Doja Cat Shaves Her Eyebrows Live on Instagram


Doja Cat is being true to herself. The pop artist explained to followers on Instagram Live that she “never enjoyed having hair” as she unveiled a buzz cut.

The 26-year-old Grammy winner revealed the change on Thursday, August 4. It was never my intention to have hair; the “Say So” singer told her followers. “I detest wearing hair. Hair has never been my thing. Since the beginning of my existence, I can not recall once thinking, “This is cool.” Simply put, I detest having hair.

Doja said that she struggled to concentrate because she was preoccupied with her appearance and the state of her hair. The hitmaker, whose true name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, also revealed that she thought it was time for the big chop because she seldom wore her natural locks out and instead braided her mane behind wigs and weaves.

I am surprised it took me this long to say, “Shave your f—king head.” First of all, I do not let my hair become too long. You people have seen me with my natural hair, and I have had it for two decades. Just a nightmare, remarked Doja. I am done with it. What is the point of having your hair if you do not wear it out?

I like this, the singer continued, delighted with her decision.

Doja said she could “swim, work out, perform grueling activities, and sweat my ass off.” She explained that if I want to color my buzz cut, I can do any color without applying it to my head. I can cut buzzcuts for wigs. In any case, everything is considerably simpler.

Feeling even more liberated, Doja decided to pluck her eyebrows while recording. She used a razor and shaving cream to describe the outcome, saying, “Oooh.”

Even though this is maybe the musician’s most striking makeover, Doja frequently changes her appearance. Doja wore a pixie before getting a buzz cut. She has blonde, pink, green, and red hair coloring. She has worn curly fros, edgy ponytails, and braids.

“I would be exercising, but I could not concentrate because I was more preoccupied with my appearance. Or the condition of my hair and how to maintain it attached to my scalp,” she continued.

Iris Law, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Demi Lovato, Saweetie, and Maisie Williams have all made the buzzcut their hallmark styles, and Doja is by no means the only celebrity to have dabbled with the trend recently.

It is both elegant and robust for a woman and empowering. Law’s hairdresser, Larry King, explained the daring ‘do to Page Six Style in early 2022. “It highlights the qualities of your face and gives ladies the courage to dress aggressively to match their hair,” King said of the ‘do.

I am a great lover since it provides a strong, noticeable, and lovely finish.

As a lover of the look, Joey King, who has buzzed her hair for three different jobs over the years, recently told Allure, “I think every woman should [shave her head] at least once in her life.”

The actress said, “I have never felt freer or more in sync with my beauty.