60 Celebrities That Shocked The World With Their Weight Loss Transformations


If you are looking for some weight-loss inspiration, you are in the right place. These sixty celebrities were mocked and ridiculed because of their weight, but they shocked everyone with their determination and transformation. They came out stronger and showed people how it is done.

You can also use their stories to inspire and transform yourself. After all, if they can do it, so can you. So, without further ado, here are sixty celebrities that went through a shocking weight loss transformation that dropped the jaws of everyone.

1. Rebel Wilson

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Rebel Wilson has started taking her health incredibly seriously in recent years. She even told her fans last year that she would focus on her health much more, and she stuck to this commitment. Wilson goes to the gym seven days a week and strictly follows the rule of no days off.

Judging by the transformation, Wilson’s commitment and dedication towards a healthy lifestyle are doing wonders for her. She has cut out junk food, increased her water intake, and started exercising. That is a transformation recipe we all need if we want to lose weight efficiently.

2. Kelly Clarkson

best celebrity weight loss transformations: kelly clarkson

Kelly Clarkson did not start her journey because she wanted to lose weight. She was struggling with thyroid and autoimmune diseases that caused her to gain weight. However, she came across a book that changed her life. It is known as The Plant Paradox.

The book talks about eliminating foods with lectin from the diet that causes inflammation. Clarkson followed this method because she was sick of her thyroid, and ever since then, her life has changed. She has lost weight, and she does not need to take her medicine anymore. It is a win-win situation in all aspects.

3. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe was always known as the “fat sister” among the Kardashians. She was always insecure about her weight because the public never spared any opportunity to comment on her weight. After that, the Kardashian family asked her to shed some pounds.

However, the catalyst of her weight loss transformation was her breakup with Lamar Odom. After all, there is no better revenge on an ex than having a great body, and Khloe did that flawlessly. She documented her journey, and now she is helping other people with weight loss transformations through her show.

4. Jonah Hill

If you have seen Superbad, you know who Jonah Hill is. Of course, the transformation had not happened at that time, but now Jonah looks the best version of himself. He started losing weight in 2011, and he has lost more than thirty pounds since then.

The star wanted to look good for his movie 21 Jump Street, which is when the journey began. The star worked hard by eating right and exercising so that he could lose weight fast. You can see his hard work in the transformation as Jonah has completely changed his look.

5. Melissa McCarthy

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If you have binge-watched Gilmore Girls as a teenager, you must be familiar with McCarthy. She had always struggled with losing weight because she overanalyzed everything and indulged in overthinking. Her transformation began when she started thinking less and doing more.

She has dropped more than seventy-five pounds during her journey, and she has never looked more fabulous. Her journey is an inspiration because it teaches us that we have to think less and take action if we want to see results. You can also use this mantra to transform yourself physically, mentally, or even emotionally.

6. Adele

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This year Adele set fire to the entertainment industry by uploading her transformation on social media. Everyone was taken by surprise because, for years, Adele looked entirely different. However, this is a change that she has deserved for a long time.

According to Adele’s trainer, the transformation was not easy. The singer loved to eat junk such as sugar, processed foods, and much more. Of course, she had to give all this up to achieve this transformation.

It was challenging at first, but Adele persisted and stayed on track for a long time. She has lost more than a hundred pounds during this transformation, and she deserves an award for this kind of willpower and dedication.

7. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran's Weight Loss: Quit Smoking & More — Before & After Photos –  Hollywood Life

Yes, your favorite singer also went through a weight loss transformation. Ed Sheeran lost more than fifty pounds during his change. Sheeran’s primary aim was to give his lungs a break as he was in the habit of smoking. This habit took a toll on his stamina and his health.

Sheeran started running to build his stamina, but he could not do it for more than ten minutes. However, he worked on this consistently, and now he can efficiently run for forty-five minutes. Of course, he has lost a lot of weight and adopted a much more healthy lifestyle.

8. Christina Aguilera

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It was eight years ago that Christina Aguilera lost more than fifty pounds. She took some time off from work to focus on her mind, body, and spirit. During this time, she lost all the extra weight, and she has never felt better about her body.

