50 Beauty Hack Tips You Better Keep In Mind


Looking your best doesn’t have to be challenging. Those in the know of what it takes to look your best have a few secrets they’re willing to share. These tips will save you time, money, and result in head-turning beauty. Looking beautiful doesn’t need to involve hours of time you could be sleeping or doing something more productive with your time besides making yourself look stunningly gorgeous. Get ready to look your absolute best with a few helpful hacks that are sure to be pleasantly surprise you. It’s time to streamline that morning beauty routine with these 50 beauty hack tips.

Frozen Eyeliner

One of the fastest makeup secrets to look your best in a hurry is to quickly make your eyes stand out by using eyeliner. The problem is that a lot of times, eyeliner starts to crumble when you try to apply it to your eyes. This is frustrating and takes up even more time trying to clean up the mess and smudges it leaves behind. One simple beauty hack solves this problem. Leave it in the freezer for 15 minutes before use. When you take it out of the cold temperature, the eyeliner should effortlessly and seamlessly glide along your lash line.

A Shave With Conditions

When you go to shave your legs or under your arms and reach for that shaving cream, it can throw a wrench in your beauty time when you discover the shaving cream is almost out. What do you do now? One fast and easy tip is to grab the hair conditioner instead. The conditioner will soften the hair on your legs or armpits and make it easier to shave. As a bonus, it will also leave your skin feeling extra smooth and soft. In the long run, this could be a huge money-saving hack since you may find there is no longer a need for shaving cream at all.

Salad Dressing Or Beer As A Hair Rinse

A few ingredients that typically go into salad dressing or a pop-top drink is all you need to get a great hair rinse. Rinsing your hair with beer will help to restore moisture. If you grab the vinegar for the hair rinse, it will give your lovely locks a nice shine. Whichever you choose, soak your hair in the beer or the vinegar for a few minutes. Just don’t mix the two together unless you want to conduct an interesting science experiment that would create an interesting odor or create some kind of extremely sour home brew. Then, simply rinse your hair with cold water.

Heat Your Lash Curler

Long lashes are a striking sign of beauty. One fast and easy way to get curlier, lush lashes is to heat up the lash curler before you use it. To get it the right warmth without burning yourself, try to use a hair dryer blowing on the lash curler for about five to eight seconds. Once the lash curler is sufficiently heated up, but not so hot it will burn your skin, immediately use the curler to crimp and curl your eyelashes. The heat will help your lashes curl into place a lot easier than doing it all on the fly with a cold or even room temperature curler.

Ice, Ice Baby

Cold temperatures help to reduce swelling or inflammation. That is why it is always recommended to put an ice pack on an injury. Hopefully, your face has not been injured, but the day-to-day stress takes its toll on the face. This same concept of using ice works for fat, acne, and wrinkles as well. Every night before you head to bed, massage an ice cube over your face until the cube melts. Use a typical sized cube either from an automatic ice maker or from an ice cube tray. Keeping your face under ice before bedtime every night will help keep acne, wrinkles, and even fat at bay and under control.

Manicures That Last

Just like starting with a nice, clean surface before you begin to paint a wall makes for better results, the same is true with applying nail polish. Before you get ready to polish your nails, wipe them down with an acetone-based cleanser. Doing so will help you clean off any excess dirt, oils, or even moisturizer residue from your nails. Make sure you rinse and dry the nails before opening that bottle of nail polish to make sure you are starting with a nice, clean and dry surface. When you start with clean nails, the polish will adhere to them better.

Not Just For Tummy Trouble

When there is a rumble in your tummy, you may reach for this pink substance that is intended to sooth indigestion. But, Pepto-Bismol is apparently good for something more than an upset stomach. It can also be applied to your face to be used as a facial beauty mask. The ingredients that is intended to calm upset stomachs is bismuth subsalicylate. This ingredient is also often added to facial creams. Spread two teaspoons of the creamy pink goo on your face. Let is dry for 15 to 30 minutes, and then simply wash it off using warm water for a fresh, healthy glow.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

While a daily dose of sunshine increases Vitamin D levels, which is crucial to healthy skin and bones, too much sun can be extremely damaging to the skin. It’s important to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by applying sunscreen everyday. Apply it to your skin regardless of the weather. Even if it is cold, rainy, or cloudy outside, sun rays penetrate through to your skin. The American Academy of Dermatology claims that 80 percent of the sun’s uv rays pass through clouds. So, don’t let a cloudy day fool you. Make sure you are always protected.

