Cardi B’s homemade hack for healthy hair growth: Boiled Onions


DIY idea! Cardi B is pleased with her long hair, which she attributes to an innovative washing technique.

The 29-year-old singer of “Bodak Yellow” posted a picture of her long, natural hair on Instagram on Friday, August 12, along with the caption, “My last two washes I been cooking onions and using the water to wash my hair.” “When I began my quest for healthy hair growth six years ago, I used to do this.”

“I stopped because I grew lethargic,” she said. It has no smell, and my hair seems to be getting shinier.

The New Yorker’s social media fans were astounded to learn that the water from the veggies may encourage the growth of her hair without giving off a distinct odor. Dominican remedies, a user of Instagram responded.

Not just the rap artist uses onions to wash her hair. According to Dr. Andrea Paul of Illuminants Labs, who spoke to in March, putting onion juice on the scalp can help alleviate hair loss because it contains amino acids that help rebuild hair follicles. “It probably seems sense to administer the therapy before showers, as it will be pretty smelly,” she continued.

Cardi, who has a 4-year-old daughter named Kulture and an 11-month-old son named Wave with her husband Offset, did not go into greater detail about her haircare routine. However, she has previously been open about her favorite cosmetics.

Would you want to take a shower here? She previously described a Twitter image of her bathroom from August 2021, displaying containers of Lubriderm moisturizer, Dr. Teals scrubs, Dove body wash, and Vaseline.

Afterward, the Hustlers actress said I love to exfoliate down south with [the St. Ives Apricot scrub]. I like to exfoliate soon after I shave since I can not have a laser or wax until after I give birth [to kid No. 2]. While body washes benefit the body and legs, I believe they are too greasy for the bikini line.

Cardi has repeatedly made headlines for her varying hairstyles and wigs, but she still prefers her natural appearance.

In an Instagram Story video from June 2020, Cardi remarked, “OK, people, so this is actually how my hair is.” “When you blow dry my hair, it looks like this, and two days later, it looks puffy, even after braiding it.

The “WAP” star informed her social media followers that she refers to her hair as “straight,” as opposed to Kulture, who refers to her curls as “tiny coils.”

She continued in the video, saying she swears by a homemade hair mask made with avocado, raw eggs, mayonnaise, and other ingredients. “All the wonderful stuff that you put in your body, you must put in your hair,” she said. Because soda harms your health, you will not put it in your hair.

This therapy is ideal for curl patterns, she continued. My infant has a curl pattern, but I don’t.”