Aguilera does not follow a set diet or exercise routine. Instead, she is always exploring new foods and exercise methods. That is because she believes in variety for the body and listening to what it needs. Till now, this has worked for her, and it can work for you. Listen to your body and give it what it needs so you can also become healthy.

9. Mariah Carey

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All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is a great figure, and she has achieved that slowly and steadily. The singer doesn’t follow trendy diets because she thinks that one should focus on the essentials. Doing this has worked out for her because she has lost significant weight over time.

The secret to Carey’s weight loss is that she eats small meals and snacks throughout the day. Besides that, she hits the gym at least three to four times a week. Making these small changes has allowed her to have a great figure and maintain it for a long time.

10. America Ferrera

America Ferrera Looks Amazing After Losing 30 lbs - PK Baseline- How Celebs  Get Skinny and Other Celebrity News

America Ferrera is widely known for her role in Ugly Betty. When she started her journey, her aim was not to lose weight. Instead, she wanted to challenge herself and see how far she could go.

She always thought she could not run fast, swim well, and do many things. However, she pushed through all of that and changed the narrative for herself. Of course, she lost a lot of weight during this journey, and now she looks stunning than ever. Her journey was defining when she started training for a triathlon which led to her shedding those few extra pounds.

11. Ariel Winter

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Ariel Winter had been struggling to lose weight for a while. She was struggling with depression, and even though she was going to the gym, she did not see results because of her medications. However, she decided to find a medication that suited her better to be mentally and physically more fit.

Once she changed her medicines, she came to the red carpet with a bang, as she had lost weight. Everyone was shocked, and Winter admitted she had never felt better about herself. She changed her medications because of other reasons but being able to lose weight was a bonus.

12. Teddie Mellencamp

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Mellencamp struggled with her weight for a long time. She had a stressful job because of which she gained more than eighty pounds. However, after she had a baby, it became an even more difficult challenge to lose weight.

She did not give up and persisted even though she was not seeing results for a long time. Of course, her luck changed, and all her hard work paid off. She has lost all her weight, and she now looks more stunning than ever. If you also struggle with weight loss, then don’t give up. Your time will also come.

13. Jordin Sparks


Jordin Sparks went through a significant transformation after her American Idol debut. She confessed that she used to over-eat and always ate more than what her body required because she loved the way food tasted. However, ever since then, she consciously worked on her eating habits.

Jordin started exercising, eating clean, and most importantly, she stopped eating as soon as she was close to being full. She still follows these rules to maintain her weight and look the best. She lost more than fifty pounds during this journey, and it provides us a lesson that we should always eat in moderation.

14. Chris Pratt


Did you know that at one time, Chris Pratt used to weigh more than three-hundred pounds? Yes, you heard that right. He did not always look like he had the perfect body because he didn’t. However, not many people are familiar with this.

Of course, ever since then, he has lost considerable weight. He followed the Danial Fast, worked with his trainer, and also took help from his nutritionist. He followed whatever they said and tried to incorporate his own ideas to lose weight. Now, he looks like a superhero figure, and after seeing him, one can’t tell that he used to be obese.

15. Randy Jackson

best celebrity weight loss transformations: randy jackson

Randy Jackson had always been on the obese spectrum. However, he had enough of it, and he wanted to take control of his life. In an attempt to achieve this aim, he got gastric bypass surgery two decades ago. While the surgery helped him lose some weight, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Jackson started listening to his body and understanding his hunger patterns so he could eat more mindfully. Besides that, he began creating healthy recipes for his favorite foods to enjoy his most beloved meals. Lastly, he invested in a treadmill and started running every day, which eventually led to losing all that weight.

16. Shonda Rhimes

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Losing 150 pounds is not easy, but Shonda Rhimes made it look like a breeze. However, this realization did not come easy to her. Rhime’s health and stamina were being affected because of her weight. She could not walk for long or go up a flight of stairs without breaking out in sweats.

That is when Rhimes realized that a change in her lifestyle needs to be made. After that, she started her journey and adopted a healthy lifestyle. She is much more happy and healthy now because she listened to her body and provided it the treatment it deserved since the beginning.