The Often Forgotten Elbow

Since you can’t see them unless you look in a mirror or take an awkward back-handed selfie, we often forget about caring for our elbows. But, they need just as much skin care and protection as the rest of your body. Elbows have a tendency to become dry and cracked when left to fend for themselves. Put an end to this crusty skin by massaging Bio-Oil onto dry elbows everyday. It only takes a couple of days before you notice softer elbows. Also, don’t neglect them when you bathe. Make sure you keep them clean and then well moisturized for best results.

Lighten Up Your Hair Naturally

Lemon For Hair Growth: 10 Easy Home Remedies That Actually Work -  Boldsky.com

Hair with highlights can make you look healthy and younger, but harsh chemical hair dyes could cause more damage than it’s worth. Instead, lighten up your hair naturally by using natural ingredients you probably already have sitting around the house. Rinse your hair with a mixture of chamomile tea and fresh lemon juice. Allow your hair to dry while you sit in the sun or use a warm blow dryer. The heat of the sun or the blow dryer will cause the chamomile and lemon juice to react. The end result is a lighter head of hair that will turns some heads.

No More Puffy Eyes

Did you have a late night filled with tears? Or, maybe you just didn’t get enough sleep? Regardless, our eyes can be puffy for any number of reasons. But, there is a solution that is right in your kitchen. Grab a raw potato, wash and peel it, and then slice it. Apply a couple of the potato slices to your eyes to soothe them. They are astringent, which translates to helping your eyes decrease the water retention. Potatoes also contain an enzyme catalase that will help to lighten dark circles under the eyes. Leave the slices over your eyes for ten minutes. While you’re waiting for the potato to do its magic, lay down and relax. Then, rinse the eye area gently with lukewarm water.

Make Your Blow Out Last

There is something really refreshing about walking out of a hair salon with a fresh blow out. Your hair feels so full of life and beautiful. But, it doesn’t take long before that feeling starts to fade. There is a secret to keep your healthy locks from going limp almost immediately following the blow out. Your hair secretes oil naturally, so when you spray your roots with dry shampoo before this oil starts to show up, the dry shampoo will absorb moisture before it starts to weigh down your freshly blown out hairstyle. Additionally, make sure you don’t walk out into a rainstorm, since any moisture will shorten the life of that salon blow out. In the morning after your salon visit, touch of the blow out with a round brush.

Contoured Dimension

Those celebrities and models with high cheekbones and fresh, sculptured dimension to their faces catch out eyes. We have all seen them and noticed. Secretly we have wished we could look as gorgeous as they look on camera. You can. It’s all in the contour. Your face is three dimensional, so when you apply foundation in a single tone, it only makes your face appear to be flat. Add a highlighter to specific areas that you want to catch the light, and create a bit of a shadow to emphasize your jaw line and make your cheekbones stand out and get noticed.

Bye Bye Makeup Sponges

When applying makeup, those makeup sponges may make the foundation glide on effortlessly, but it comes with a price. Those sponges are true to their name as they soak up a lot of your liquid foundation. In fact, most of the liquid ends up on or inside of the sponge and not on your face which makes for a costly situation in the long run. The end result is that you always seem to need to buy new sponges and foundation. The solution is to buy a foundation brush instead. The brush will not soak up the liquid like a sponge does, and it will allow you to apply the makeup more evenly and precisely.

Clown-Free Blush

A little pinch of the cheeks or some added blush to give yourself a rosy glow is highly fashionable. However, brushing it on too thick will make you look like a circus clown. Always begin applying blush along your blush line which is two finger widths away from your nose. Only apply it to the apples of your cheeks to make sure you create the most natural glow. Just be sure not to overdo it. It’s a fine line between just enough to accent your natural beauty and far too much that makes people wondering if it was your first attempt at makeup.

