60 Celebrities Who Got Married In Unforgettable Wedding Dresses


One of the most interesting news that you get to know about celebrities revolves around their wedding. There is so much buzz, people are trying to guess what the bride will wear, and all the many details about the wedding day. Many times, people are looking for inspiration for their own weddings through these celebrity ones.

For you, we have compiled a list of 60 of the most exquisite brides that you will ever see! They’re all popular celebrities that have impeccable taste when it comes to wedding dresses. So, stay tuned to get to know all the details about them!

Nicole Richie In Her Beautiful Lacy Dress

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Nicole Richie has great taste in fashion, no doubt. She left everyone stunned at her wedding with Joel Madden. As she walked down the aisle, she had a beautiful tulle dress situation going on. She looks happy and beautiful in these pictures.

The best thing about her dress was that it could easily be customized for her dance with her husband! The tulle came off and left her with a lacy beautiful dress that everyone loved.

Paired with minimal jewelry and heavy makeup, Richie looked like a complete fashion icon even on her wedding day! Don’t you agree? We sure think so!

Ciara Looks Beautiful In Her Vintage Dress

If you are looking for the perfect vintage yet chic dress, then Ciara’s wedding dress is perfect. You will find lace, bell sleeves, and a whole lot of things flowing in her dress. When paired with her beautiful looks, the dress looks divine.

She confidently walked down the aisle wearing this beautiful Roberto Cavalli Couture dress. It filled the room with elegance, and surely her husband Russel couldn’t take his eyes off her! But we understand why! Just look at this beauty. Who wouldn’t be able to help but stare at her in awe wearing this beautiful white wedding dress.

Margot Robbie Added Just The Right Amount Of Fluff

We all know how much Margot Robbie wanted to keep her wedding and private life a secret. But, unfortunately, being a celebrity has its downsides. We got to see this beauty and her amazing wedding dress that has all the right things going on. If you’re one who likes extra fluff and flow, then take inspirations from here!

Just look at her face full of energy and excitement on her wedding day. To be honest, if we got a chance to wear that dress, we would also be dancing around in excitement. The off-shoulder white perfection couldn’t have looked better on her!

Lara Stones Thigh-Split Dress Is To Die For

Talk about timeless classic dresses. Lara Stones might have had more than one dress at her wedding, but we surely know that this one takes the cake. Its simplicity and elegance have wooed us over and we are loving this entire look.

This Dutch fashion model knows how to work her wedding dress like a pro. With minimal jewelry and makeup, she brings all the focus to her unique and beautiful dress. We are surely living for this look! There’s a lot going on in the dress if you look closely. No wonder she chose to go easy on the bling!

Britney Spears And All Her Glory

Britney Spears is one of those names that you hear and different things pop up in your head. From her early life as a singer to her mental breakdown, there’s so much that goes on in her life! One of the greatest moments for her was perhaps her wedding to one of her back dancers.

She wore a classic white off-shoulder dress that made her look as beautiful as ever. The entire look was paired with some lacey accessories and a beautiful tiara for her veil. As you can see, she looked happy and we all were quite happy for her till it lasted.

Nicole Polizzi Is An Elegant View

Nicole Polizzi, more commonly known as Snooki, might have some controversial talks about her because of her show Jersey Shore. But no one can deny how beautiful she looked on her wedding day. Like anyone else, she was pretty anxious and had to calm herself down. But nonetheless, she exuded elegance and beauty.

Just look at this beautiful dress and the veil. We fell in love with this look and the white flowers make it even better. All of the details on her dress are immaculate- something that everyone wants for their wedding. You have to agree, she looks stunning!

Gabrielle Union In A Classic White Dress

If the first one doesn’t work, there’s always a second try. Gabrielle Union looks like a beautiful and majestic woman on her wedding day with Dwayne Wade. They both were married before, but it didn’t work out. Instead, the two found their way towards each other.

Just look at how beautiful and happy they look! Gabrielle is a vision of beauty and class in her wedding dress. It shows the right amount of skin and fits her body like a dream. We’re all amazed at how stunning her dress is and surely, how stunning she looks! We’re sure you are as well!

