50 Facts About Queen Elizabeth You Didn’t Know Before


The Queen of England needs no introduction. The entire world knows who she is, what she does, and many things about her life. However, here are the 50 things you never knew about her. Let’s dive in.

#50. She Never Attended School

princess margaret and princess elizabeth

You would think that the woman in the highest royal position would have had some school experience, but that is not the case. Instead, she was provided education by private tutors at home.

That is because royal subjects rarely attend public schools since their life is kept private from the public. The Queen and her sister Margaret were both taught at home.

Her parents kept her at home and made sure she received all the education she required while on their royal tours. Of course, this can be expected from royals since they have a different life than peasants like us.

#49. On The Wedding Day, The Queen’s Tiara Snapped

queen elizabeth prince philip

There is a lot that goes on in the life of royals that we don’t know about. Most of these things happen to many people, but somehow we never think it would happen to someone in such a high power position.

On her wedding day, while she on the way to the ceremony, the tiara of Queen Elizabeth snapped. Everyone close to her started panicking because no one knew how to repair.

However, Elizabeth’s mother kept everyone calm and called the court jeweler. He fixed it in no time, and she made it to the ceremony with her tiara intact.

#48. She Celebrated With The Crowd On The Streets Without Anyone Knowing

princess elizabeth and princess margaret in 1945

WWII was a terrible time in history. The effects devasted England, and everyone was waiting for it to end. Of course, one fine day, the war finally came to an end, and the entire country wanted to celebrate.

Everyone took to the streets to celebrate together. Queen Elizabeth and her sister Margaret also wanted to be a part of these celebrations. So, they took their parent’s permission and went without anyone knowing.

They celebrated with the crowd, linked arms with them, and shared the joy and togetherness with the rest of the country. A beautiful moment that should have been witnessed by everyone.

#47. She Owns The British Seabed

The British Seabed @scubadesign / Shutterstock.com

You may not have heard this before, but yes, it is possible to own a seabed. After all, Queen Elizabeth owns one. She owns the ground under the sea and the ocean floor since 1066 A.D.

She also owns the mining rights to the seabed. The seabed’s initial value was low, but now its estimated value comes at $100 billion. The profits that come from the dilling practices and the natural resources derived are also another story.

The royal family is royal for a reason. They own the most bizarre and expensive things you will ever come to know.

#46. Queen Elizabeth’s Husband Is A Cousin Of Hers

queen elizabeth prince philip

While this is not something that is encouraged nowadays, it was pretty standard in the old days. Philip is a relative from the maternal side of Queen Victoria. In comparison, Queen Elizabeth is a relative of hers from her maternal side.

The Queen’s husband a member of the royal family of Denmark and Greece. However, he renounced his titles so he could marry Queen Elizabeth. It is a true testament to the power of love.

The royal couple has now been happily married for the past seventy years. All we need is love, isn’t it?

#45. She Is The World’s Longest Reigning Monarch

queen elizabeth coronation

Queen Elizabeth is a prime example of the fact that women live longer than men. For the past sixty-seven years, she has been ruled England as she became a sovereign as soon as her father passed away in 1952. She is now 93 and still rocking the throne better than anybody ever could.

Most of the British people have not seen another Queen in their lifetime. According to national data, 81% of British residents weren’t even born yet when Queen Elizabeth came into power.

It indeed shows how long it has been since Elizabeth has been in power, and she will continue to be for a while to come.

#44. The Queen Has Her Birthday Celebrations Twice A Year

Trooping the Colour 2011

Queen Elizabeths birthday is on April 21. She celebrates this day with her family and friends. However, she officially celebrates her birthday with the rest of the country on June 11.

Are you wondering why that is so? Monarchs who have a birthday in cold months schedule a birthday when the weather is better and pleasant. Doing so allows them to have a parade where people can come out of their homes to celebrate them.

That is why Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday two times a year, and why not? After all, she is the queen. She can have as many birthdays as she likes.

#43. The Queen Has Outlasted Many Officials

queen elizabeth barack obama michelle obama

Well, another statistic to show you how long it has been since Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne. She has outlasted many presidents, prime ministers, and other members of the political world. Even Britain’s population doesn’t know any other ruler than the Queen.

She is deeply loved all over the world and by all the people at home. The end of her era will be a sad loss for the entire U.K and many other people globally that admire her.

After all, that is what queens do. They steal the hearts of other people and gain their love in no time.

#42. She Owns 150,000 Works Of Art

150,000 Works of Art @Andrew and Annemarie / Flickr.com

The Queen didn’t collect all these works of art herself. King Charles I started the collection back in the 18th century, and as other rulers have come to power, they have added to the collection further. It has pieces from the most outstanding artists that have existed, such as Rembrandt and Raphael.

The collection is estimated to be worth more than $10 billion. It is collectively known as the Royal Collection, and you will find the most exquisite pieces to exist. Eight years ago, The Royal Academy of Arts gifted the Queen even more unique pieces. As years pass by, the collection keeps on growing.

#41. She Has Been An Owner Of More Than Thirty Corgis

queen elizabeth ii corgis

More dogs lead to more happiness. That is the recipe for a joyous life. At one point, Queen Elizabeth owned more than thirty corgis.

The father of the Queen brought the 1st corgi 87 years ago, and he gave it to her on her eighteenth birthday. What girl doesn’t want the cutest dog on her 18th? We certainly want one.

Elizabeth named her first corgi Susan and ever since then, all the corgis that have come into the royal household have descended from Susan. Unfortunately, only the last of the few corgis remain now as most of them have lived their life.

#40. Every Dolphin And Swan That Swim In UK Are Owned By The Queen

queen elizabeth ii swan upping cygnet

Another addition to the list of bizarre things that the Queen owns. During the 1100s, the British monarchy did an unusual thing. They claimed all the swans inside the U.K.

Doing so may seem unusual right now, but at that time, swans were considered to be a delicacy. Elizabeth doesn’t eat these swans. However, she does own them.

Every year the Swan Marker of the royal family checks on these swan’s health and counts them. If this wasn’t weird enough, the Queen also owns dolphins according to the 1324 statute.

#39. Queen Elizabeth Is Not The Wealthiest Person In England

queen elizabeth

Despite all the things that the Queen owns, she is still not the wealthiest person in the U.K. She gets an amount from the tax money, and the family’s estate holdings generate revenue as well. However, it is still not enough.

As an estimate, her wealth is around $414 million. The estimate is nothing compared to what other people are making in the U.K. For last three years, Queen Elizabeth has has not made it in the Sunday Time’s 300 wealthiest Britishers list. Of course, this doesn’t matter much because she has power.

#38. Queen Elizabeth Has Made More Than 260 Official International Trips Since She Has Come Into Power

quen elizabeth ii china

Royal tours are part of the job description of every member of the royal family. The Queen has been incredibly active ever since she has taken the throne, and she has made almost 300 trips till now.

Of course, this number would be higher, but the Queen has slowed down a bit with age. However, she is still doing more than the other youngsters of the royal family. Five years ago, she carried out more engagements than Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate combined.

Yes, that’s right. In 2015 she carried out almost 350 engagements. That is nothing compared to her more active years.

#37. The Queen Has A Private ATM Inside Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Somewhere inside Buckingham Palace, there is a private-use ATM that only the royal family can use. The ATM is provided to the Queen by the Coutts. It is one of the most renowned and prestigious banks to exist in the U.K.

Of course, the royal family can enjoy these perks and easily withdraw money whenever they like. Though we doubt they use the ATM for much since royal transactions usually happen through checks instead of cash.

But it is nice to have an ATM inside the palace as it provides convenience and accessibility to the Queen and other members.

#36. The Queen Sent A Letter To The Moon

Apollo 11

In 1969, before the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon, many leaders of the world were given an invitation to write a message to be sent to the moon. These messages were kept inside silicone discs, and these discs are still on the moon.

When Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, they placed these discs next to the flag of The United States. Of course, the Queen wrote a message as well to be sent to the moon.

All these were positive messages, and the Queen wished to improve humanity’s well-being in her statement. Don’t you wish you had a message on the moon?

#35. Queen Elizabeth Pays Taxes


Just like the Queen’s royal subjects, Queen Elizabeth herself pays taxes as well. Do keep in mind that she is not obligated to pay any capital gains or income taxes as the sovereign. She does this out of her own goodwill.

She has been paying taxes since 1993 now. Many rulers avoid this duty because nobody wants to take money out of their pockets. However, Queen Elizabeth is a prime example of how rulers owe their nation some responsibility as well.

More leaders can learn from this and implement it in their practices. After all, they enjoy a beautiful country too.

#34. She Owns Six Royal Residences

Six Royal Residences @HVRIS / Shutterstock.com

It isn’t easy to estimate the total value of the Queen’s royal residences. However, what we do know is that there are a total of six dwellings. These include Hillsborough Castle, Buckingham Palace, Sandringham Estate, Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle, and Holyrood Palace.

All of these dwellings serve different functions. The Buckingham Palace is, of course, their home. The Balmoral Castle serves as the summer home. The Windsor Castle serves as the country home.

The Queen loves the Balmoral Castle the most. She has stayed there all this year, and she will not return to Buckingham Palace anytime soon.

#33. The Queen Has Been Portrayed By Famous Actors In More Than A Hundred Movies And Shows

helen mirren as queen elizabeth ii

The Queen is frequently a subject of movies and TV shows. To date, more than 100 shows and films have portrayed her as a character. That is not surprising at all.

Many movies and shows have been made that revolve around the royal family’s life, and, of course, the Queen is a pivotal character in all of them. Famous actors have played the role of the Queen and some have done justice to her character.

The list of actresses that have played the Queen include Claire Foy, Helen Mirren, Freya Wilson, Fred Armisen, Emma Thompson, and many others.

#32. The Queen Has Been Wearing The Same Nail Color Since The Past 31 Years

Queen Elizabeth waving

Talk about consistency. The Queen has been wearing the same shade since thirty-one years. It is Essie’s classic Ballet Slipper. The color is a subtle and pale pink that looks stunning on the nails.

The best part about this nail color is that it only costs $9. Anyone can wear this shade. If you want to feel like the Queen for a day, wear this amazing nail color.

The Queen refuses to wear any other shade as it perfectly matches with every outfit she owns. The color doesn’t clash with any of her bright, vibrant, and even moody outfits.

#31. She Drinks Champagne Every Night Before Going To Bed

queen elizabeth drinking champagne

At last, we know the secret to Queen Elizabeth’s long life. It is a glass of champagne every night before bed. If you want to thrive like her at 92, then you should start doing this too.

Jokes apart, it is probably just to help her have a good nights sleep. According to sources, this has been her nighttime ritual for as long as she has been in power. The Queen is the queen of consistency.

If you want to live the royal life, then just start drinking champagne before bed. Don’t take it too for though. The Queen only drinks one glass.

#30. The Queen Has No Driver’s License Or Passport

queen elizabeth ii range rover

Who needs a driver’s license and passport when every one of them already has your name on it? All the passports and driver’s licenses in the U.K are issued to people in the name of the Queen, so of course, she has no need for them.

The Queen does know how to drive, and she has driven many leaders around her estates. Once, she drove the Saudi Prince Abdullah around one of her beautiful estates in the U.K.

Only civilians need this documentation because the world doesn’t know us the way they know the Queen. She is an admired personality all over the world.

#29. She Has An Incredible Talent For Mimicry

queen elizabeth ii laughing

Just because she is royalty, it doesn’t mean that she is serious all the time. The Queen has a fun side too. She has an amazing sense of humor and an incredible talent for mimicry.

One source has also revealed she makes the most accurate and funny impression of a Concorde jet landing. Now, who wouldn’t want to see that? We know we do.

