols other girls follow. You’ll know exactly what to do as soon as you see it. The women’s toilets at a club are not where we’re going today. Because we’re here to speak about fashion, this is a horrible idea.

People joke that she looks like she just had a bladder accident because of her nervousness. This is something with which I’m afraid I have to disagree. Maybe the trousers don’t look great, but they’re perfectly acceptable! Keep your distance from the young lady. Laughing peers can make her uneasy about presenting a presentation.

A dress which is made for all.

The power of one item of clothes can transcend all others. An object that can be used on a variety of occasions and for a variety of purposes is the best. The following photo will blow your lovely brains we show you, which we found on Reddit.

We assumed this was a waiter or caterer’s outfit, but it’s much more! All-in-one shirt, tie, apron, and gown. It’s refreshing to see males who aren’t self-conscious about their gender. We care about one another and lend a hand when we can! Not any time soon, by the sounds of it.

No one will know it.

The only thing that is worse than spending a fortune on high-end items from labels such as Gucci, Versace, Vuitton, Armani, and so on is going to a market and purchasing knockoffs of those same high-end brands. Kurt, this isn’t real life. We’re aware of it.

Sir, your jacket and shorts aren’t going to deceive anyone. As far as I can tell, even the dog has the capacity to reason. Something about this jacket makes it appear as it came from a case or bag of some sort. Isn’t it a touch too square? It’s an amusing sight.

Sometimes you forget to wear a shirt.

Something like this is said in an adage: “Be careful what you wish for since it just could come true.” Well, our graphic represents this well-known proverb, and you’ll understand why as soon as you see it. – It appears to be possessed because it is so repulsive.

If we’re being completely honest, we have no idea whether or not this female is gorgeous or appealing in any way. Is it necessary for everyone to realize their dreams? Isn’t it possible to keep some wild notions in your mind? This is both amusing and useless at once. Which one is the winner?

Gotham might be crying.

Is your sense of style inherited? Do you enjoy wearing the same sweatshirt and joggers every day? The truth is, we’re both of us, people. Dressing might be influenced by how we are feeling at the moment. Two-piece outfits are something we reach for frequently. On Twitter, we came across this tweet that caught our eye:

As a fan of Batman, Suicide Squad, or Batman comics, you’re undoubtedly familiar with this Gotham villain. For a variety of reasons, he’s a household name. Why, therefore, were his jacket and leggings emblazoned with his head?

Zip the sweat away.

You wear a headband because it helps you to squirm. Quite a few people wear them when playing a sport such as tennis or basketball. They may even be stylish if they choose to be. We found the following items in this shop:

This may even make the sweat slide down on your face. What’s the point of this? If it’s merely an accessory and not used for sports or any other hard labor, then it makes sense to have it. Do you know how leather smells after you’ve sweated in it for a while? Exactly!

Who doesn’t love horses on their clothes?

If you haven’t already, you should learn more about horse girls. She may be in love with horses or have a lot of horse spirit. Having long brown hair or being tall isn’t enough to make her attractive. She also sports a pair of trousers, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. The point is clear.

We found the perfect jeans for a girl who enjoys horseback riding throughout our hunt. We think they’d appreciate it very much, in fact. It’s a joke, of course—inappropriate placement of the horse’s tresses. You should buy these items for a buddy who enjoys horses.

My shoes are melting.

In this post, we saw some shoes that didn’t fare well in the fashion industry. After seeing the next item, I don’t think anyone is ever going to believe that we’re ready for it. The same can be said about the following entry. No one is going to be ready for this atrocity.

We have literally never seen anything as ugly as this. Not only does this look unpleasing it also looks highly uncomfortable so we don’t know who would actually want to buy such shoes. Well we are sure this show will still find some fans out there.

The ghosts seem sadder.

Now that we’ve finished with the shoes, we’ve got another surprise for you. These sneakers seem like they’re going to go well with this outfit. You’ll find out why in due time. We’d want you to consider what type of outfit might go well with you.

What do you think? When we first saw this photo and the previous one, we were stunned, and we didn’t anticipate you to be as surprised by it. For a fun night out with my pals, I figured I’d don a gorgeous Halloween attire. Instead, I embarked on a harrowing journey in search of ghosts.

Socks That Look Wet

There are some things in the world you look at and think about why does it even exist? That’s how we feel about these hideous socks. The most disgusting and uncomfortable feeling is when you’re wearing socks, and your feet get wet- now imagine your socks constantly looks as if it’s wet.

These socks were made specially to look like someone had just stepped on a puddle of water. So why did the maker of these socks decide that this is a good idea? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure, this will go down in history as being one of the worst fashion ideas ever!

Steve Tyler Approves

We all know what NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration – the government agency that deals with the science and technology in discovering space. Well, it looks like someone clearly didn’t do their research or maybe just made a typo while making this fake NASA merch; we’ll never know.


Instead of “Aeronautics,” the designer behind these socks must have confused the word, no idea how with “Aeronsmith.” We’re not exactly sure what that word means; maybe the creator of this sock is a NASA and the music band, Aerosmith’s fan and decided to mix them both together? Guess we’ll never know.

What Animal is it supposed To Be?

Some fashion choices are very questionable, as you can see with this one-piece suit that is supposed to represent an animal- which one? We’re as confused about that as you. Not sure what went through the designers’ heads while they were creating this outfit. Maybe they wanted to create their own new species?

Personally, we think the oddest part about this whole onesie is the random two extra pieces of cloth hanging from the chest. It could be possible that they are trying to portray it as a T-rexes tiny leg, or maybe it doesn’t mean anything and is just a bad idea overall.

I Got a Feeling

When you first look at the T-shirt in the picture below, it seems pretty normal, right? A pretty red shirt that has got the lyrics of the very famous song, “I got a feeling” by the Black-Eyed Peas printed on it along with Portugal written underneath and a map drawn behind it.


Well, it may look as if there is nothing wrong, but the shirt doesn’t make any sense. The lyrics, which is normal, then come to Portugal underneath, which doesn’t correlate with the song, but that’s something that can be ignored. The map, however, is not of Portugal! It’s the continent of Africa.

Dumbo. It’s Dumbo.

If comparing it to the rest of the fashion fails, this clothing is not as bad. Its color theme, along with the font, looks super pretty; however, one small mistake led to this being an addition to our list of failed fashion. The idea behind this shirt was cute but clearly not executed well.

The heart present next to “dumb” is supposed to represent the letter “O.” Even though the designer had the movie “Dumbo”- a classic Disney movie that everyone loves, in their mind while creating this shirt, the heart makes it look like the person wearing the sweater is being called dumb politely.

Zara’s Kids Collection

Zara is one of the top leading and iconic fashion brands that a majority of people love buying clothes and other accessories from. It has a lot of different stuff available for men, women, and children that is worth buying; however, this giraffe-shaped kid bag is definitely not one of them.

At first glance, you may not notice the disturbing factor about this bag that’s in the kids’ collection. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll realize there is a rope around the Giraffes neck with its eyes closed. We hope that the design of this bag was just an honest mistake.

Furry Skirt

If you think you’ve seen all the weird things in life, then let us show you one more. Skirts are a type of clothing that makes your outfit look chic; this furry skirt, however, does the exact opposite of that. Even the model wearing it looks like she’s about to burst with laughter!


The skirt is filled with fur and has the face of a cat; only the adults can understand what the designer was trying to imply with this design. It’s one of the creepiest things we’ve ever come across that shouldn’t have been made in the first place; we are sure you’ll agree!