17. John Goodman

best celebrity weight loss transformations: john goodman

Did you know that there was a time when John Goodman weighed four hundred pounds? Yes, he was that obese. He did not realize how obese he had gotten, but Goodman decided it was time for a drastic change when he did. The first step in his journey was to get rid of alcohol.

After that, Goodman hired a trainer, started eating clean, and made many other drastic changes to his lifestyle. He has lost more than a hundred pounds and has kept it off since then. Goodman’s story makes us realize that all we need is to make up our minds, take action, and the results will follow.

18. Jimmy Kimmel

best celebrity weight loss transformations: jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel was not always slim and fit. During the beginning of his career, he weighed more than 200 pounds, but now he is down to 180 pounds. All of this happened because Kimmel was the first to jump on the intermittent fasting bandwagon before it became a trend.

Kimmel followed the method where he would eat less than five hundred calories for two days of the week. Doing this helped him shed all his extra pounds, and he still does this to maintain his weight. So, if you are looking for an effective way to lose weight, try intermittent fasting.

19. Snooki


Snooki carried baby weight after she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She dropped more than forty pounds after giving birth, and her transformation is jaw-dropping. Snooki said she made changes for herself and worked on her body because she wanted to feel good.

Experiencing this change was not easy. Snooki had to make many changes to her lifestyle. She started working out four times a week, and she switched to healthy eating. You can see this remarkable change in her body as she looks more stunning than ever. The reality TV star leaves no opportunity to show off her post-weight-loss body.

20. Miranda Lambert

best celebrity weight loss transformations: miranda lambert

Miranda Lambert already had a good body, but it became even better when she lost twenty pounds a few years ago. Her transformation was visible when she walked the red carpet and vowed everyone. However, it took her some time to learn what works for her body.

Lambert stated that she did not follow any fad diets to lose weight. Instead, she made the switch to a healthy lifestyle. For example, she started consuming more vegetables and fruits while giving up on carbs. Besides that, she also included more movement in her life, which led to her quickly shedding all the extra weight.

21. Kirstie Alley

best celebrity weight loss transformations: kirstie alley

Kirstie Alley’s journey was never linear. Her weight kept going up and down, and she struggled with it for a long time. Ten years ago, she lost more than a hundred pounds. However, after a short while, she gained some of those pounds back.

After this gain, she worked even harder and lost fifty more pounds. The transformation was not easy, but she made small changes to her lifestyle. For example, she started cycling around town, counted calories, gave up fats and sugar, and focused on portion control. If you are struggling, you can also try these tips to lose weight.

22. Janet Jackson

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After a month Janet Jackson gave birth to her baby, she started an intense workout training program. She started working out four times a week, and her workout stretched from forty-five minutes to an hour. During this time, her trainer ensured that she went through rigorous training to lose all baby weight.

In a few months, Jackson lost more than seventy pounds. All of this was possible because she did intense weight training. Besides that, she also ate clean and adopted a healthier lifestyle. Of course, dancing on stage for hours was also a significant catalyst in helping her shed weight.

23. Kelly Osbourne

https://www.usmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/1398936506_kelly-osbourne-zoom.jpg?w=800&quality=86&strip=all Kelly Osbourne struggled with two main things in her life: drug addiction and obesity. According to her, the public gave her a hard time when it came to her weight more than her drug addiction. After she came out of rehab, she decided to make changes, and she ended up losing more than forty pounds.

Osbourne started exercising regularly and also controlled her portions. She always struggled with self-esteem and did not like what she saw in the mirror. Once Osbourne lost weight, she was finally at peace with her body and started liking what she saw in the mirror.

24. Jessica Simpson

best celebrity weight loss transformations: jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson was recently pregnant, and she lost over a hundred pounds just months after she gave birth to her baby. Many wonder how she lost all that weight quickly, but Simpson didn’t keep her weight loss tips a secret. Simpson’s trainer gave her a daily checklist of five things that she had to focus on.

These five things include: eating three meals and two snacks, getting in twelve thousand steps, working out three or four days a week, and getting at least seven hours of sleep. These five things daily helped Simpson lose weight fast, and maybe it can help you too.

25. Carrie Underwood

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Carrie Underwood did not work out to lose weight. She started doing it because it makes her feel better and lifts her mood on low days. After giving birth to her second baby, she noticed that she could not do as much in the gym as before. However, instead of pushing harder, she appreciated her body for all it could do even after giving birth.