We’re Head-Over-Heels In love With Kate Middleton’s Dress

Has Kate Middleton ever disappointed us with any of her fashion choices? Never. People look forward to seeing what Kate’s going to wear and go around donning the same look. She was a vision of beauty on her wedding day and we cannot deny it. We think it has something to do with royalty. But is that all?

Kate’s lacey dress and elegant dress was much awaited for by an audience of almost two million people! She carried herself gracefully even with the long tail. But we are assuming a lot of practice went in that. Nonetheless, she gave off a modest yet exquisite on her wedding day and we will surely always remember it.

Meghan Markle: A Class Of Her Own

Here comes the next and rather recent royalty, Meghan Markle. Everyone was astonished to know that the Suits star was going to be Prince Harry’s wife. The second we saw her in her wedding dress, we knew she was meant for royalty. Even though her dress was classy and minimalistic, she had this regal aura about her.

Her dresses were paired with minimal jewelry. But we’re sure they had a pretty big price tag attached to them. The two looks eluded grace and we all surely took some help from her dresses to create our own fashion statements. Both of her classic white dresses were beautiful and had a class of their own.

Kim Kardashian’s Long-Tail Wedding Dress

Kim Kardashian had two weddings. The first one was a pretty short affair and did not last very long. However, the wedding dress she wore on her big day is still spoken about very frequently. Well, if you look at it, it is nothing short from beautiful. So, we understand why it is such a talked about dress.

The off-shoulder dress with a lot of tulle is surely beautiful. Plus, the veil also makes the entire wedding dress come together. We’re loving the head gear for the wedding and how the jewelry is simple yet chic. You love it as well, don’t you?

The Pink Edition With Jessica Biel

We love Jessica Biel. And the fact that she married out favorite singer Justin Timberlake makes the whole thing ever better. They’re the perfect couple and sure did look like it as well on their wedding. The dress was finalized once she visited Valli, the designer. Her final decision was to go for a pink theme. And we now understand why.

She looked beautiful in her pink dress and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! Who says white is the only thing you can wear on your wedding? Experiments can sometimes work great. Just look at Jessica Biel in her pink dress!

Angelina Jolie’s Creative Veil Dress

We all know that Angelina Jolie is a beautiful person inside and out. Her wedding with Brad Pitt was something that we all looked forward to. And, one of the main things we wanted to know about was her wedding dress. Well, we were not disappointed with what we got to see!

She wore a silky and beautiful flowy dress that was a custom-made Versace dress. One of the best things about her entire dress was her veil! It had all her the drawings of her children on her wedding veil. If that isn’t adorable, then we don’t know what else is.

Kate Upton Looks Like A Dream In Her Dress

Just look at this beauty and how happy she looks. Well, we can surely say that it is partially because she was wearing such a beautiful dress and looked like a dream. Her dress was anything but simple and she carried it so well!

The Valentino dress surely came with a huge price but that’s not something that would bother Kate. What really matters is that she looked amazing as she showed the right amount of skin and had hear blonde locks let down on her shoulders. This full-sleeved gown is perhaps one of the most commonly recreated gowns everywhere.

Chanel Iman In Her Custom Zuhair Murad Dress

Chanel Iman looks like a dream in her custom-made Zuhair Murad dress. We can only imagine what it may have cost. But, if you’re a top model, the price tags don’t really matter much. However, no matter what the cost, we can assure that this piece looks stunning on her.

You wedding day is a very important day and you want to feel your best. We can easily assume that wearing that beautiful dress and with her newly husband, Iman was extremely happy. Her face really shows it! The lace, the details, the veil- we’re living for each and every aspect of this dress.

Whitney Port’s Sweet Short Summer Dress

You do not need to wear a full-length dress to look perfect on your wedding day. You can easily go for a shorter one and look as graceful as ever! Whitney Port sticks this concept with a nail as she perfects her short dress look for her wedding. She looks fantastic, doesn’t she?

