Adele’s New Birthday Look


Fans couldn’t help but take notice of Grammy-award winning singer Adele with her stunning new look she showed off with a special birthday message. On May 5, Adele celebrated her 32nd birthday by taking to Instagram. This was her first post since turning heads with her trim and fit look as seen in a photo from a Christmas party.

This time, she appeared in a picture wearing a black mini dress showing off her leggy look and pointy black pumps. The dress was fit to accentuate her new slim figure with sleeves that offered billowed accents and a high collar. The birthday post was a statement of thank you for all of the love she received from fans on her special day. She also included a special note of encouragement for those who are fighting COVID-19 on the front lines as essential workers every day. She thanked them for keeping us all safe while putting their own lives at risk.

Some of the fans’ birthday well wishes included one with Lauren Paul, Nicole Richie, and Jedidiah Jenkins. One wished she could relive a Vegas sleepover and calling Adele “Angel Babe” while thanking her for being an inspiration and support as a fellow new mother.

Chrissy Teigen, Lil Nas X, and Kalen Allen were quick to comment on how amazing Adele looked in the dress. Other messages included some that were shorter and to the point with sentiments of how much they love Adele and included well wishes for her birthday.

Adele hasn’t been seen lately as much as she once was when her hit, “Hello” was heard around the world in 2015. Though, she has hinted at a new album set with hopes of a September release date.

So, what’s behind her stunning new look?

Adele claims that her new, trim look that fans seem to admire started out as her attempt to get fit and lose weight mostly out of an effort to feel good. She wants to be healthy to be around to raise her son and to be a good role model in taking care of herself through eating right and a new, intense fitness routine.

Her new fitness includes cross-training and Pilates several times a week. She has also been sticking to a diet of healthy foods. But, for Adele it is more about feeling good and being a good role model for her son than it is about getting skinny.

It’s easy to think she has suddenly become obsessed with being thin and looking good, but to her it’s much deeper than that. She is focused on being healthy and treating her body kindly. Losing weight was a nice result of her aiming to be whole. Her efforts have included cutting down on drinking, working out, and eating more whole foods.

It’s quite alright if she steps into her new, trimmer look with a smile. Overall, she seems to be happier and having fun with new wardrobe styles she couldn’t pull off before quite the same way.