Celebrities You Will Need To Take A Double Look At


Have you ever seen doppelgangers in real life? While we all know that there are seven people out there that look like you, there’s often that you do not ever see them. If that makes you not believe in lookalikes, then we have something prepared for you. After looking at the pictures we have ready for you, it will surely shock you to see how similar two people can be.

The people presented here are all celebrities that you might have seen in different songs, shows or movies. But here, you will see them side by side, and realize how similar they look.

The Jeffrey Dean Morgan Twin

If you’re a firm believer of there not being lookalikes in this world, then let’s break that idea of yours with our picture. Just look at these two. Don’t Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem look exactly the same? We ca barely tell them apart. There is barely any difference we see between the two.

You might see some difference once you pay close attention, but there is literally so many similarities that you might get confused. Just look at eye placement and the nose! It is like you’re seeing the same person with a different angle. No difference at all!

Who Looks Like Margot Robbie?

We all love our Suicide Squad queen, Margot Robbie. She has come out with many phenomenal movies over the years. So, you might be shocked to know that there is a celebrity that looks exactly like her. Yes, you read that right. That celebrity is known as Emma Mackey. At in instant, you will think of this as Margot Robbie with a different hair color, but that is not it. It is not her at all!

While they have varying looks when it comes to how they dress, you can still clearly see how similar they look. The similarities can surely confuse anyone into believing that they’re both the same person.

You Thought You Wouldn’t Find A Tom Hardy Lookalike?

It is as if all of our prayers have been answered. There is not only one handsome Tom Hardy that you get to see, but you also have a similar looking version of him! This is Logan Marshall Green. He is perhaps the closest that anyone can come to ever looking like Tom Hardy. While we want Tom Hardy to be one of a kind, there is not denying the similar features both of these people possess.

In this picture specifically, you will see some notable similarities between they two. Don’t you? It is quite surprising at how one can look so similar to another person.

Jessica Chastain Has A Lookalike!

You might have seen Jessica Chastain playing some major roles in all of her movies. But what if we were to tell you that there was another equally established celebrity that looks just like her? It none other than Bryce Dallas Howard! Look at these pictures and see how similar two people can look!

From the hair to the smile, there is nothing that we can set apart. Now, imagine both of them in the same room. Will you be able to tell who is who? We surely will be having a difficult time after looking at these similar pictures.

Sienna Miller Or Mollie King?

We have seen many similar faces, but nothing compares to what we see in this picture. How can you tell that these are two completely different people? Is there a difference that you see? Because we surely don’t. Imagine walking up to both of them side by side and having to tell them apart. It will surely be a task.

We can see that both of them have almost similar face structure. Not only that, but their facial features are extremely similar as well. This is all leaving us extremely confused. Who is Sienna Miller and who is Mollie King?

Maggie Lawson Looks Like Alicia Silverstone!

We all know just how incredible the Silverstone family is! They’re all so beautiful. Now imagine one of them having a twin out in the world. Maggie Lawson looks awfully similar to Alicia Silverstone and we are wondering how they can be so similar.

While they do have some features that might help tell them apart, there is so much of the same thing going on that it makes it a difficult task to do so. We can all agree on one thing, though; both of them are extremely beautiful. From the smile to the eyes, there is much of the same features going on.

Popular Game Of Thrones Star Looks Like Josh Holloway

We are shocked to see the extent of how similar Josh Holloway looks to our Game of Thrones favorite, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. While we know that doppelgangers exist in this world, this one takes quite a turn with just how similar they look. While there are some differences you can see between the two, there are also too many similarities present.

Observe the way their hair parts. Even that is the same, and we’re kind of in a daze. They’re both exceptionally handsome and we will have a tough time thinking about who to look at first if they are in the same room.

The Famous Lookalike; Amy Adams And Isla Fisher

While watching two completely different movies showcased by two completely different actresses, we didn’t realize the latter. We have always thought that they’re the same person. Now, there is so much talk about how similar these two look. And it is no joke! Whether it is in person or in movies, the two have a dominating presence.

