Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan Hit the Red Carpet for West Side Story Premiere


Fans of Ansel Elgort and girlfriend Violetta Komyshan were in for a rare treat when the two walked the red carpet at the “West Side Story” premiere.

As expected, Ansel looked dapper in a tuxedo, and Violetta looked fabulous in a strapless gown. Violetta rocked her natural beauty with minimal makeup, looking more beautiful than ever.

The two locked eyes and smiled and posed together. Ansel adorably held his girlfriend’s hand while they walked the carpet together. The couple was unable to stop looking at each other.

Ansel and Violetta are rarely spotted together in public, so we assume this is a rare moment for them to let their hair down and enjoy an event like this. This is such a cute couple.

It’s almost as if Ansel’s starring in his own love movie, as every time we see him, he looks incredibly happy and carefree. No one deserves a love like that at such a young age.

While the couple did look adorable together, they appeared to be in their own little world! Violetta kept her focus on Ansel while he was chatting with other guests.

Ansel and Violetta are high school sweethearts who have been dating for what seems like forever. The couple has been in and out of the spotlight since they started dating, but it looks like their relationship is stronger than it has ever been before. But, we’re lost for words when it comes to how they look to each other.

Ansel has been accused of sexual assault

Sadly, Ansel has been accused of sexual assault by a girl he was involved with several years back. The allegations were made after the young lady left the relationship and decided to speak out.

The incident went down when he was very young, and while she did not want to go into details, she stated that it was a case of sexual assault. Ansel has denied anything illegal happened and has tried his best to distance himself from the situation.

The sexual assault allegations don’t seem to have affected their relationship

The relationship between Ansel and Violetta seems to have stood the test of time. It doesn’t seem as if this incident has affected their relationship in any way, shape, or form.

Violetta has been spotted with Ansel to events since the accusations came out. However, she has shown no signs that these allegations affect her relationship with Ansel.

Hopefully, Ansel can make things right with this girl and put this incident behind him. But, unfortunately, he has denied the allegations, and that’s all we can do right now.

The couple is hopefully just focusing on their relationship and not the allegations. The couple’s love is exclusive to each other, and that’s a beautiful thing. However, if the allegations are true, they will have to be dealt with appropriately.

Everyone deserves to be in a loving relationship, and if that means taking a step back, then so be it. Hopefully, this could be the case with Ansel and Violetta.

Despite the allegations, we wish Ansel and Violetta the best of luck with their relationship. Let’s hope these allegations don’t affect how they live their lives. Hopefully, if the allegations are true, the situation is resolved so that justice prevails.