Apart from that, she has a natural talent for mimicry, and she can make an accurate impression of almost anyone and any object. The Queen should have her own TV show, we know we would watch that.

#28. She Uses Her Handbag To Send Secret Signals

queen elizabeth ii purse closeup

That is perhaps the coolest part about being a royal. You get to create your secret codes and signals to communicate with people on your staff or team. There was a report published that suggested the use of handbag to send secret signals.

It said, Queen Elizabeth may use it to exit boring meetings or conversations. For example, keeping the purse on the dinner table meant that she wants the meeting or engagement to be over. In contrast, keeping it next to her chair meant that she needs saving from an awful conversation.

#27. The Queen Owns Three Shopping Centers

Three Shopping Centres @Foto-up / Shutterstock.com

There is no end to the diversity in the estate of the Crown. They also own retail and leisure real estate. Under this category comes shopping centers as well.

The Crown earns almost $2 billion in revenue just from these shopping centers. The best part is that the Queen can shop whenever she wants. According to sources, the number of these portfolios will only keep on increasing in the future.

So, you can expect to see more shopping centers being owned by the Queen, and rightly so. After all, she is the Queen, and many perks like this come with it.

#26. She Once Trolled Tourists

queen elizabeth

Just like we told you before, the Queen has an incredible sense of humor. She has even shown this side of hers to tourists that didn’t recognize her. The event took place at the Balmoral Castle.

The Queen was in the vicinity, and a group of tourists were roaming the estate. The group saw the Queen but didn’t recognize her, so they asked her if she has ever come into close proximity with the Queen of England.

She responded, saying no, then called a policeman that was near and told them he had met the Queen. We love leaders that are always willing to have some fun.

#25. She Pays The Poet Laureate In Alcohol

queen elizabeth ii and poet carol ann duffy

The Queen appoints the poet laureate of the U.K. The position was created more than three centuries ago, and ever since then, only men have been in this position. However, in 2009, the Queen appointed a woman for this position.

She is the 1st female in 300 years to have had that honor. A big step by the Queen for the U.K. She gets paid $7,000 annually and a barrel of sherry.

If we were paid in alcohol, we wouldn’t be very good at our jobs. But we guess poets need it the most.

#24. The Queen Doesn’t Utilize A Last Name

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen already has such a long name that she doesn’t need a last name. Instead, her official title is what she uses. It is a long name with all of her official titles. We don’t want to bore you with that.

Of course, there is no place to keep a last name with such a long title and she doesn’t need it either. Just Queen is good for us too. However, royal family members other than the Queen can choose from a long list of last names.

#23. The Queen Is Protected From The Law

queen elizabeth ii

With great power comes great responsibility and also many perks. One of the perks of being Queen is that she can’t be prosecuted. Yes, that is right; the Queen is safe from the law.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that she misuses or abuses her power in any way. The Queen still has to act in according to the law of the country, and she follows it well. After all, she pays taxes, too, even though she is not entitled to. There is a reason why she is loved after all.

#22. The Queen Annually Releases A Gift List She Has Received

queen elizabeth ii receiving a gift

Yes, this happens every year. There is a complete list of the royal family’s gifts from other world leaders and the general public. That is because the family doesn’t own these items.

They are to become part of the Royal Collection that the Queen holds in trust. They are part of the collection and there is no sole owner. The lists are incredibly impressive.

However, some people gift the most weird things. For example, the Queen has received a bag of salt, deer, sticky note holders, and many other things.

#21. The Queen Purchased A Luxe Apartment In New York City

queen elizabeth ii speaking at UN in New york city

Five years ago, the Queen purchased a luxe apartment in New York City. The apartment is spread over three thousand square feet and includes three bedrooms. The approximate cost of this apartment was around $7.9 million.

However, the best part is that a British architect designed the building she bought the apartment in. She once knighted this architect herself. The building is nearby the UN headquarters.

It is a beautiful apartment, and every time the Queen takes a trip to New York to go to the UN, she stays in this apartment. After all, it is minutes away from the headquarters.

