Blue Ivy and Rumi Appear in a Campaign Video for Beyonce


The old adage that says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks rings true, but Beyonce has done just that with her new fashion line. Her new line, Ivy by Beyonce, features her daughters Blue Ivy and Rumi in their timeless and classic family look.

Beyonce’s daughters Blue Ivy and Rumi pose like true fashionistas in their neutral-colored garments in the campaign video. The two little girls look like mini versions of Beyonce while wearing similar outfits.

This is not the first time Blue Ivy and Rumi have been featured in their mother’s fashion campaigns. Beyonce previously used her daughters in her and Jay-Z’s Tiffany & Co video. The children also made an appearance in Beyonce’s House of Dereon campaign.

While Blue Ivy and Rumi may not understand it now, the two girls are growing up in the fashion industry. Undoubtedly, they will have their own clothing lines in the future.

Whether Blue Ivy and Rumi will have their own fashion lines or not, they are above the “mimic” look. The young ladies have their own style and identity. The two girls have gorgeous hair and facial features like their mother. We can’t wait to see what they will look like when they get older.

The girls inherited a sense of style from their mother

Beyoncé has always been able to impart a sense of style to her children. Beyoncé is known for her bold fashion choices. She has worn everything from baby blue gloves to tutus on stage.

Blue Ivy and Rumi have picked up this sense of style from their mother. Even when they are in the midst of their childhood days, they have already developed a style all their own. The girls may not understand it now, but that does not mean that it will be different once they get older.

Blue Ivy and Rumi may follow in their mother’s footsteps and become fashion icons one day. But, regardless of what they choose to do, they will need an excellent sense of style. They may be young, but they can become fashion designers or models when they get older.

There is no telling how far the two sisters will go in the fashion industry. They could go on to be professional models or top designers, but it does not matter. The two girls are already mini-fashion icons.

Beyonce is a role model for her young daughters

Beyonce has set the bar high for her daughters. If they can emulate her sense of style and fashion, they will take over the world one day. The girls are growing up to be just like their mother.

Beyonce has also set an excellent example for her daughters regarding life choices. Blue Ivy and Rumi have grown up around the spotlight. They have learned that fame and fortune do not come easy.

Beyonce’s daughters may not be like other children their age. They have grown up with a sense of modeling, and they will continue to do so. However, they have also learned to be humble and level-headed.