Eyebrows Under Control

Those little eyebrow combs just don’t always do the trick when you’ve got an eyebrow hair that won’t ever seem to cooperate no matter what you do. When your eyebrows are out of control, don’t fret wasting time trying to tame the brow. Grab an old toothbrush. That’s right! If you prefer to not put a toothbrush on your eyebrows, use a clean mascara wand. Whichever you choose, the toothbrush or the mascara wand, spritz it with hairspray and then brush out your brows and style them however you like. Even the most out of control, unruly eyebrows will look well groomed and under control with this little secret.

False Eyelash Trick

Nothing makes your eyes pop like adding a little boost with false lashes. But, the struggle of getting them positioned and applied just right is often enough to make you want to give up. Here’s the secret to make those false lashes line up with your curl line and stand out in a good way to get noticed. Before applying, gently flex the band on the false lashes. Set them aside, and curl your natural lashes so that you have a natural lash line to follow. Grab a cotton swab to apply the glue to the false lashes. Apply them to your natural lash line using tweezers or your finger tips for more control. Place them as close to your lash line as you are able, and then let them dry for a full minute before adding a coat of mascara, or leave them as is.

Toothpaste Zits

When breakouts of pimples or zits appear on your face, don’t rush to pop them. Popping them will only irritate the matter and may cause more swelling or redness that will take much longer to disappear. Instead, apply a little dab of toothpaste to the blemish right before you head to bed for the night. When you wake up, simply wash it off using warm water. The toothpaste will work to draw out impurities from the clogged pores, dry the skin, and shrink the blemish. Of course, it’s best to use organic toothpaste and avoid gels since they don’t work as well as the paste.

Blotting Face Oil

If your face gets overly oily throughout the day, don’t reach for the powder time and time again. This will only lead to caking as you pile makeup on top of makeup. Instead, get some good blotting papers. Blotting papers will soak up all of the excess oil that is on your face. Instead of masking it with a caked-on look of powder adhering to the facial oil, blot the oil away. Your face will love you for it, and you won’t end up looking as though you’ve used too much makeup or don’t know how to apply it properly.

A Quick Makeup Remover In A Pinch

Makeup remover is great. It is designed to do just as the name implies, remove makeup. Many types of removers even provide moisture back into the skin as you remove the makeup at the end of the day. But, what happens when you find yourself in a pinch and the makeup remover has run out? Don’t worry about it, simply use some body lotion instead. You might even find you like it better for removing tough, set-in mascara. The body lotion will also moisturize your skin as it is intended to do while making it easier to smoothly wipe away the old makeup.

Fuller Lips Without Injections

Everyone seems to want fuller lips these days, but not many want to undergo lip injections like many celebrities do to achieve this look. That’s o.k. There is a better solution that isn’t a permanent fix. Select a neutral-tone lip liner, and very carefully outline your lips. Be careful not to extend this line out too far, of you’ll end up looking like a little girl who has gotten into her mommy’s lipstick for the first time. That leaves only a face a mother could love. Once your lips are properly outlined with the neutral lip liner, apply lipstick on top.

Lush Lashes Trick

To create that long, lush lash look, there is one simple trick. Before you apply mascara, curl your lashes. But, don’t stop there. As soon as you have applied the mascara, curl them again. The second curl will help make your lashes look longer and more lush. The trick is to be gentle every time you apply pressure with the eyelash curler. Provided you are using gentle pressure, feel free to curl your lashes often. It is that up swept curl that makes lashes look well-groomed and healthy. If the curl starts to straighten throughout the day, curl them again to give them an extra boost.

Resist The Urge To Pop It!

Whatever you do, when a pimple or other blemish rears its ugly head, resist the urge to pop it. It may seem as if you can simply open it up and release the contents, but it’s most likely going to only make things worse. When you pop a pimple, you increase the chance of permanent scarring, and it could cause the bacteria inside to spread to other places on your face or even throughout your body. Spreading the bacteria makes it more likely to have more breakouts on nearby areas on your face. On top of that, it might even make the breakout worse.

No-Fade Hair Color

Coloring your hair is a nice way to change your look or cover over gray hairs. Unless you spritzed your hair green for a Halloween party, you probably want the color dye to last as long as it possibly can. One of the best ways to make sure the color doesn’t fade away far too quickly is to use a deep conditioning treatment once a month. The conditioner will help to lock in the color. It will also help keep your hair looking lively and healthy as it prevents the hair from becoming too dry or damaged in between colorings.