#20. The Queen Owns 200 Launer Handbags

200 Launer Handbags @Patsy Otterberg / Pinterest.com

It is the dream of everyone to be able to afford whichever bag they like but not everyone can do it. This is not the case with Queen Elizabeth. She can own whichever bag she likes. But, the most famous designers such as Chanel or Ralph Lauren do not match the taste of the Queen. Instead, she prefers the bags from Launer who is a designer based in London. Her majesty is so much into Launer’s collection that she owns a whooping number of 200 Launer bags ever since the year 1950. Looks like it is her lifelong obsession to collect these valuable bags. The bags alone are valued at $500,000.

#19. Her Majesty Owns An Offshore Wind Farm

Offshore Wind Farm @Nuttawut Uttamaharad / Shutterstock.com

Not a lot of people know the Queen Elizabeth owns a British seabed as well. It is a common trait among the royals to own different renewable energy projects. The farm is situated only a few miles off the coast and was established in the year 2010. Although the projected had started in the year 2004, it was not completed until the year 2010. It was designed by Vestas Wind System. The Queen owns the farm ever since it was formed. Anything erected on the wind farm is exclusively her property. Currently, the wind farm is valued at $900 million and generates millions for the Queen.

#18. The Queen Owns Two Rare Jaguars

Two Black Jaguars @davemhuntphotography / Shutterstock.com

Technically speaking, the Queen actually did not buy the black jaguars. Instead, they were gifted to her from the Perfect of Brazil in the year 1968. The black jaguars are extremely rare as only six-hundred of them are out in there in the wild. They need an extremely delicate ecosystem to survive. This is why a team of vests are available round the clock to look after them. The two jaguars alone are valued at $56,000. There was also a pet sloth that was named after the Queen. The names of these black jaguars are Marques and Aizita. The jaguars live in the London Zoo where there are other exotic animals as well. All of these animals were gifted to the Queen.

#17. The Queen Has A Car Collection Worth More Than $10 Million

Car Collection Worth More Than $10 Million @Pressurepics / Shutterstock.com

The Queen has always been fond of cars because she worked as a car mechanic and truck driver during the World War ll. As a result, she has always been partial toward a nice custom job. She is so fond of cars that her cars collection is valued to be over $10 million. Even at her old age, she is often seen driving a car on her own. Her most favourite car from her collection is the Land Rover Defender. Additionally, she has a custom-made Rover Range, luxury Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, and a specially designed LWB Landaulet that has an open top. She uses this one to smile and wave at passersby.

#16. The Queen Owns A Hyde Park

Hyde Park @Kit Leong / Shutterstock.com

Her majesty is extremely fond of greenery. This is why all of her estates own some beautiful expanses of greenery. Additionally, the Queen also own Hyde Park. The Hyde Park is located in London and its worth is estimated to be $19 billion. Well, that’s huge, isn’t it? The park has been owned by the monarchy ever since 1660. Ever since the park is owned by the royals, it has remained one of royal parks ever since. The citizens use this park for recreation purpose. This is the reason that many concerts and social events take place at the park as well.

#15. All The Dolphins In The United Kingdom Are Owned By The Queen

All the dolphins in the United Kingdom @ Reddit.com

Did you know that the monarch owns all the dolphins in the United Kingdom? Amazing, isn’t it? It happened in 1324 when King Edward ll declared in 1324 that the monarch will own all the wreck of the sea that is included in the realm. This is why the monarch also owns all the dolphins in the United Kingdom as well. While it was announced quite a few years ago, it still remains true. The queen owns all the whales and dolphins throughout the UK and is proud of them. There is no net worth of these dolphins as they are priceless. This shows how much the Queen loves animals as well.