Since then, she has made working out a regular part of her routine and follows a vegan diet. All of this doesn’t just affect her body, but her mind as well, which is why she is consistent with it.

26. Simon Cowell

best celebrity weight loss transformations: simon cowell

Simon Cowell had a significant realization four years ago when he fainted and fell from the stairs. That was the moment he realized he had to change his lifestyle and become more healthy. He was struggling with low blood pressure at the time and decided to make changes to his diet.

Cowell cut out things like dairy, sugar, meat, wheat, and much more. All these eliminations helped him feel much better and also led to weight loss. He did this to feel better mentally and physically, and losing weight was a bonus that came with these changes.

27. Missy Elliott

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Ten years ago, Missy Elliott revealed that she struggles with an autoimmune disease that affects her thyroid. It causes her to gain weight, and it is a struggle to lose weight because of the disease. For the past three years, Missy has adopted a different lifestyle that helps her manage this disease better and has led to weight loss.

Missy has cut out many things from her diet, such as sodas, bread, juices, and much more. She only drinks water now, even though she has never done that before. Of course, her hard work paid off as she has lost considerable weight.

28. Drew Barrymore

best celebrity weight loss transformations: drew barrymore

Did you know that Drew Barrymore lost almost thirty pounds in three months? Yes, that is how fast she shed all those extra pounds. However, it didn’t happen magically. Barrymore had to put a lot of effort and persevere through challenges to lose so much weight.

Barrymore started exercising, dieting, and had a rigorous routine that helped her with weight loss. Now she looks stunning and better than ever. All it took was dedication, hard work, and patience to see the results she needed. That is a lesson you can learn if you are also on the weight loss journey.

29. Action Bronson


If there were an award for celebrities losing the most weight, it would go to Action Bronson. He lost almost 130 pounds in a matter of nine months. He lost all this weight during the pandemic as he decided to use that time to focus on himself and his health. All his hard work paid off.

By the end of 2020, Bronson had lost almost 130 pounds, and he looks his best. His story tells us that even a pandemic is no excuse to let go of your physical and mental health. Instead, such times are ones where a focus on these things is needed more than ever.

30. Al Roker

best celebrity weight loss transformations: al roker

Al Roker used to weigh almost 350 pounds at one time. Due to such immense weight, he decided to first go through a weight loss procedure and then follow a healthy diet and exercise. After his weight-loss surgery, Al lost almost 150 pounds. However, he decided to make changes to his lifestyle to maintain that weight.

Now, Al Roker combines exercise and a healthy diet to lose more weight and maintain it for a long time. He follows a diet that is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates for the most effective results.

32. Ross Matthews


Ross Matthews vowed the world with his weight loss just four months ago. Everyone was shocked to see this transformation, and they loved the way Matthews looked after this change. His mother passed away early last year, and that provided him with a moment of clarity. Matthews decided he would take his health into his own hands.

After that, Matthews made strict changes to his lifestyle and started his journey of weight loss. He feels much better, confident, and loves the way his body looks. However, he is most grateful for becoming more healthy after letting his body go for years.

33. Carnie Wilson

best celebrity weight loss transformations: carnie wilson

Carnie Wilson did not use natural means to lose weight. She used to fall on the obese spectrum, and so she decided to have surgeries to lose all the extra pounds. First, she had gastric bypass surgery 21 years ago. After that, she had another procedure done known as lap-band surgery nine years ago.

After both these surgeries, Wilson has lost more than 150 pounds. However, she now follows a healthy lifestyle to maintain that weight because she does not want to regain it. Wilson’s transformation may not be natural, but it is worthy of applaud.

34. Adrienne Bailon


If you have seen Cheetah Girls, you are familiar with who Adrienne Bailon is, and ever since then, she has lost significant weight. She started her health journey a while back, and even amid the pandemic, she persevered. Bailon is committed to self-discipline and wants to cultivate more of that in her life to reach her goals.

Instead of following trendy diets, Bailon has committed herself to cultivate healthy habits in her life. She works out, eats clean, reads, takes rest when she needs to, and does whatever her body requires her to. All this has led to her losing more than twenty pounds.