Making Waves

You may think that flat irons are only for straightening out unruly curls, but they actually have a number of helpful uses. A flat iron can also be used to create tight curls, soft romantic waves, or any number of additional stylish looks. Play around with your flat iron until you find a method that works best for you and your type of hair. Create an interesting wave, or create a subtle curly look. Have fun with it as you experiment, or ask your hair dresser for tips. Just make sure you use plenty of heat protectant so you don’t damage your hair with the excess heat.

Lips Need Exfoliation Too

When your lips become dry or chapped, applying lipstick on top will only make it look worse. Beauty experts recommend that you exfoliate your lips. Start by applying lip balm to your lips. Let it sit on your lips while you grab a toothbrush or a clean mascara wand to begin scrubbing your lips. Be careful not to scrub too vigorously or get too rough. You only want to get the dead skin off to smooth the surface, not make matters worse by damaging the skin on your lips. Once you’ve scrubbed gently, use a tissue to wipe away the excess flakes.

Luxurious Lotion In A Microwave

Ooh, there is not much more soothing than that feeling of warm lotion on your skin during spa treatment. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to head to the spa every day. Save some money in between spa visits with this quick and easy, inexpensive indulgence. Simply place your favorite lotion in the microwave. Heat the lotion for about 10 seconds. That’s all it takes. When you remove it from the microwave, make sure the oils in the lotion haven’t separated. Also, test the temperature to make sure it’s not scalding hot. Now, simply apply the warm lotion to your skin and soak up the at-home spa-like trick.

Daily Exfoliation

To look your absolute best starts with a clean slate and healthy skin. Out with the old, dry skin flakes and in with the new, fresh face ready for makeup. Exfoliating your skin is a very important step in skin care and daily makeup routine. It is very important to buff away the dead skin cells often. Otherwise, they will cover up your skin’s natural healthy glow. Buff them away by using a light exfoliator. Find a daily, gentle exfoliator at your favorite beauty supply store or by asking your dermatologist to recommend one that is best for your skin.

Choose The Right Color

Makeup foundation comes in a variety of colors. It can be mind boggling trying to figure out which one suits your face the best. But, it’s very important you find the right shade. When trying to decide which color of foundation is the best, first test it on your skin. Put a small dab on your face near the jawline. Make sure you look at it in natural lighting so the foundation color choice is as close to the natural color of your skin tone on the neck. If you’re having a difficult time deciding which one is too dark or too light, look for a foundation that offers an invisible coverage.

Don’t Throw Away That Mascara Wand

Before you throw away that old mascara, take the wand out and hang onto it. It’s got far more life and use left in it than to merely toss it into recycling or the trash. Remove the want, and clean it thoroughly. Hang onto it to use for a brow brush. If you already have a brow brush, or you are already using an old mascara wand for this purpose, you can find other uses for it. Some find the wands to be handy around the house for unclogging sinks or for cleaning tight, tough-to-reach areas that require a tiny brush.

No Shave Solution

No time to shave your legs? No problem! When you want to throw on that skirt but have no time to spend shaving your legs, there is an easy solution that women have known about for decades if not centuries. Simply put on a pair of pantyhose or tights with a pattern that will hide the stubble up and down your legs. An added benefit to wearing even a basic pair of pantyhose is that it will also help to hide any blemishes that may be present on your legs, even if you did have time to shave but got a little knick.

Tweezing With Ease

Before you grab those tweezers and start plucking away at eyebrow hair, or other unwanted hairs that sprout out in the most unforeseen places, make sure your skin is ready. First soak a cotton ball in warm water or facial cream. Then, softly dab the warm or creamy cotton ball on the areas of your skin that you want to use the tweezers on. This will make the skin soft and easier to pluck hair from. When you begin using the tweezers, don’t fight it. Carefully pluck out each individual strand of hair in the direction of your hair’s natural growth.

Hiding Gray Hair

Gray hair may be considered to be a crown of wisdom, but for most of us they show up way to early before we are ready to admit it. And, we certainly don’t want to quickly accept a full head of silver just yet. When those gray strands start popping up, there is one very easy way to hide them, especially if you have dark hair. Use mascara to mask the strands. If your hair is of the lighter variety or you are a red head, use bronzing powder to dust your roots when the gray locks start to reveal themselves at the roots.