The details all over her dress are immaculate and the dress itself looks amazing on her. With her side swept bun and minimal jewelry, we can surely say that she looks at ease as well! No bulky dresses and no heavy makeup are the way to go according to her!

Lauren Conrad Defines Elegance

Just by looking at this picture, the first thing that comes to your mind is how graceful she looks. Her dress is not over the top and is actually the perfect mix of everything that one needs in their wedding dress. What we mean to say is that it looks like the most perfect dress ever!

While many brides choose to go for their hair up, Lauren Conrad let her hair fall on her shoulders and exuded beauty and elegance. Moreover, the bit of green in her flower bouquet makes everything better! It adds just the right amount of color to the overall delicate look.

Serene William’s Graceful White Wedding Dress

Is Serena Williams beautiful or what? Her side-swept bun and her beautiful jewels only add to her entire look and we are living for it! She looks like a royal from what we’re seeing. The dress, the veil, and everything about her look is mesmerizing. We’re loving everything about this look and we’re sure everyone else did too.

But then again, who wouldn’t love this tennis champion’s wedding day look? She could wear anything and still look just as beautiful! This dress is definitely one of our favorites as it has everything that we love. Simplicity, elegance, and beauty! There’s no going wrong with it.

Amal Clooney Donning A Sophisticated Yet Chic Look

Talk about a beauty with class. Amal Clooney knows how to pull off anything that she wears! All of her outfits are exquisite and quickly copied by many people all around the world. Her wedding dress is no exception. It was a beautiful dress that was designed by Oscar De La Renta and D&G. So, we can only imagine what it may have cost!

But, that’s not much of an issue for the highly education woman marrying one of the top Hollywood actors. Either way, she looked beautiful in her ivory off-shoulder dress and is surely brings out all of her best features!

Sassy And Beautiful Equals Sophia Vergara

Everyone loves the Modern Family actress Sophia Vergara. She is funny, sassy, beautiful, and everything that anyone would possibly love! This is why we absolutely loved it when we got to know that she is getting married. And the much awaited reveal was for her wedding dress as well.

She wore a beautiful strapless dress that was packed with intricate details all over. It was a beautiful ivory creation and no one is going to forget her majestic dress anytime soon. With her hair down and flowers in her hand, she made the most beautiful bride we have ever seen!

Nicky Hilton In An Haute Couture Wedding Dress

Here’s another classic and beautiful dress that will make you want it! But here’s the thing, Nick Hilton picked this dress out from Valentino’s haute couture. So, you can only imagine how much it cost! But, no matter what the price, the dress is beautiful in many ways. Just look at the details!

The neckline, the veil, and everything else about this is just phenomenal. No wonder Nicky chose this dress for her wedding. The entire dress exudes elegance and beauty. We are living for all the details on here and the way it is styled on her! Aren’t you?

The Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

We love Renee Zellweger from Bridget Jones diary. Her wedding might have been a disaster but we are in awe of this beautiful dress. It is fit for a beach wedding as there is not much going it. Most wedding dresses entail large tails and excessive flow. But not this one.

Here you have a simple collection of a cream colored strapless dress that features a mid-split. It is the ideal dress if you’re looking for a beach wedding. What’s better is that everything else about her look is also so simple. We’re loving the minimalistic touch on her for sure.

Is There Anything Such As A Black Wedding Dress?

Celebrity Brides Who Wore Groundbreaking Wedding Dress Colors #BigDay

A variety of colors are possible when it comes to wedding dresses. Typically people go for muted tones or perhaps even bright ones like Jessica Biel. But is getting a black dress for your wedding a thing? Well, Shenae Grimes set the record straight.

While there were many controversies when it came to her black-themed wedding, we can all confirm that she looked utterly beautiful in that back gown. Who’s here to tell us what color combination works best? We think black looks pretty great! The best thing about this is that they’re still pretty happy and living as a family!

