Fans’ Reaction to Lizzo’s Latest Shapewear Line


Getting your foot in the door! Lizzo has unveiled her first business, YITTY, a size-inclusive shapewear collection created with all body shapes in mind.

“We’re considering regarding size on a continuum rather than a continuous pattern,” the Lizzo, the American singer, said of her latest collection, that appears in dimensions in the range from Extra Small to 6X. “Everyone has the same length and width. It isn’t too high or excessively low. It is neither big nor little. It’s just a question of scale.”

The “Truth Hurts” singer has always been in the business for 3 years, and she’s been wearing a white clothing since she was in middle school, as per a press release shared with our online news reporter.

Lizzo stated, “I grew weary of seeing this depressing, restricting shapewear that no one ever wanted to wear.” ” I got a revelation and thought to myself, ‘Who can truly do anything about this?'” I finally agreed to undertake the task of making women feel shamelessly good about themselves once again.”

Nearly Naked, Mesh Me, and Major Label are the three drops included in the brand’s original debut. The series includes something for everyone, with various designs, patterns, and forms. Plus, with Tempo Lavender or Moody Bitch Taupe, the shapewear is on-brand for the artist.

Lizzo is the brand’s face, although she did not create it through her own. Don Ressler, the co-founder of Fabletics and a collaborator with Kate Hudson, was invited to assist her.

The singer also used Instagram to promote her business, stunning fans with a “YITTY” tattoo on her buttocks. “This has been a 5-year dream come true…. a new account on Twitter. Shapewear may be worn as underwear, overwear, or anyplace else. For every one of us. From 6X through Xs. “Are you ready for YITTY LIBERATION?” she asked in the post.

Fans erupted in a frenzy, as expected. “Why are you starting with 6x instead of finishing with it?!?” “The delicate beauty of 6x-xs is giving me life,” one fan remarked, while another added, “So happy for this.” “THE LIZZO EMPIRE CONTINUES,” someone another added.

The brand will go live at noon EST on Tuesday, April 12. Join the website’s waitlist to get ahead of the game.