Save Money On Pedicures

Let’s face it! Beauty care can be costly. If you’re looking to save money on your everyday, weekly, or even monthly beauty routine, one sure fire place to start is to cut back on pedicures. Instead of rushing to the spa, simply scrub your feet with a pumice stone every morning while you are showering. When you turn off the water and dry off, immediately apply moisturizer to your feet. Doing this every day during your normal shower routine will help extend the time between professional pedicures. Plus, it will help to keep your toes healthier and free of fungus.

Dry Shampoo

Don’t always feel as though you need shampoo, conditioner, and a shower every day to keep your hair looking great. There are some shampoo choices out there that will help absorb excess oil on your scalp and hair while keeping your head of locks looking fresh and clean. Dry shampoo is the solution. If you insist on using water instead, try washing just the oily parts of your hair with regular shampoo. But, have the blow dryer ready if you choose to go with the water solution. A quick blow dry, and your hair will be bouncy and healthy looking all day.

Environmental Beauty

Every time you empty a plastic or glass container that held moisturizer, shampoo, makeup, or any other beauty product, you may cringe a little knowing that it’s going to a landfill somewhere to contribute to a pile of trash. Looking your best does not have to ruin the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint while still looking fabulous with your individual beauty routine. Start with recycling your old beauty products. Ship them to Terra Cycle. They even provide a free UPS shipping label online. Send them your old beauty products to let them turn the containers into something completely new and reusable.

Stop Pumping Mascara

You may have seen your friends do it, or it may have just become an easy habit. But, it’s one that experts say should never happen. We are talking about pumping your mascara. In other words, moving the wand up and down inside the tube at a rapid movement rate. It may seem as though you are priming the wand to fill it evenly with black goo, but in reality you are allowing air into the tube. The trapped air will cause your mascara to dry out faster. When the mascara dries out, it will shorten the life of your mascara.

Proper Bronzer Application

If you have ever tried to look as though you have been out in the sun when you have not, you probably already know how tricky self-tanning lotions or bronzers can be. Before putting on that self-tanning lotion or bronzer, make sure it’s going to smooth on evenly so you don’t come out with blotchy orange spots all over your skin. First, mix in a drop or two of moisture cream. Use your finger or a cotton swab to blend the moisturizer with the bronzer and then to apply it to your skin. Mixing the two together will help make sure the cream blends in and covers your skin evenly.

Apply Oil

Even if your skin is already naturally oily, it is important to still use oil on your skin. This might sound absolutely crazy to add oil to oil, but the truth is that using an oil-based product to remove makeup or excess dirt from your skin will actually improve the health of your skin. Otherwise, when you over clean your skin, it stimulates the sebum glands. This over stimulation causes skin to over produce oil. On the contrary, when you use an oil-based product to do the job, it actually has the opposite effect, leaving your skin with a healthy glow instead.

Say No To Chipped Nail Polish

When it comes to finger nail beauty, you have two basic options. One option is to polish them, and other option is to not polish them. Whatever you do, never let them get caught somewhere in the middle with chipped nail polish. Think about the last time you noticed someone’s red polished nails. If the color is not completely smoothed out to cover the entire nail and polished with an even sheen, you notice. Don’t think no one is noticing your chipped nails. There is a solution to this. Avoid chipped nail polish as best as you can so that you are never caught with a chipped coat of color.

Learn How To Moisturize

When it comes to moisturizing properly, less is more. Don’t put a glob of moisturizer cream all over your face and expect to be ready for makeup immediately. In your effort to get soft, supple skin, you are creating a surface that will be difficult and timely to work with. It takes ten minutes or more for all of that moisture to be absorbed into your skin before you can apply makeup on top of it. The best way to put on facial cream is to blend in a dime-sized amount onto your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead as opposed to piling on ton of moisturizer.