Miranda Kerr’s Gown Is The Epitome Of Beauty

If you want to look at something perfect, then this image is just for you. Look at this beauty that is Miranda Kerr. We are in awe of what a beautiful human she and also her dress at her wedding. Look at that perfect flow of her dress. Are you drooling? Don’t worry, we are with you!

This dress was a from Dior haute couture, so no doubt, it was bound to look beautiful on her. The veil perfects the look for her. This image is giving us wedding goals. To be wearing a stunning white dress and to be surrounded by pretty flowers!

The Pink And White Ombre Dress For Gwen Stefani

We all know Gwen Stefani has a rather bold way when it comes to the clothes wears. The same went on for her on her wedding day. Rather than sticking to the normal white, she went into a different theme altogether. Her dress had a vibrant pink shade at the bottom of the dress that lightened up into white towards the top.

While there are many cases where Gwen’s clothing is a bit too bold for us, we think that this wedding dress is just perfect. It is beautiful in its own unique way and we’re loving it. It goes with her personality and looks great on her!

Ashley Tisdale Looks Like A Sweet Princess In Her Gown

Perhaps one of the most drama-free people from Disney is Ashley Tisdale. She’s everyone’s favorite because of how she is as a person. Also, let’s not forget her iconic performance in the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. This girl grew up to be a great person and it shows.

Just look at how beautiful she looks in her wedding gown. It is a simple yet elegant gown that makes her look exactly like one of them Disney princesses. Do you agree? Well, there is no denying it because everything about her wedding attire, from her dress to her hair are magical!

Kim Kardashian’s Second Wedding Look

We talked about Kim Kardashians first wedding look earlier and it was all too much. For her second wedding, she didn’t go down either. There is a lot going on in Kim’s wedding dress as she married Kanye. There’s lace, there’s skin, and there’s so much more that we’re having a difficult time keeping track.

But, the funny thing is that the entire look is pretty great! There’s no denying that. Well, she ought to look great given that her dress was designed by Vera Wang. All those intricate details stand out but also look equally beautiful. She also carried herself pretty well.

Gisele Bundchen Is A Bundle Of Elegance

Gisele Bundchen is a fashion icon for people from all over the world. Her career as a model as lured people towards her much more! Plus the marriage with Tom Brady is just the icing on the cake. We all love her and adore the couple. Look at how beautiful they look together on their wedding.

The long-tailed, strapless dress was a hit and everyone swooned as they saw Bundchen walk down the aisle. While we weren’t there physically, we’re still pretty amazed at how beautiful she looked with all those details. The flowers and the veil added the perfect touch to the entire wedding dress.

Victoria Beckham’s Flowy Wedding Gown

Well, if it isn’t out favorite couple, Victoria and David Beckham. These two are envied by people from every corner of the world. Why? Well, just look at them! They’re still as happy as ever and that’s something we all aspire to be.

Victoria Beckham’s wedding dress was phenomena. The silk dress was perhaps one of the most iconic dresses of all time. Mostly because it was Victoria Beckham who was wearing it! Their entire wedding ceremony was covered pretty much like a royal one. Well, we can understand why. Both of them are pretty royal to us too! Don’t you agree?

Heidi Montag’s Beautifully Belted Dress

If you’ve forgotten about this actress, then we don’t doubt it. She has been out of the radar since a while now and is mainly known for her appearance on The Hills. Nonetheless, we can agree that she looked like a dream on her wedding day.

Just look at that bedazzled belt that we are all staring at. If it isn’t perfect then we don’t know what else is. Her entire wedding dress was pretty much a classic when you take a close look at it. She paired it up with some chunky jewels on the arms and surely looked amazing!

Christina Aguilera Wins The Extra Ruffle Dress Award

Christina Aguilera's wedding dress: Spanish-style Christian Lacroix gown,  with an elaborate … | Celebrity wedding gowns, Celebrity bride, Celebrity wedding  dresses

If there was an award for excessive ruffles on a dress, then Christina Aguilera would surely win it. Just look at all those layers! We are amazed as to how she might be walking around in that. While we feel for her, we also know that her dressing choices can be a big confusing.