#14. The Very Own Pair Of Dorgis Of Queen Elizabeth

A Pair of Dorgis @BuzzFeed / Pinterest.com / @Katerina Tsitsonis / Pinterest.com

While it is a common knowledge that the Queen owned more than thirty Corgis ever she has ascended the throne, she owns a pair of Dorgis as well. As the all of the Queen’s Corgis have passed away, the queen now only owns two Dorgis. They are with the Queen ever since 2012 and are named Willow and Vulcan. Being the pups of the royal family has its own perks. They are given a room of their own in the Palace. Thus, there is no denying the fact that the pups are living a very privileged life. Their net worth is valued at $800.

#13. The Queen Owns The World’s Largest Clear-Cut Diamond

The World’s Largest Clear-Cut Diamond @DiamondGalaxy / Shutterstock.com

While most of us only dream of owning a small piece of diamond, Her Majesty owns the world’s largest clear-cut diamond. The net worth of the piece of diamond is alone estimated to be $51 million. The piece of diamond is exclusively rare and crystal clear. Even though most of us would do anything to have a glance of this beautiful piece of diamond, it is rarely seen as it is kept with the Crown jewels. The diamond is also known as the Cullinan Diamond and some great efforts were needed to cut and split it. Now there are nine pieces of diamond that were cut from the original piece.

#12. Her Majesty Owns All The Gold Mines In The Scotland

All of Scotland's Gold Mines @Vivek Bhattacharya / Pinterest.com

Belonging to the Royal family comes with its own benefits. This is shy diamonds are not the only precious stones that the queen owns. She owns many gold mines as well. It may be hard for you to believe but the Queen does indeed own all the gold mines in the Scotland. While owning a gold mine has its own perks, managing the mines is quite difficult too. But, this is the least of the Queen’s concerns as she owns a large number of staff to take care of her gold mines. Her gold mines in Scotland alone are valued at more than $300 million.

#11. The Queen Owns A Collection Of A Massive Faberge Egg

A Massive Faberge Egg Collection @BakerJarvis / Shutterstock.com

We all love to collect different things according to what we can afford. While poor people collect average items, richer people like to go for more refined items. But, no one can meet the taste of Queen Elizabeth when it comes to collecting precious and exclusive items. This is why the Queen owns a massive collection of Faberge eggs that can be sold for more than $33 million. But, the queen has no intention of selling her precious collection. Her collection is very dear to her and is kept in extreme security.

#10. The Queen Owns A Total Of 6.6 Billion Acres Of Land All Over The World

An Estimated 6.6 Billion Acres of Land Worldwide @Matthew Dixon / Shutterstock.com

Want to know who is the largest landholder in the entire world? Queen Elizabeth of course. This is why she owns a total of 6.6 billion acres of land worldwide. This is the total of one-sixth percent of the world’s total surface. King Abdullah who is the runner up only owns 547 million acres of land which is billion of dollars less than the Queen’s. This makes the Queen the monarch of thirty-two countries. Additionally, the Queen is also the head of the Commonwealth for more than fifty countries. Most of these lands include the ones that were acquired during the colonization period of England.

#09. The Priceless Bat Colony Owned By The Queen

A Bat Colony @MilletStudio / Shutterstock.com

With so many different things that can be own, no one would have imagined the Queen to own a bat colony as well. But, the Queen surprised everyone by declaring her ownership of a bat colony. The bat colony is so priceless that there is no estimated net worth of it. The colony is one of her most favourite and priceless thing that has a home in one of the main halls at Balmoral Castle. The Queen is actively involved in taking care of the bets instead of leaving them to the professionals. Looks like the Queen has become very much attached to the colony set up by her.

#08. The UK’s Continental Shelf Is The Queen’s Property

The UK's Continental Shelf @Jiri Vondrous / Shutterstock.com

The UK’s continental shelf is a valuable natural resource that is owned by Queen Elizabeth. Its net worth alone is estimated to be in billions. The whole shelf consists of waters that flow all around the UK. All the mineral rights to the water are owned by the Queen. The areas covered by the waters include Irish Sea, North Sea, English Channel and North Atlantic. Additionally, there is a huge reserve of gas and oil in the UK’s continental shelf as well. There are many areas in the continental shelf where the companies are allowed to drill but they are subjected to some limitations. The Queen receives a share of profit from the earnings of the companies as well.