35. Drew Carey

best celebrity weight loss transformations: drew carey

Drew Carry suffers from diabetes. That is why he had to make lifestyle changes to control his diabetes and lose weight. The most important thing he gave up for his health was drinking alcohol. Carry has cut his alcohol intake and drinks occasionally now.

Carry also made other significant changes such as cutting down on carbohydrates, working out for at least forty-five minutes and eating clean. All these changes have led Carry to lose more than a hundred pounds. He has also done a great job of maintaining his weight loss for the past 11 years.

36. Katie Maloney


Katie Maloney showed off her weight loss last year when she starred in the Season 8 reunion of Vanderpump Rules. She shared her journey with her social media followers and emphasized checking up on health. At first, Katie thought that she was unable to lose weight because of thyroid problems.

However, later Maloney discovered it was because her glucose levels were higher than usual. After that, she made relevant changes and lost more than twenty pounds. Her journey is a lesson that you should always keep a check on your health. It will allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle and make better decisions.

37. Shannon Beador

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Not everyone loses weight because they want to be healthy. Some people also lose weight when they are in pain. That is what happened with Shannon Beador. She went through a divorce two years ago, which led her to lose considerable weight.

Even though Shannon started to lose weight because of her circumstances, she then decided to take matters into her own hands. Now, she works out regularly and eats healthy meals. After her divorce, she realized that it is essential to do inner work. Since then, she has been working on her mind and body, and she has never looked better.

38. Gabourey Sidibe

best celebrity weight loss transformations: gabrielle sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe had tried to lose weight for years, but she failed because of her diabetes. After a lot of challenges, she decided to go for bariatric surgery. During this time, Sidibe realized that even getting surgery was not an easy path towards weight loss. She got it done anyway but made sure she also changed her lifestyle.

Sidibe started eating healthy, and she has made exercise a part of her routine now. She follows a diet that helps her manage her diabetes not to gain any more weight. According to Sidibe, if she didn’t go for the surgery, she would not have lost much weight.

39. Briana Culberson

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Briana Culberson did not go on her weight loss journey. Her husband also took this journey, and both of them lost weight together. They have lost a combined weight of almost 110 pounds. The secret to this? They started doing keto.

Briana and her husband started keto, not knowing that it would work out so well for them. Since then, they swear by this diet, and they follow it religiously. They also encourage others to follow this diet so that their body can function optimally. If you want to learn more about their journey and keto, you should check out their social media platforms.

40. Jorge Nava


Jorge Nava went through a weight loss of more than 120 pounds. The most exciting part is that he lost this weight while he was in prison. If he can lose weight while serving time, what excuse do you have for not going to the gym today?

Nava’s transformation is an inspiration that there is no excuse for taking off from the gym. You will only get results when you work hard on your body and dedicate yourself to getting healthier. His transformation is so stunning that his ex-wife also felt a tinge of jealousy because of the immense attention he was getting from the public.

41. Daphne Oz

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Daphne Oz has four children. She gave birth to her fourth baby four years ago, and that is when she was going through postpartum. However, one thing that helped her during that time was working out. Oz loved how working out felt, and it eventually got her through a tough time.

Oz also lost all her baby weight and has shared her postpartum workouts with her followers on social media. If you’re also going through something similar, then don’t give up. Consistency and hard work will always pay off, even if it takes longer.

42. Jennifer Hudson

best celebrity weight loss transformations: jennifer hudson

Jennifer Hudson is an actor, singer, and ex-contestant on the American Idol. She lost more than eight pounds after her days on American Idol, and she has maintained the weight ever since. Controlling portions has played a significant role in her weight loss journey.

Hudson is incredibly mindful of what she puts inside her body. That is why you will always see her eating the healthiest foods and making sure she does not eat more than her body requires. Besides that, Hudson hits the gym a few times a week to tone her body and look her best.

43. Lauren Alaina

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Do you want to know Lauren Alaina’s secret to weight loss? It was dancing. She was on Dancing with the Stars, and she danced all her weight away in no time. Before this, she had also appeared on the American Idol. Alaina was one of the leading stars on the show, and she was also the one to lose the most weight.