Even though the dress looks beautiful, we can only image how she must have carried herself through the entire event. Given that the dress is entirely fitted. So, there’s little room to walk anyway! On top of that, there are so many ruffles that we are just confused!

Talk About Timeless Beauty Eva Longoria

We adore all these beautiful couples that we have seen here. Eva Longoria is one of our favorites so please bear with us if we go overboard in praising her. Just look at this picture and you can clearly understand why we are so in love with her! She is effortlessly classy and elegant at the same time. Don’t you agree?

Her classic ivory dress with a sweetheart neckline is the most perfect thing we’ve seen. Paired with the most delicate necklaces and her hair down, her entire wedding look was one of a kind. We can’t stop looking at her!

Modesty Is Key For Allision Williams

While many celebrities try to bare it all and go all out there for there wedding, Allison Williams isn’t on the same page. Instead, for her wedding, she chose to go for a rather modest gown that looked beautiful and wasn’t revealing at all! It surely does look amazing, doesn’t it?

While this dress is the epitome of modesty, it was designed by Oscar De Le Renta. Now we understand how it was so beautiful! While the marriage didn’t last, this dress is surely talked about given the many positive reviews it got form the audience. Would you choose something modest for your wedding?

The Two-Part Wedding Dress For Ashley Simpson

Ashely Simpson is always going to be our favorite. Her wedding was pretty lowkey and beautiful if you ask us. So what if it was the second time around? She looked beautiful and carried herself with great elegance. Also, can we talk about her beautiful dress? We are mesmerized by it!

The two-piece wedding dress was different than what people usually go for on their wedding day. There was a bare midriff and a lot of use of lace. No wonder we fell in love with it the second we saw the pictures. We’re sure you did too! Aren’t we right?

Arlenis Sosa’s Dress Hugs At All The Right Places

If you want a dress to hug you in all the right places, then you should take inspiration from Arlenis Sosa. Her wedding dress is one of the most sleek and beautiful designs we have ever seen. There’s nothing too out there going on here and perhaps that’s what making us love this dress even more.

There lace on the body of the dress but the lower half looks as if it is just a plain white fitted skirt. Whatever it may be, it looks pretty great and caught our eyes the second we saw it. Would you wear something like this?

Jamie Lynn Spears Classic White

If it isn’t the sensational singer Britney Spears’ sister Jamie. You can see some resemblance between the two. Did you know that she was also a singer? Perhaps she didn’t have a career as long-lasting as Britney, but she sure was successful in her own way.

On her wedding day, she wore this beautiful classic white dress and paired it with drop earring that went perfectly with the dress. The pastel bouquet and her daughter by her side make the perfect addition to the entire look of hers. Also, can we agree that her hair is done beautifully and we all want to know who styled them.

Jamie Chung Went With A Mid-Split

Jamie Chung tied the know with Bryan Greenberg on a Halloween night. What a fun day to do your wedding on. Jamie went on to wear two different dresses for her wedding. The one in the picture was designed and perfected by Monique Lhuillier and it looks beautiful.

The simplicity and beauty of this dress is beyond any description. Just look at it and you will understand why. She kept things pretty simple for her wedding look and went for a mid-split dress. This makes it pretty comfortable to walk in as well! Doesn’t it? Moreover, the plunging V-neckline and the lacy sleeves make the look a bit more exciting!

The Basic Lacey And Flowy Dress Of Anna Camp

Anna Camp looks so happy here! If only their relationship lasted for longer. But that doesn’t mean we cannot appreciate how stunning she looked on her wedding day. There is something about the classic white dress wedding looks that we love with all our hearts. Just look at that beauty donning an equally beautiful dress!

There’s so much beauty in simplicity and we cannot help but be in awe of how wonderful and happy Anna looks in this stunning wedding dress. With her short hair tucked behind her ears, the veil placed perfectly on top, and the bouquet in her hands, she certainly looks like a timeless beauty!

