Four Upcoming Jewelry Trends You Need to Know About


As the fashion runway season starts, one thing’s absolutely clear- the minimalist, loungewear style is about to be over, making way for a total style changeover. One thing that’s going to help you set yourself apart this summer season is jewelry as it will help you keep up with the changing fashion. If you wish to know what to add to your go-to jewelry this season, then stay tuned.

Accessorize Your Arms

While earlier trends settled for minimalistic styles, this time around, you’ll see ones that take things to the next level. For instance, there’s a lot of emphasis on the arms, especially when it comes to jewelry. You’ll find a myriad of designers donning their models with arm cuffs. Doesn’t this remind you of the 1990-the 2000s? Well, arm cuffs are back for good. You’ll see models, celebrities, and many fashion icons pairing chunky arm cuffs with their outfits this season.

Designers, including Tory Burch, Fendi, and Prada have introduced this piece of jewelry this season. So, you’re sure to find many others following suit. You might not be wearing them every day, but they’re ideal for multiple events or even your vacation. 

Add a Touch of Silver

Designers have been rocking their yellow gold jewelry and you’re been seeing it everywhere as well. But this is all about to change as you will find silver seeping in and taking control. There’s an evident shift in the color of jewelry as more and more designers have introduced cool silver jewelry to their lines.

There are different variations to this style and there’s no specification to the type of jewelry you can find in silver. From chunky necklaces to earrings and body chains, you’ll find many options to choose from. Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Paco Rabanne are some of the more popular names you’ll see promoting silver jewelry this season.

Coachella Inspired Beads

Summer calls for fun and exciting times. Your jewelry doesn’t have to be boring, you can easily amp it up with different textures as well. This is what this season’s jewelry style is all about. Beaded jewelry is never going out of style, we hope. From fun bracelets to exquisite chokers, there’s so much variation you can add to this style of jewelry.

The jewelry trend is here to stay as you’ll see many fashion icons donning it. Mix in the texture with some pearls and charms, and you have yourself a fun summer look without putting too much effort.

Statement Necklaces Are Back with a Different Bang

Statement necklaces were quite popular a few years ago, but we all know that fashion repeats itself.  So, they’re back in the spotlight after all these years. But this time, they’re a little different than before. You’ll find statement necklaces to be more specific to chokers.

These are going to be big, chunky, metal chokers in gold and silver. While the basic color theme is quite prominent, you’ll find many variations in them as well. Glam up your outfits with these statement necklaces, and you’re good to go anywhere.

There’s so much more coming to you when it comes to summer jewelry, so stay tuned to keep yourself updated with the latest trends.