Amy Adams and Isla Fisher have proven to be one of the most talked about celebrities who look exactly like one another. We are here to vouch for this as you can clearly see just how similar they look to each other. The hair, the eyes, the nose, and whatnot.

The Fashionista And The Actor; Ashley Graham And Eva Mendes

We all love the energy that Ashley Graham brings to the floor. Her body positivity and entire aura is appeasing. So, if we were to tell you that a woman very similar to her exists, you are surely in for a surprise. It is true, Ashley Graham looks very similar to one of our favorite celebrity actors, Eva Mendes.

While they both have different backgrounds and styles, they both do have similar features, and that is what our focus is on. The way the make their hair and their facial structure is pretty much the same. The only way to tell them apart is by the mole on Eva Mendes’s face.

Richard Madden Has A Lookalike!

Now, we present to you one of the most talked about similarity. Richard Madden has been quite in the news since his role in the Game of Thrones series and how he quickly came in and swept everyone off their grounds. What is we were to tell you that there is another celebrity that looks very much like him?

Gus Kenworthy is notably similar to Richard Madden, and there is no denying it. He exudes similar vibes, and they’re both incredibly handsome! While he might not look exactly similar to Richard Madden, he does come extremely close to being his lookalike.

Who Is Claire Danes Twin?

If you have seen Clair Danes take up some phenomenal roles in her career, then you are surely in awe of her. You can find another celebrity that looks exactly like her. Clair Danes is known to resemble Clemence Poesy to a great extent, and we now understand why people say that. Both of these celebrities have extremely similar features and looks.

From these pictures we can see that it can be quite easy to get confused between the two. While seeing them on separate occasions might make things easier, having them together at the same time might make things more difficult.

The Country Singer, Carrie Underwood Looks Like Emily Osment

We have seen both of these celebrities doing their things since very early in their lives. Carrie Underwood has a way with her songs and all of the fans she has accumulated over time. Emily Osment is someone I remember from the Hannah Montana days. Now, you might not picture these two to look similar because they aren’t that apparent.

We have put them on this list because when you look at this particular picture, you will find them to look exactly the same. Isn’t that true? The way their hair is made, the way their makeup is done, and even the color of their dress is the same!

Ian And Chace Looking Similar And Dashing

If you have seen Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl, you know what a catch each of these celebrity actors are. They will be sure to get you going as soon as you see them in these shows. While they might have an exceptional presence individually, there is no denying at how similar the two look. Just observe their features!

They have the same gaze, the nose, and the face cut. Can you see it? We can surely not take our eye off either of these two. They are beautiful and so similar that we are having a hard time handling this information.

The Comedy King Will Ferrell Looks Similar To Chad Smith

You might have seen many movies of Will Ferrell which made you believe that he’s the funniest celebrity present. While no one else can replace him when it comes to his skills, there is surely someone who can look like him! Chad Smith is known to look very similar to Will Ferrell. While there haven’t been any clear similarities made before, we are here to help you see it.

Now, in this picture, you can easily see why we are saying the two look alike. They’re both of around the same age, have similar features, and are dressed pretty similar too!

Missi Pyle Has A Doppelganger, Erin Richards

It is common to overlook similarities at times. That is because you’re not focusing on that particular thing. However, you don’t need to focus on these things as we are here to provide you with some jaw-dropping similarities. For instance, look at these pictures. Erin Richards and Missi Pyle look like the same person with different getups, doesn’t it?

You can easily overlook this particular detail, so we have it all ready for you. The two can easily be confused with one another if they’re in the same place. Imagine having to tell people you’re not who they think you are.

Alexandra Daddario Looks So Much Like Tiffani Thiessen

If you’re one who can be easily fooled by visuals, then you will have a difficult time figuring out whether these two are different people or the same one. Looking at their pictures, we have come to a conclusion that they have way too many similarities present. Not only are the brunettes with similar hairstyles, they also have similar features.

Just look at those eyes! Who can deny that they’re the same? Their features look pretty similar to us and we cannot see how they’re different people. The eyes are the main reason why we’re so adamant on them being the same person.

Doug E. Fresh Or Tracy Morgan?

We have seen many similar celebrities till now, so it is okay for you to realize how similar two people can look without you not really nothing it in the first go. But when you look at them, there is no going back. Such is the case with Doug E. Fresh and Tracy Morgan. When you look at this picture, you want to say that they’re the same person.

The pictures look like they have been taken of the same person, sometime apart. It no way shows that these are two different people. How could they be when they look so similar?

Cameron Diaz Times Two

We have all seen Cameron Diaz in her element. We surely cannot take our eyes off her because of the vibe she brings to every role she plays. They’re quite distinct, we can all agree. But if there is one thing that isn’t distinct, it’s the features that Cameron and Ellen Barkin have; they have almost similar features and we are quite shocked to see just how similar to two look.

We would like to take this moment to realize that there can be very similar people out there. So, does one like us exist too? This is giving us some major questions.

Michael Sheen Looks Pretty Similar To Andy Serkis

If you were not into noticing about how similar celebrities look, we surely hope we have got you hooked now. Look at how much these two look alike. Without even putting in any efforts, the two can easily pull off as each other’s doubles. Don’t you think so too?

While there are apparent differences in these two, they’re still similar-looking to a great extent. We don’t want you to dismiss just how similar they look. The only distinct feature would be the nose, but other than that, everything looks pretty much the same. Would you like to agree or not?

If It Isn’t Everyone’s Favorite, Selena Who Looks Like Rachel Bilson

If there is one thing that we have figured out by now, it is the fact that we will come across some astounding similarities in celebrities throughout our lives. We have accepted this while presenting you two similar people. One if the much-loved singer, Selena Gomez and the other is the much-loved actress, Rachel Bilson.

While the two don’t have apparent similarities for you to get confused between them, they do have enough to make you think about how similar they look. For us, it was they eyes and the eyebrows that made use notice the similarity. Was it the same for you?

American Actresses, Lake Bell And Amanda Peet

Now, we have two American actresses that you might have never though looked similar until now. Can you see the similarity between the two? Because we surely can. Looking at their features, we can easily tell that they can pull off to be sisters, if not twins.

While we can see differences between the two, we can also see many similarities. For instance, the hair, eyes, and the mouth. These are all pretty much similar, and they look as if they are related somehow. But they aren’t. It is funny how they can look so similar but not relate to each other, right?

The Famous Katy Perry And Zoey Deschanel Similarity

Zooey Deschanel/Katy Perry | 7 celebrity look-alikes that made us do a  double-take | From the Grapevine

We have all heard this one before, so we are sure this shouldn’t be something new for you. If it is, then what world are you living in? It has been long talked about how Katy Perry And Zoey Deschanel look exactly similar. It is the eyes that throw everyone off. Many people run theories that perhaps the two have the same father, but that is not possible at all. But these two aren’t the only ones that look like each other.

There are other popular celebrities that also match their descriptions. It’s good that Katy Perry keeps changing u[ her hairstyle so that people can tell a different between the two.

Zachary Quinto And Eli Roth Are Extremely Similar

If there is something that you need to see, it is this. Eli Roth and Zachary Quinto look so similar to each other in these that we are having a difficult time figuring out who is who. While they don’t look this similar in real, but in this picture and many others, you will find yourself question whether it is Eli Roth or Zachary Quinto.

While there are notable differences, such as the nose and hair, but the eyes and lips look exactly similar. Don’t they? We are quite surprised with this discovery as well. It was something out of the blue.

Iconic Demi Moore And Jordana Brewster

Does it feel like you’re looking at the same person in different pictures? So, it wasn’t us only. We are quite surprised by how these two look so similar in these pictures. But their similarity isn’t only limited to pictures! They are also highly similar when it comes to real life as well. You will find yourself confused quite confused when you come across both of their pictures together.

They have similar hairstyles, face structure, and just the entire vibe going on gives us an extremely similar feeling. Doesn’t it? They can easily pass on to be sisters. Isn’t that true?

Another Michael Sheen Lookalike

Well, what can we say, Michael Sheen seems to have found two celebrities that look like him. One we went over earlier, and now we talk about how Billie Joe Armstrong looks very similar to the guy. When you look at this picture, you can easily tell that the two have many similarities. You can quickly assume that they might be related somehow, but that is not true.