The Beautiful Salma Hayek And Her Beautiful Dress

Salma Hayek is perhaps one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood with her net-worth being in billions. Yes, you read that right. So, there’s no denying that she would get the best of the best for her wedding day. And, she did just so. Look at the beautiful dress she is wearing. We can already tell how expensive it must have been.

The dress, the earrings, and everything else falls perfectly in line with dignified beauty and elegance. She looked so beautiful on her wedding day as she was donning her elegant dress gracefully throughout. Do you not agree?

If There’s Anything That’s Delicate Then It’s Shanina’s Dress

There’s another one that we’ve come to love and that is Shanina’s wedding dress. This model thought that she should wear something that truly defines her and went with a delicate Ralph & Russo dress for her wedding. We can all see how delicate it must be just by the looks of it.

It is one of the very few dresses that we have seen that are a bit more on the sheer side, especially for a wedding. But, can we agree that Shanina rocked the entire look? Look at her donning this beautiful piece so effortlessly with the perfect bouquet in her hands.

Khloe Kardashian’s Mermaid Dress

There’s another Kardashian that got married and that’s Khloe. She went on the wear a pretty mermaid dress on her wedding that fit all the curves she had. This was before her transformation and we think she looks great nonetheless. Even though these dresses pretty difficult to walk around in, we can agree that Khloe must have had ample of experience wearing such dresses.

The highlight of this dress was the tulle at the bottom and the grey belt on the waist. Was it too much? Perhaps it was, but when you look at the whole dress, it surprisingly fits perfectly well.

Audrina Patridge Is An Icon Of Beauty In Her Dress

We all are loving this beautiful dress for Audrina Patridge. While there’s less of lace, there is still a lot going on in this white strapless dress and we are rooting for every feature of it. Why? Because the entire dress looks so good! How can you disagree to this?

Even if the relationship did not turn out to be the best thing, the wedding proved to be a major hit. One of the key things that made it all amazing was this beautiful ivory dress that Audrina wore on her big day. The beauty let her hair down and went with minimal makeup to give her dress some justice.

Kaley Cuoco’s Wedding Dress Screams Elegance And Beauty

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is adored by people left, right, and center. So, there was no surprise that we were all so interested in knowing all the details about her wedding. One of the greatest things we got to witness we her beautiful lacy dress. We are beyond overwhelmed by this beauty. Just look at all the details, and you’ll be on the same page.

The dress and the cape were phenomenal and made Kaley look like a regal queen. Everything about her wedding was mesmerizing including her dress. Look at all those fine details that went into this dress by the designer Reem Acra.

Amy Schumer Donning A Classic Strappy White Dress

Nothing beats the classic white dresses and you have to agree to this. Look at how happy and comfortable Amy Schumer looks in her strappy white dress. It looks beautiful yet elegant and we’re all about loving the simple life. Just kidding, we love extravagant dresses too. But, this one surely has taken out hearts.

Look at the minute details on the dress. You can easily miss the pattern if you do not look carefully. The dress proves to be the best fit or Amy Schumer as it makes her look like a princess especially with that braided hairdo, isn’t that right?

Princess Eugenie Surely Knows How To Make A Statement

Royals have a way to go about it when it comes to making a statement on their wedding day. We have already taken a look at a few of them here. Let’s take a look at another one of them. Princess Eugenie clearly looks like a dream in her white V-neck dress. It has all the right features to give her body the right kind of allure.

With the subtle jewels on the ears and the massive tiara on the head, we can conclude that she looks like a charm in these photos. The dress is not like the usual you would see, and you can surely take a lot of inspiration from it!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Dress Speaks It All

Gwyneth Paltrow is known to have her ups and downs when it come to her dating life. She had a long relationship with her ex husband Chris Martin. Now, she is happily married to Brad Falchuk. The picture clearly shows their excitement for their new journey ahead.

Paltrow looks beautiful in her cap-sleeved dress. Her hair is perfectly falling on her shoulder in a natural way and her dress is just the right amount of sheer. The overall look is quite a stunning one and we’re living for it. Also, the entire green background for the wedding makes it look so much better!

