Dua Lipa Backyard Beach Ack Bikini


In light of the COVID-19 shutdowns, many public beaches may not open, or if they do, they will look a bit more sparse. This means that those who enjoy the summer-long beach experience will simply need to use a bit of creativity to soak up the sun. Dua Lipa did just that as she brought the beach to her own backyard.

The singer lit up her Instagram with a bunch of selfies taken of her laying out in the sun wearing a bikini. She was not sitting by a beach or even a pool. She was seen simply reading a book that she claimed was not being used as merely a sun shield.

The bikini seen in her selfies was an Ack label. Ack is Italian and has a line of swimwear that sells for more than $450 each. The one Dua Lipa was wearing was pink, yellow, and blue color-blocked with sparkly accents. She tied the entire look together while guarding her face against the sun with a happy-faced turned upside-down baseball cap. She sat on a multicolored floral print towel that only showed off the swimsuit even more.


Dua Lipa is an English singer and songwriter from Westminster, London. Her father was the lead vocalist in the Kosovan rock band Oda and is a marketing manager. With music in her soul, she burst onto the music scene with hits like, “Be the One”, “IDGAF”, and “New Rules” or “One Kiss” with Calvin Harris which peaked at number one in London.

Throughout her musical career, she has also been noted for her fashion. She has graced the cover of Elle and modeled for Wylde magazine showing off designers such as Stella McCartney. She also modeled for an editorial of Paper magazine and has worked with the brand /Nyden, collaborating with the H&M-owned brand on several capsule collections.

The singer admits to loving dressing up and experimenting with colors. She often has expressed how clothes reflect strength as well as fearlessness. She loves to show off new styles that fit her image both on and off of the stage.