After eradicating her face tattoos, Amanda Bynes debuted new tattoos.


Amanda Bynes introduces a trio of innovative tattoo designs to even her own portfolio after removing the loving heart tattoo off her face.

On Monday, March 28, the Amanda Show actress, 35, displayed the new artwork for the very first time since her guardianship completed late last month. In the recent images, on her forearm, Bynes held the title Paul tattooed in a classical design aesthetic, most likely in honor of her boyfriend, Paul Michael. Her bicep was adorned with a stunning crimson rose and the message “d—k” written in cursive. During her Tuesday walk, the What a Girl Wants actress sported a white top, green desert camouflage tights, and large eyeglasses.

Bynes spoke out about removing of her facial tattoo only weeks before boldly flaunting her new mark.

Amanda Bynes posted an Instagram video from March 9 with the remark “Tattoo removal progress,” indicating that the heart design has faded since she initially got it in December 2019.

The California native, who also has a tattoo on her calf that reads “See you on the other side,” recently achieved a big win when a court formally dissolved the nine-year guardianship over her person.

After a succession of mental health and drug addiction concerns, Bynes was put under a fragile truce in August 2013. Lynn Bynes, her mother, was declared conservator over her daughter’s health and personal affairs a year later. On March 22, TMZ reported that her adult guardianship had been dissolved.

In February, the former child actress filed a petition to lift her conservatorship, claiming that she is mentally able to care for her well-being in a mental competence statement.

I’d want to thank everyone for your kindness and encouragement. “What’s up, Insta, Bynes here,” the Big Fat Liar, What a Girl Wants actress remarked in earlier in February in her Insta clip “Within the next 2 weeks, I have a court date.” “Goodbye.”

Lynn expressed her support for her daughter’s goals and filed a letter of support before the ultimate choice was reached.

“[Amanda] is in excellent physical and mental condition. “Knowing Amanda’s parents and her boyfriend of course are by her side is beyond wonderful,” one source told our online news correspondent exclusively. “Amanda’s family is ecstatic for her. They adored Amanda and hoped and prayed that the dark and miserable days she was experiencing would end. They are proud of her for displaying such bravery and love.”