Solange Knowles Minimalistic And Modest Dress

Solange Knowles is known for her minimalistic ways and it shows in her wedding as well. She was donning a beautiful and simple white dress on her wedding without excessive details on. There was no lave and other things. It was simple yet elegant and we love it.

The dress had a cape like appearance with a relatively small trail. But this is what makes it stand out. It is beautiful and stunning all at the same time. We hoped the marriage would last for a long time, but we were wrong as the couple recently split. However, we still can’t get this duo out of our minds.

This Strapless Classic Was Meant For Kate Bosworth

If you’re a sucker for the basic things, then you should get yourself a basic white strapless dress that everyone loves to wear. It is the ideal choice if you’re not looking for something extravagant. That is exactly the kind of look that Kate Bosworth went with. There’s simplicity in her wedding dress and we’re swooning all over it.

Not only does she look beautiful, but we also think that she made the ideal choice for her dress. It looks great on her and makes her look as beautiful as ever. Even though there’s simplicity in the dress, it was designed by the famous Oscar De Le Renta so we all know how expensive it must have been!

Margherita Missoni Knows How To Carry All That Volume

If there is one thing that brides hate is that their dress is too bulky for them to carry around. But this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Margherita Missoni. Look at her ease as she struts in her beautiful wedding dress that has a hint of creaminess to it.

The sleeves are what catch everyone’s attention. They’re not the typical sleek ones or the bell ones you would find. Instead, they’re exceptionally flowy and have a lot of volume on them. You might not select this dress if you read about it, but as soon as you see it, you know that it is a beautiful one that shouldn’t be missed!

Anne Hathaway Can’t Go Wrong With Anything!

We are all in awe of Anne Hathaway no matter what she does. She’s one of those celebrities who we have come to love throughout and cannot have enough of! Look at her and how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress that has an extremely slight hint of pink. We hope her marriage lasts forever because she deserves all the great things in life.

Look at the headgear, the flowers, the veil, and the dress, it all looks like a masterpiece that we fall in love with every time we get to see it. And, trust us, we do that many times!

Nancy Shevell Donning The Most Simplistic Dress Ever

We’ve talked about a lot of celebrities here, but let’s not forget one of the most iconic ones, Paul McCartney’s wife, Nancy Shevell. Having been married twice, Shevell chose to wear a rather simple outfit for her wedding with McCartney. But does this mean that she cannot look good? Not at all.

Nancy Shevell wore a simple, classy, and elegant dress for her wedding and we’re not surprised. Mostly because the woman exudes class and we’re in awe of everything that she wears. This dress was nothing far from beautiful and you can all see why. It may not be the typical dress, but it surely worked perfectly for her!

Kate Moss And Her Regal Touch

Kate Moss is one of the most renowned models around the world. So, when she’s getting married, she wanted everything to be perfect. Her wedding with Jami Hince, the musician was a pretty memorable one because of how beautiful it was. From her dress to where her wedding was held, everything was a sight for everyone to see.

Her dress was designed by one of the designers that she had previously worked with as well. John Galliano made an excellent dress for her that looked perfect on her in every way. And the best thing about this was that it was even displayed at a Museum later! Can you imagine?

Keira Knightley’s Perfect Short Wedding Dress

Keira Knightley's Chic and Cute Bridal Style - Chic Vintage Brides : Chic  Vintage Brides

We all know Keira Knightley and her love for keep everything about her life private. Well, given that she is a renowned actress, it was difficult to do just that. To be honest, we are also kind of glad we got to witness some of the cutest moments between her and her new husband.

She wore an adorable pale grey short dress that looked like a dream on her. She paired the entire look with ballet flats and a small jacket on top. It is such a care-free and fun look that was loved by everyone. Also, to make sure that her wedding was kept private, she invited a total of only 11 people.

Red Is The Color For Cilla Black

Are you seeing what we are seeing? It is red short wedding dress on Cilla Black! We guess she was the real one who put a stop to the basic white dress back in the days. Just look at her in this beautiful and vibrant red! We’re in love with this look and we’re sure you are too!