#07. The Queen Owns A 20,000 Acre State In Norfolk

20,000-acre Sandringham Estate in Norfolk@LizCoughlan / Shutterstock.com

The Sandringham Estate is the country home of Queen Elizabeth and is located in Norfolk, England. The estate has been around the era of Queen Elizabeth l. Then, a large manor was built on the property. The estate fell in the Royal hands in the year 1862 and was opened for public visit in the year 1977. It was also bought as a wedding gift for Prince Charles. Additionally, it is also the site where King George V died. The current value of the estate is estimated to be $65 million.

#06. The Balmoral Estate In Northeast Of Scotland Is Owned By The Queen

50,000-acre Balmoral Estate in Northeast Scotland @Duncan Andison / Shutterstock.com

The Balmoral Estate in Scotland is rumoured to be the Queen’s favourite residence. The estate is located in Aberdeenshire and covers an approximate area of 50,000 acres. The Royal family acquired this estate in the year 1451. It was called Bouchmorale back then. The name is the combination of Welsh and Gaelic. The Royal family makes sure to keep adding more to the estate. Currently, the estate has a forestry, moors, farmland, Highland cattle, and herds of deer and ponies. The current value of the Balmoral Castle is estimated to be $140 million.

#05. Her Majesty Owns The Regent Street

Regent Street @Cedric Weber / Shutterstock.com

Do you know how expensive it is to own a single property on the Regent Street? But, it is least of the worries of Her Majesty as she owns the entire street which is valued at $2 billion. Regent Street is one of the most prime streets of England as it has some of the excellent shopping centres located on it. Additionally, many historic buildings on the street are located as well. Although we are not sure for how long the Queen owns the property, it is estimated that it is a very old agreement.

#04. The Queen Owns The Tower Of London

The Tower of London @Alexander Chalkin / Shutterstock.com

Nothing can be compared to the Tower of London. Do you know who owns this magnificent tower? Her majesty of course. Even though the tower doesn’t have much history of its own, it is an extremely valuable asset. The net worth of the tower alone is estimated to be $56 billion. The structure of the tower was built in the year 1078 but it became famous during the 7th century when it was used as a prison. It was transformed into a prison during both the World Wars. Nowadays, the tour is used as a popular tourist destination.

#03. The Queen Has Interest In Racehorses

A Team of Racehorses @NEIL ROY JOHNSON / Shutterstock.com

Horse racing is extremely famous in the UK for a long time. This is why the Queen decided to own a team of racehorses as well. She first owned a racing horse in the year 1940 along with the assistance of her mother. There was no stopping her then. Ever since her first ownership of the race horse, she has owned many more winning race horses as well. In total, the queen owns 451 race horses and has collected a fortune of $9 million dollars from them. Now that’s huge, isn’t it?

#02. The Swans On The River Thames Are The Pet Swans Of The Queen

All The Swans on the River Thames @Natakim / Shutterstock.com

Did you know that in addition to the dolphins, the Queen also owns all the swans present on the River Thames? The right of owning the swans on the river by the monarch dates back to fifteenth century. Te right is not only limited to the River Thames. In fact, she has the right to claim any unclaimed swans found on the waters of England. This was long before the Queen was even born. But, the swans on the River Thames are the Queen’s favourite and she is mostly concerned for them. The swans are estimated to be valued at $130,000.

#01. 1333 Diamond Tiaras Are The Property Of The Queen

1333 Diamond Tiara @Ana Gavino / Pinterest.com

The Queen owns the famous diamond tiara that is made from 1333 diamonds. It was made in the year 1820 by Rundell & Bridge. While the initial cost of the tiara was $8216, its current net worth is estimated to be $700,000. Its net worth has made it one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery ever owned by anyone and is enough to make anyone envious. Although it was made for George lV, it became more famous when Queen Victoria wore it. Queen Elizabeth wore the crown on her coronation in the year 1953.