Bella Hadid Looks Spectacular In Leather For Her Latest New Helmut Lang Campaign


Bella Hadid is not taking a break during the pandemic. If anything, she’s working harder than ever and relaxing like only the rich and famous can. Make no mistake about it, Bella Hadid is still her sexy self even in the midst of one of the worst health crises the world has ever seen. She isn’t the type of person who lets a fashion opportunity pass her by, and that’s why this supermodel is world-famous.

Leather is Bella’s new look

Bella was decked out in leather during her Helmut Lang photoshoot. Leather bra, leather gloves, and also an incredible black dress. It’s hard to imagine that anything could make her look even better than she does, but leather seems to do the trick. Leather fits snuggly against her stunning body, and it leaves nothing at all to the imagination. Bella is more than a model; she is a visual inspiration to so many. Few models can strut their stuff with the type of confidence that she has. It’s refreshing to see how someone so young and vibrant can carry themselves in a way that inspires so many.

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Ice cold, Like glacier

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No, Bella wasn’t partying on a yacht off of Italy

It’s easy to see why many people would think that Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin were living it up on a yacht in Italy. After all, it seems that when these two get together, something is always going down. A party wasn’t what was going down on this fateful day on a yacht. Nope, both ladies were working together on set for a photoshoot. Life must be pretty good when your work includes hanging out on a yacht in the middle of a beautiful Italian waterway. Don’t worry, everyone on the set was tested for the coronavirus before the shooting began. You can’t be too careful these days, and it’s not like the world has a finite number of supermodels to call on when one ends up missing in action.

Bella Hadid is an inspiration to many during these dark times

Life for many is bleak, and these are trying times that have people on edge. Bella Hadid is a living example of how someone who is dedicated can pull through all of this. Sure, some will say what she does is nothing more than pose for the camera. But, it’s so much more than that as her Italian photoshoot proves. Bella is willing to put her life at risk to be an inspiration to others. What she’s doing in front of the camera is nothing short of an inspiration, and it helps others get through these immensely difficult times. Bella isn’t only a model; she is a spokesperson for an entire generation. People are looking towards her for strength, and she’s dishing it out as only she can. Sure, it’s leather gloves to some, while for many, it’s a bold message of strength that resonates loud and clear. Bella is a model with a purpose, and it’s to ensure that the world is a better place one photo at a time.