The red short dress paired with white leggings and colorful flowers somehow makes a great wedding outfit. Cilla Black clearly broke all the rules and was donning one of the most unique looks for her wedding for sure! Don’t you agree with us?

Pippa Middleton Is A Sea Of Elegance!

Here’s the sister of the Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton. While there was barely anything about her in the news earlier on, her sister’s wedding into the royal family certainly changed things up a bit. Now, you can easily see her on a lot of tabloids.

She married a racecar driver who she had been dating for a while. And, on her wedding day, she looked as elegant as possible. He short-sleeves lace dress and the veil surely made her look like a princess herself. You can see how perfectly well the entire dress fit on her and the details on it with these pictures.

Zara Phillips’ Silky Ivory Dress

Zara Phillips is the daughter of Prince Anne and she married a rugby player back in 2011. They’re said to be happily married ever since, but we all know how royal marriages work by now, don’t we? Nonetheless, she was a vision of elegance on her wedding as she wore a silky ivory themed dress.

There are so many minute details when it comes to designing the ultimate white dress and Stewart Partin surely did a great job in creating this wonderful masterpiece. Don’t we all agree? Zara exudes beauty and elegance while donning this beautiful dress on her wedding day.

Portia De Rossi- There’s Never Too Much Tulle

Don’t know who Portia De Rossi is? Well, she is Ellen De Generes’ wife. The two surely make a great couple as we have seen till now. The most iconic moment in their life was when they tied the knot. Given the backlash that people got for same-gender marriages earlier on, they powered through it and are still going strong.

While Ellen chose to wear pants on their wedding, Portia went for a beautiful dress that was all about tulle. The backless beauty was much appreciated by the audience and we were all shook by how beautiful she looked on her wedding!

Katie Holmes In Her Classic White Off-Shoulder Dress

Our favorite power couple of their time was of Katie and Tom. They sure do look adorable together, don’t they? But all good things come to an end and so did their relationship. Even though their relationship ended, we will always remember this beautiful duo by how stunning they looked on their wedding day!

Katie Holmes wore a beautifully embellished, off-shoulder dress and we are always going to take inspiration from it. Just look at how beautiful it is. Who wouldn’t want to wear this to their wedding? We know we want to. It has all the right details that a wedding dress needs.

The Duchess Camilla Wears A Dull Grey Modest Dress

Well, if it isn’t the notorious couple of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla. There were a lot of talks about how he betrayed Princess Diana with her for a significant amount of time. Later, the two tied the knot and we have to admit, Duchess Camilla looks quite the modest woman.

Her dress was a dull grey one and there was no spec of excessive skin revealed. The entire wedding dress was beautiful and classy no doubt. The entire event was pretty modest as there was barely any extravagance going on. We guess we’ll never know the reason. Perhaps Duchess Camilla likes modesty in all her things.

Yoko Ono’s Mini Wedding Dress

Here we have the legend that is John Lennon with his wife Yoko Ono. The two were head over heels in love with each other and tied the knot in 1969. While many people blame Yoko Ono for the split of the Beatles, there still is no clarity about the reasons.

On their wedding day, they kept things pretty casual as you can see Yoko Ono donning a basic mini white dress. It was a well fit one and she paired it with large sunglasses and an oversized hat. It is perhaps the most minimalistic and simple wedding dress that we have ever seen!

Priscilla Presley’s Self-Made Wedding Dress

We saved the best for the last! Priscilla Presley was well aware of all the troubles that came with being a wife of a beloved singer, yet she still said yes to him! To everyone’s surprise, the two tied the knot in Vegas and had two children from the marriage.

On the wedding day, Priscilla wore a beautiful dress that everyone wanted to know about. Surprisingly, the dress was self-made! Imagine all the hard work that went into designing and creating the dress from scratch. We truly believe she wanted to look he best for her husband on their special day. Just look at how beautiful she looks!