5 Tips To Keep Cashmere Looking Great


The elegance and beauty of cashmere is something unlike other knits. It also demands a few helpful tips on caring for your cashmere. Sure, owning and wearing a gorgeous cashmere sounds so inviting but then it’s time to launder it, reshape, de-pill it, and store it so moths don’t discover it. How do you do that properly without destroying this comfortably soft piece of your wardrobe?

Laundering cashmere

Hand washing cashmere is the key to keeping it nice. Before you begin to clean it, turn it inside out. Then, run water through the fabric very gently. Don’t twist or wring out the cashmere. When it’s time to rinse, continue to be careful not to twist or wring it. Use lukewarm water for the rinse so the fabric doesn’t shrink. If you want to use a special hand washing cycle on a washing machine, first put the cashmere garment inside a laundry bag or a pillowcase that can zip shut before you place it into the washer.

Drying cashmere

Now that your cashmere has been gently washed, drying it properly is very important so it doesn’t shrink or lose its shape. It is important to not expose your cashmere to excessive heat or direct sunlight, since this could shrink the fabric or discolor it. Never wring out the cashmere. Take a towel, or two and place the cashmere in between the towels. Begin to gently tap the towels to squeeze out excess water. Once the cashmere is not dripping wet, you can begin to reshape it by hand and then lie it flat on a clean towel to leave to dry.

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Storing cashmere

Make sure your cashmere is completely dry before putting it away in a closet or drawer. When you’re ready to put the cashmere away in your closet, never hang it since it will make the shape look strange from hangar dents. Find a place on a closet shelf where you can fold the cashmere and tuck it away for safekeeping until you’re ready to wear it again.


Beware that as much as you love your cashmere, moths like it all the more. The best way to keep moths away without smelling like mothballs is to put the cashmere into a plastic freezer zip-closed bag and freeze it for 48 hours before storing it. By freezing it, the process will kill any potential moth larvae residing in the knit fabric and will add extra protection from eggs and holes caused by moths.

De-pilling cashmere

Pilling is going to happen on even the very best quality cashmere garment. Taking care in laundering it will help, but it’s probably going to happen to some degree regardless. If you don’t have an electric pillar, use a bristle garment brush or a comb and carefully remove the pills by a gentle, steady motion in one direction.

Keep your cashmere looking as gorgeous and stunning as possible with these handy tips. Enjoy turning heads and getting noticed as if you are wearing a brand new cashmere every time you put it on.