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Brushes

Just like a good artist knows the importance of starting with a clean brush, the same is true with makeup brushes. Make sure you clean the brushes regularly. Otherwise, residue and bacteria will buildup on the bristles and harbor there. The next time you use the brush on your skin, you take the risk of transferring bacteria to your skin. Use a makeup brush cleaner or use shampoo and conditioner to clean them. Keeping your brushes clean will help ensure that you get a clean, smooth, even application of makeup each and every time without the worry of bacteria or clumps of prior makeup sticking to your skin.

Ingrown Hairs

For years, home beauty experts have known about the secret of using witch hazel. It may have been in your grandmother’s or great-grandmother’s medicine cabinet for just such a use. They knew that this natural product helps to reduce swelling and redness that happens from various skin issues including ingrown hairs. For these unsightly and sometimes painful hairs, you can also use a product that contains azulene. Either product will help you when you use tweezers to coax the ingrown hair from it’s unwanted spot. Just don’t pull it out, since that will make it become ingrown in the same spot later on.

Immediate Towel Dry Solution

You may be in a hurry, but take a little extra time on this one step of towel drying properly. Never rub your hair dry with a towel unless you want it to become frizzy. Instead, gently squeeze any excess water from your hair before you step out of the shower. Then, use a large, fluffy towel to gently wrap your hair in. Now, begin patting your locks dry gently. The towel will absorb any remaining moisture without damaging your hair as it would by rubbing it vigorously. Some towels are made specifically for wrapping up your hair. It may be worth it to find a towel meant specifically for this task.

Ask A Doctor

One way to stay healthy and give your skin a youthful is to take vitamin supplements that help with healthy skin, nail, and hair growth. But, do you really need to pop all of those capsules or tablets? While these supplements may, in fact, be helping you stay young and healthy with a look of beauty, before you start taking them regularly, check with your doctor to make sure you are taking the right ones. Mixing some vitamins with minerals you don’t need can actually have the opposite effect than what you are trying to achieve. Make sure you are giving your body what it needs by talking to your doctor first.

Nail Polish Remover Trick

Oh no! Your nail polish is chipping and in desperate need of a re-coat or removal, but you are fresh out of nail polish remover. Now what? Don’t worry. If you run out of your remover and don’t have time to run out and buy a new bottle right away, there is a simple solution. It’s a little manicure emergency secret tip that few people know about. Remove cracked or chipped nail polish by applying a clear top coat to the problem areas on the nails and then very quickly removing the top coat by using a cotton ball. Voila!

Perfume Know-How

The Number One rule for using perfume properly is to understand that less is best. The scent is not intended to cover up body odors or to take the place of a shower. Never douse yourself with perfume. Only spray on or dab on perfume on select locations on your body such as on your wrists, behind your knees, on the base of your throat, and behind your earlobes. The idea is to create a subtle scent that is pleasant. Don’t overpower everyone you meet with overdoing it with perfume. Some people are highly sensitive to the scents due to allergies, and chances are if you use the same perfume every day, your nose has become a bit desensitized to the scent.

The Important Top Coat

Nails are painted and done! Right? Wrong! Don’t be so quick to slap on a coat of nail color and walk away as soon as they dry. When painting your nails to look their best, it is very important to add a top coat to that finished color. A top coat is an absolute must. Apply a top coat to your freshly painted nails. Once they are dry, add another coat. Doing so will make your nail polish less likely to chip off. Taking the time to add the top coat from the start will help make your nail polish last a lot longer and look a lot better.

Hair Clarifying

Getting your hair to look just right often requires a lot of beauty products like shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, or styling gels. All of those beauty products that you use on your hair have a tendency to build up. It’s important to remove the product build-up gently from your hair. To do so, choose a clarifying shampoo to use one time every week. The clarifying shampoo will help to prevent dandruff and keep other hair or scalp conditions at bay. It will also leave your hair feeling lighter and bouncier. Not only does it remove product build-up from your locks, but it will give you a more beautiful feel.

Keep Smiling

Out of all of the best beauty tips from all of the top-notch beauty experts, there is one simple strategy that will make you look your best. Smile! That’s right! It is often as simple as keeping a smile on your face that will make you stand out as beautiful. Smiling is the absolute best beauty feature you possess. You don’t have to take the time to buy a special product or outfit to make it happen. All you have to do is remember to turn up the corners of your mouth. Get in the habit of wearing a smile every day.