Did The Pandemic Change The Way Weddings Look In The Future?


Many little girls dream about how their wedding will look from the time they are quite young as if they are Cinderella waiting to go to the ball. Imagine dreaming of your Prince Charming, and the dream is about to become a reality when suddenly, without warning, all fairy tale hopes are dashed because a pandemic has shut down the world. 

When the pandemic shut down wedding venues, some put their wedding day on hold. Some broke off the engagement altogether when they discovered they could not host a public event. But, as the days rolled on, we learned how to make things work, even if it did mean more intimate affairs or virtual ceremonies. 

Will the wedding industry, hit hard by the pandemic, even be able to bounce back? When governments were making decisions and calling the shots as far as what was allowed and how many could gather, the wedding industry was regarded as a bit frivolous and not a top priority. On top of that, many insurers refused to pay out for claims in the event of a disrupted or cancelled wedding.

Once we became accustomed to the idea that weddings could still happen as long as we were flexible with our expectations, we became acclimated and accepted the change. Some even came to like the new normal. 

Through it, all, are the changes going to be permanent? Did the pandemic change the way weddings will look in the future?

Since so many weddings were cancelled or postponed during the pandemic, 2021 to 2022 has been dubbed “the greatest year of weddings in history.” With restrictions in place throughout much of 2020, couples and wedding industry professionals learned a new way to say “I do!” But, will these become traditions that stick around?

Some of the changes throughout the pandemic meant smaller wedding guest lists, while destination weddings that required travel were forbidden. When countries began shutting down in March 2020, the guidelines for weddings was unclear at first.

Brides began winnowing down their guest list or making arrangements to go online. Wedding planners had to get creative to make sure the wedding went ahead as planned, even though it would look a lot different.

Moving forward, a lot of brides like the idea of a more intimate setting with fewer guests. Couples discovered that it makes the day more personalized that way.  

  • Others found that it was a lot more affordable and kept the focus on the marriage instead of a big theatrical expensive show. 
  • Some brides opted for second-hand wedding dresses to save money, something that they would have never considered wearing in front of hundreds of people.
  • As restrictions lift, many are still clinging to the smaller guest list. Though, others are willing to wait until restrictions are fully lifted so they can have a celebration with friends and family and not hold back. 

Weddings Are Social Events

While some still enjoy the quiet of just the two of them and a couple of witnesses, others cannot wait until they can jump into full-out celebrations. The pandemic revealed that weddings are a ritual that involves a social event.