Alaina lost more than twenty-five pounds all because of dancing, and you can too. If you love dancing, then wear your dancing shoes and dance all your weight away. You will thank Alaina and us later.

44. June Shannon

best celebrity weight loss transformations: mama june

If you have seen Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, you recognize Mama June. She got gastric sleeve surgery and lost more than three hundred pounds. Yes, you read that right. The surgery led her to lose considerable weight.

However, ever since then, Mama June also works out and controls her portions to maintain the weight that she has lost. Weight loss was difficult for her because she was incredibly obese, but the surgery gave her a chance to realize her skinny dreams.

Everyone that saw Mama June after her transformation was shocked, and you would be too. Weight loss never looked so good on anybody.

45. Art Smith


Art Smith lost more than seventy pounds in less than three months. Yes, that is entirely possible if you work hard and are dedicated. Smith lost this weight during the pandemic while being in quarantine. His athlete and trainer friend took him on this journey and made sure that Smith never strayed.

Smith’s friend was his mentor and helped him persevere through the pandemic. His journey gives us a lesson about the company we keep. If you have people that support you and want you to do your best, you will end up making the best changes in your life.

46. Marie Osmond

best celebrity weight loss transformations: marie osmond

Marie Osmond had a taste of the famous life from an early age. However, it wasn’t right for her at the time because her self-esteem had hit an all-time low at such an early age. Osmond struggled with bulimia and tried lots of trendy diets to lose weight but to no avail.

One day Osmond decided her unhealthy habits were enough, and she would take the healthy path to lose weight. Her savior was dancing as she starred in Dancing with the Stars. During this time, she worked on her mental and physical health and ended up shedding all those extra pounds.

47. Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson gained significant weight after she gave birth to her third child two years ago. Since then, she has used the WW program to focus on her health and get back in shape. She eats what she likes, but she does it all mindfully.

Hudson does not follow any trends or weight loss myths. She tries everything and understands what works for her best. On this journey, she has learned a lot about food and how it affects her. It is a lesson that you should always do what works best for you instead of following the crowd.

48. Mo’Nique

best celebrity weight loss transformations: monique

Mo’Nique recently revealed that she has worked incredibly hard to lose weight. It is the first time in her adult life that her weight has been below two hundred pounds, and she couldn’t be happier about it. She has made immense lifestyle changes and worked hard to lose all this weight.

Mo’Nique used dance as a way to lose weight. Besides this, she has switched to raw foods and follows a healthy diet so that her body can get all the nutrients it needs. She has never felt better, and she wants to help other people on this journey too.

49. Sherri Shepherd

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Keto has worked for many celebrities over the years. Sherri Shepherd went on keto two years ago, and she lost thirty pounds in a few months. Besides that, she also eats healthy and takes Zumba. All of this has combined her to lose even more weight in recent times.

Shepherd has become more active because of her weight loss, as it allows her to be more energetic. However, her son has played an important role too. He is also full of energy, and Shepherd has to keep up with him. Thanks to all this, she has seen significant weight loss over the years.

50. Ricki Lake

best celebrity weight loss transformations: ricki lake

Thanks to a significant lifestyle change, Ricki Lake has lost almost 150 pounds, and she has kept this weight off for more than ten years now. If that is now a fantastic achievement, we don’t know what is. Her secret to weight loss is controlling her portions.

Lake is incredibly mindful of what she eats. Even if she has a cheat day or cheat meal, she makes sure she does not do it the next day and eats what is required. Due to this self-discipline, she has lost significant weight, and she looks incredible.

51. Roseanne Barr

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Roseanne Barr is someone who has always been vocal about her weight. She wanted to lose fast, and so she went through a gastric bypass procedure two decades ago. Because of this procedure, she lost more than eighty pounds. However, the surgery only gave her a push to do better.

After Barr’s surgery, she has been using other means to lose weight. She regularly exercises and tries to eat right, which has led to significant weight loss as well since the surgery. Her transformation wowed everyone, and she looks her best right now.

52. Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes Celebrities’ Weight Loss and Transformations: Before and After Pictures

As you can see, Busta Rhymes went through a phenomenal transformation. The weight loss was revealed just a few months ago, and it shocked all his fans. He took this journey during the pandemic, and he only came out physically and mentally stronger from this.

