Getting Into The Detail: Fashion Vs. Style


When you find yourself trying to find the best clothing item to wear to meet the going trends in the fashion world, what do you think you’re focused on? Is it the style that you have developed over the years or is it the clothes that are simply trending and you wish to be a part of what is in these days? There are countless questions that arise when we start talking about fashion and style. Here, we break the two down to understand where they come together and how they are entirely different.

What Is Fashion?

Talking about fashion, you should immediately understand that it has to do with your appearance in terms of what the trends are talking about these days. You have an external influence on what you decide to put on yourself rather than anything else.

Having to constantly think about whether something goes with what is trending in today’s time is an issue of the fashion world. There is always concern about whether something is “fashionable” or not. Because of fashion, at times, you might find yourself a bit out of your comfort zone and into something that you only wear because of the ongoing trends.

What Is Style?

Style, on the other hand, has more to do with what you feel is the best for you. As opposed to always keeping up with what is going on externally, style ensures that you have understood yourself and know what is good for you.

It is more about the depiction of one’s self by styling yourself the way you want to be. There is no pressure from what is going on externally. As long as you are pleased with what you are wearing, you will find yourself satisfied and not left wanting for more.

What Is The Major Difference Between The Two?

The major difference between fashion and style is the fact that you are focused on understanding yourself with your style. Fashion is only temporary and you get into the nitty-gritties of something that will not be beneficial to your growth in any way.

You will find that when it comes to fashion, you’re always concerned about the externalities as opposed to what’s inside you. Style takes away this issue and helps you focus on yourself and your development.

Understanding Yourself And Your Wants

It is important to note that style is through which you are able to understand yourself. Fashion comes and goes, but your personal style is here to stay forever. You are able to uncover more about what your identity is and what are the things that you like with the use of style as opposed to fashion. With style, there is more connection to the internal needs and requirements of an individual as opposed to the outward ones.

While fashion prevails everywhere, your personal style will help you determine your choices about what is the best option for you. It is important to step away from external forces and always meeting expectations of others when it comes to dressing yourself. