Chrissy Teigen looks knockout in a red ballgown


As one of the most high profile Twitter celebrities out there, Chrissy Teigen sends to spend as much time on Twitter as your average addict. She’s all about posting her comments and views on just about any topic that takes her fancy. Essentially, if you follow her, you get a livestream of her consciousness – it can be hilarious sometimes, eye-rolling and odd at others. However, regardless of your views of the celeb, she’s definitely more colourful than your average big name personality. Teigen also has a habit of reminding us just how much she can be too, posting all manner of awesome pictures that showcase her high-roller lifestyle.

One of her most recent posts, though, was one that got people talking for all the right reasons. As opposed to her usual to-and-fro sessions with other blue ticks, or ex-Presidents, Teigen decided to post a comical commentary on the lack of award ceremonies taking place at the moment. She posted a photo of herself draped in a stylish and charming red ballgown, looking absolutely wonderful. She captioned the post with the title “fitting for the nothing awards,” which when you think about it must be quite weird for publicity-happy celebs.

Usually, they are used to appearing at some gala ball, charity function, big press release, event, or award ceremony. They have umpteen changes per year to go out there and get dolled up to the nines, showing the world just how grandiose and successful they are. 2020 and 2021, though, are going to be somewhat short of the usual chance for celebs to get out there and show us just how well they’ve been keeping.

The photo depicts Teigen standing against a big bare wall, showing off the thigh-high slit in her dress.

Are celebrities bored?

You might have noticed a bit of an uptick recently in the number of celebrities poking fun at the lack of things to do. I mean, it must be tough to get out there and really feel like you are living life if you are used to all of the glamour and chaos that your average celebrity is. And given Teigen is a regular at pretty much any mainstream event or ceremony, she must be really bored.

Indeed, she’s become quite the social media personality in recent years and has elevated that a new step further since she was locked up in the house like the rest of us. Teigen, though, is just another example of the growing proof that celebrities are looking pretty damn bored judging by their social media.

Most are taking to engaging with ridiculous viral videos, or trying to start a viral trend of their own. I suppose it must be tough actually having some privacy and personal time when you are used to the whole world wanting to know what you had for breakfast this morning.

Hey, follow Teigen for any length of time and you’ll probably find out what she had for brekkie; celebrities don’t often come as open as Chrissy!