Busta Rhymes told his fans that he is there to inspire them and push them further to reach all their goals. If you want to learn about dedication, commitment, and focus, there is no better way to learn about it than Busta Rhymes’s weight loss transformation.

53. Andy Cohen

best celebrity weight loss transformations: andy cohen

Andy Cohen lost more than twelve pounds in just three months. The secret to his weight loss? He made healthier changes to his eating habits, and he stopped consuming alcohol. If you think alcohol consumption is causing you to gain weight, you should also quit and see how easily you start losing weight.

Cohen had this realization when he became a father. He decided it was time to make some changes to his life, and he did. Now, he looks better than ever, and Cohen says he feels his best too. His journey shows us that small changes can have a significant impact.

54. Lena Dunham

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Not everyone loses weight to look thinner and slimmer. Some lose weight unknowingly because of health issues they have. Lena Dunham falls in the latter category. However, when everyone saw that she looked thinner at an event last year, they started questioning how she lost all that weight.

Dunham was going through a few health issues at the time, and those issues caused her to lose weight. She did not follow any diets or started training rigorously. People made a big deal about it and kept asking what she did. So, the secret to weight loss is not always a healthy routine.

55. Ryan Lochte


Many scandals followed Lochte after he took part in the 2016 games that took place in Rio. The scandals caused him to pause his career and work on himself. After three years, he told his fans that he had lost more than twenty pounds in just two months.

Lochte also announced he is getting ready for the Olympics and he will win. He is working on himself and prepared to come back in the games. Lochte told his fans that he was following a rigorous diet and working out intensely to be in the best shape for the Olympics.

56. Melissa Joan Hart

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Melissa Joan Hart gained weight after giving birth. However, she worked on it and lost more than seventy-five pounds post-pregnancy. Hart told her fans that her inspiration behind weight loss was her sister-in-law. She taught Hart that the way look good was to feel good about yourself.

When one starts working on themselves, they get compliments, which only drives them to do more. However, Hart was motivated to work out and work on her body because of the social aspect. She loves to socialize and chit-chat while working out or running, which keeps her motivated to work harder.

57. Rosie O’Donnell

best celebrity weight loss transformations: rosie o'donnell

Rosie O’Donnell had her moment of realization when she suffered a heart attack nine years ago. After that, she realized it was time to make changes to her life to lead a healthier life. She started following various diets to lose weight, but none of them worked.

O’Donnell was incredibly demotivated by this time, and so she decided to opt for gastric bypass surgery. After her surgery, she lost more than seventy pounds. Since then, O’Donnell has maintained her weight by leading a healthy lifestyle. She eats clean now and tries to include more movement in her life.

58. Joe Giudice


After spending three years in prison for the crime of fraud, nobody could recognize Joe Giudice. He came out looking better than ever as he had lost more than seventy pounds during his time in prison. Joe’s daughter shared his picture on her social media, and everyone was shocked.

Joe did not only lose weight, but he also gained a lot of muscle mass. He now looks ripped and healthy and better than ever before. Many of his fans did not even recognize him at first because both his body and face had gone through an intense transformation.

59. Sarah Rue

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Sarah Rue always struggled to lose weight by herself. She does not know anything about working out, and she seeks the support of other programs and people to help her lose weight. That is why Rue started Jenny Craig. Of course, as you can see, it has worked out for her pretty well.

Rue does whatever the program tells her to and follows a clean diet. If you also struggle to lose weight and be disciplined, you can also sign up for a weight loss program that can help you lose significant weight. After all, sometimes we all need discipline.

60. Jenna Jameson


Jenna Jameson lost more than eighty pounds. The secret to her weight loss? She started following the low-carb and high-protein diet. However, she went even further and combined intermittent fasting in her diet. Jameson was dedicated, and she tracked her progress the entire time to be accountable for herself.

Jameson announced her weight loss on Instagram, and her fans were shocked after looking at the amount of weight she lost. She also shared her eating menu so that other people could also follow her diet and lose weight. Jameson also encouraged her fans that all the hard work is worth it in the end.