Elliot Page Opens Up About His Trans Journey In A Recent Time Magazine Interview


In December, on a social media post, we saw Elliot Page coming out as non-binary and transgender. After that first post, he became much more vocal about his journey and did an interview for Time Magazine to share his story. In that interview, we get a glimpse into his emotional journey and understand him much better. 

Here is everything you need to know about him opening up as a trans. 

When It All Started 

The actor is now thirty-four years old and he has starred in many things during his career. He is known for roles such as:

  • Pit Pony in 1997
  • Juno in 2007
  • Umbrella Academy, which is still ongoing

According to him, the journey for him to discover his true self started at a young age. He told Time Magazine that he had always felt like a boy and he would even ask his mother if he could be one someday. However, the defining moment of his journey was the pandemic. 

The isolation during the pandemic gave him time to understand himself and ponder upon his identity. Once he introspected during this time, he was ready to reveal to the world in December 2020 that he is trans. 

Feeling At Home In His Own Body 

When Page was finally comfortable in his identity and accepted it entirely, he went through a gender-affirming procedure. The procedure was done to provide a flat chest to Page, and ever since then, he has felt more at home in his own body. The procedure changed his life and how he felt towards himself. 

His story gives us an insight into how trans people feel that they are born in the wrong body. Page lays his heart bare and shares his emotional turmoil, trauma, and suffering from others. He even described that it was difficult to look at photos on set where he was dressed as a woman. 

We are glad that Page finally feels at home in his own body and he took the steps to finally come out and reaffirm his gender. After all, it is never too late to discover your true self. 

Influencing The World Through His Story 

Page has faced a lot of hate online after coming out, but he is adamant about helping people becoming more accepting of the trans community. He told Time Magazine that his privilege and resources have allowed him to get where he is and he will use this platform to help the trans community. 

We love that even after facing so much hate, Page is resilient and brave towards helping people become more accepting of the trans community. We are eager to see what he does next. 

Final Words 

Page’s journey gives us insight into the emotional toll that comes with discovering your true self and identity. We are happy that he is finally happy in his body and we can’t wait to see how he helps the trans community. We wish him the best of luck.