Instead, they are nowhere close to being related. Somehow, they just share a lot of features. For instance, look at the eyes and the mouth area. Doesn’t it look similar to you?

Patrick Wilson Looks Will Arnett

You might have seen these two in various movies, typically as one of the evil characters. But you would have never known that these two looked so much similar. Watching them in different situations might not make it obvious, but when you look at their pictures side to side, you see just how similar they look.

From their features to the way the make their hair, and even their eye color, it is all the same! So, you might want to take a closer look next time you’re watching a movie with either of them and see whether it is Patrick Wilson or Will Arnett that you’re seeing.

Superman Has A Lookalike

Matt Bomer has taken the role of Superman. Wait- we mean Henry Cavill! The two look so similar that you’re sure to believe they are siblings. But that is not true at all. The two only look similar, but are not related by any means. When you look closer at these two, you will learn that they have a similar facial structure.

Not only that, but the hair, nose and the mouth seem quite similar too. No wonder we are all here thinking how they can look so alike. We guess that the whole seven doppelgangers in the world thing is true.

When Zoe Saldana And Thandie Newton Are Put Side By Side

You will find that you don’t really pay attention to certain things, especially when it comes to figuring out who looks like who. It is by chance that you realize that two people look very similar to each other. This side-by-side depiction of two of the most popular celebrities proves just how easily we can overlook such situations.

When you look at these two, you can see that they have many similar features present. From their hair to their face cut, there is so much that you will find similar about these two, it is pretty crazy. Is it not?

Daniel Day-Lewis Looks Very Similar To Jeremy Irons

If you haven’t seen this similarity before, then let us enlighten you with this. You will see a clear lookalike of Jeremy Irons in the shape of Daniel Day-Lewis. Do you see the similarity now? We sure do. And, we are living for it!

Imagine seeing both of these celebrities in the same show, you’re sure to be amazed by it. They’re going to be phenomenal, but you’re going to have a difficult time keeping up with the two. Since they appear to be so similar, we assume they’re somehow related but they’re also not, just like everyone else on this list.

Is That Kiera Knightley Or Natalie Portman?

If it isn’t both of our favorite celebrity actresses. Kiera Knightley and Natalie Portman are both some of the most renowned actresses in the industry. While working throughout, they have surely heard of how they look similar to each other. We can all see how it is true. While they’re unique in their own ways, they have far too many similarities that we just cannot overlook. For instance, look that their features!

We believe that both of them have a similar face shape with similar features. While the combination of features makes them look different, they also make them look very similar to each other.

Who Is It? Portia De Rossi or Drea De Matteo?

When it comes to finding similar-looking celebrities, no one does it better than us. We pick up the smallest features and find out how one celebrity looks similar to the other. Just take a look at these pictures. On the left, we have Portia De Rossi while on the right, we have Drea De Matteo. From the looks of it, you can say that they look a lot like each other.

The way their hair curls, the eyebrows, the eye shape, and even the nose is similar. Don’t you think so? We are in awe of how similar these two look without even trying too hard.

Seeing Doubles? It’s Jason Sudeikis And Ed Helms

When you look at this picture, it looks like you’re seeing doubles easily. Believe us, we got super confused by these pictures too. But they’re not the same people. They’re different, renowned actors. Yes, it is hard to believe but it is true. These are the kind of similarities that make us question so many things.

Their face looks almost identical, and we’re not sure how to process this information. You might have even gotten confused while watching their movies as to which is one who. It is normal to feel this way because they are extremely similar to each other.

Jessica Biel’s Doppelganger Found, It’s Christy Turlington

We have been on the search for finding Jessica Biel’s doppelganger since a while now. She has features that are unique, so we took it upon ourselves to find someone who looks like her. We were not disappointed with what we found. Her ideal doppelganger in this world would be Christy Turlington. They have pretty much the same features, if you ask us.

Just take a look at these pictures and try to tell out otherwise. Can’t do so, right? The two are pretty similar when it comes to the eyes and nose. You might see a difference in their face cut, but it barely there.

The Royal Twin Of Nathalie Emmanuel

We have surely seen it all by now. Look at these two stunning women that look so much like each other. Don’t they? We are utterly shocked and surprised by how this has turned out. While initially we couldn’t find someone similar to Meghan Markle, we finally found her and it is no other than Nathalie Emmanuel.

You can easily pick on the similarities that these two possess just by looking at these pictures. It is safe to say that Nathalie Emmanuel has a royal twin. We surely cannot wait to see how many more celebrities look similar to each other.

Michelle Williams And Carey Mulligan

We have seen The Great Gatsby and we have also seen the Greatest Showman, and we thought the actresses were quite similar. It was then that we picked up the fact that these are two equally renowned celebrities that look very similar to each other. Isn’t it surprising?

We were quite shocked to see how similar they look once we got both of their pictures together. Now, you can also clearly see how similar the two look. Don’t they? In these pictures especially, it looks like they have the same face shape, features, and ever the hair. What would you say about that?

Zoe Saldana Has Another Lookalike!

You might have thought that Zoe Saldana would have only one twin that we talked about earlier. But that is not the case. There is another one in the market, and it is no other than Jada Pinkett Smith. Yes, you read that right. Can’t you tell by these pictures above?

When we initially found the facial similarities, we were quite astounded to find out just how similar they look. But we have accepted these similarities, which is why they are being presented to you. Look closely at their features, you will see it too. Very surprising, is it not?

Are We Seeing Two Of Kat Dennings?

If there is something we love, it is the thrill to find out about celebrity lookalikes by chance. The renowned actress of 2 Broke Girls, Kat Dennings has a lookalike in the form of another famous actress, Marion Cotillard. We were quite surprised by this discovery as well.

We didn’t even imagine the two looking similar, but when we placed their pictures side-by-side, it was clear as to how similar the two look. It is as if you can see two of Kat Dennings or two of Marion Cotillard, isn’t it? We thought so too as soon we saw these pictures.

Blake Lively And A Similar Face

Who isn’t a fan of Blake Lively? We know we are. Now, when your favorite celebrity has a lookalike, it is hard to resist not talking about it. So, here we present to you Blake Lively and her lookalike, Melissa Benoist. You would have seen her in many TV shows as she has a prominent lead in these as well. So, when we saw her, we couldn’t help but link her back to Blake Lively.

Now that we have their pictures together, we see it all clear. They are extremely similar to one another. While there are differences present, they are minute.

Demi Moore and Courtney Cox

Remember that one time that Monica from friends wanted a haircut like Demi Moore? Well, turns out she actually looks like her! Courtney Cox, also known as Monica, surely has many similarities when it comes to her facial features with Demi Moore. There is no denying this.

Just look at the features. It looks like the two are long lost sisters. Could they be? That would be an epic story because you can’t overlook how similar the two look. Those noses, eyes, and face shape is too similar for us to say that they do not look similar. Isn’t that right?

Jennifer Garner Looks Awfully Similar To Hilary Swank

We have seen these two working crazily with different movie projects, and have seen so many movies of theirs that has gotten us to a point where we can actually till how similar these two are. At the first glance, you pick up many similarities, don’t you? It is normal to do so because of how their features are placed.

When looking at these two, you will be quick on picking up just how they look the same. Let’s start with the nose, smile, and the face structure. Doesn’t it all look the same? It does to us very clearly.

Emma Stone’s Twin Revealed

If you have been trying to find someone that looks like Emma Stone, then look no further. This one is the ultimate picture. Here, you will find Emma Stone’s lookalike, Melinda Clarke. Don’t the two look similar to each other? We agree there are obvious differences between the two, but there are no denying the similarities either.

Observe the eyes, nose, and hair color. It looks like they can pass on as sisters. When you see them together in a room, people are sure to ask if they are related. But everyone knows about their families so there is no possibility of this.

Abigail Breslin Or Chloe Grace Moretz?

Chloe Grace Moretz has surely been in the limelight for a while now. But so has her lookalike, Abigail Breslin. Both of these renowned celebrities are known for their work amongst other things. So, it was quite surprising for us to see how similar the two look when their pictures were put together. They could easily pass off as twins, right?

Just look at the hair, face shape, and features, what is the one thing that you believe makes them look different? We can really pin point what it is exactly. What we do know is how similar they look.

The Popular Nina Dobrev And Victoria Justice Similarity

When it comes to some of the popular names that always appear on celebrity lookalikes, you will find that Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice are always on the top. Their features are extremely similar, leaving their fans quite confused about how they can look so much alike.

You can clearly see in these pictures that the two have the same face shape and features. So, it is obvious how they’re always confused with each other. While true fans won’t ever be able to get confused between the two, others might find it difficult to understand that they are different people.

Leighton Meester’s Twin, Minka Kelly

There is another popular celebrity lookalike that we have for you. Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly has been long said to be each other’s doppelgangers, and we can see just why people say this. The have extremely similar faces that might make it difficult for many people to tell them apart. Their features are distinct, yet similar which makes it harder to tell them apart.

You might remember Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl, so if you’ve been following her ever since, you would be able to tell how she looks different. Not everyone can, though. It is safe to say they’re equal to twins.

Scarlett Johansson And Amber Heard

We have covered many celebrities here, but there are still more to come. Next , we have is the talk about Scarlett Johansson’s lookalike. We wouldn’t say that her lookalike is her doppelganger because they don’t look exactly like each other. But they do possess very similar features which makes them look alike from certain angles.

You might not expect this, but Scarlett Johansson can easily pass off as looking very similar to Amber Heard. There is no denying this one bit. The two are different, but some of their features allow them to look similar, such their smiles and face shape.

Rachel McAdams And Elizabeth Banks

When you’re looking at similarities in celebs, you’re often shocked at the number of things you discover. It was quite surprising to see that Rachel McAdams looks so much similar to the Modern Family star, Elizabeth Banks. Both of them are renowned in them owns way and have exceptional careers. So, there is no denying that they have more similarities than just the physical ones.

They are quite similar to each other in many ways. Take a look at these pictures to see how to look similar when it comes to appearance. The nose, hair and face shape gives it all off.

Jordin Sparks Look Like Who? America Ferrera

If you are curious about celebrities like us, you always want to know about what the latest new is. We bring to you an amazing news for you to learn. Jordin Sparks looks very much like America Ferrera! While the similarity isn’t completely obvious, you will find that there are a few features that stand out and make them look similar.

For instance, look at the face shape and the eyes, they can easily say that they are related somehow. Aren’t they? They also have similar vibes going, so you will see that they appear to be similar as well.

Helen Hunt Looks Like Leelee Sobieski

If you feel like there is something you’re missing out on, then this is it. You will find that Helen Hunt is the splitting image of Leelee Sobieski. These pictures prove it to you. Just look at how similar the two look. You can easily say that they are closely related to one another. But they are not even close at all.

The way these pictures appear, it seems like they are dresses kind of similar too. So, you can see just how similar they look. The heir, features, and the dressing just screams how the two can look so similar.

Are We Seeing Two Of Ashley Greene?

If you have not seen these two before, you can easily be fooled into thinking they are twins. Just look at how similar Ashley Greene and Coco Rocha look like. It is as if the two are each other duplicates, isn’t that right? We are surely in awe of similar these two people look and how effortlessly they can pull off to be each other’s twin.

The face shape, features, and everything else is similar. We are quite surprised by how this has come out. This is one of those lookalike pictures that surely takes everyone by surprise. Doesn’t it?

Kurt Russel Times Two

Lastly, we have here Jeff Bridges that looks very similar to Kurt Russel. Both renowned celebrities, but we would have never deemed them to look similar if we didn’t see their side by side pictures. Looking at these pictures tells us just how easily we can overlook so many things. The two have so many features similar to each other that we are quite surprised.

The way their hair is made, the facial hair, and even the eyes are pretty much the same. How did we miss such a phenomenal celebrity lookalike? We hope you’re just as shocked as we are at this.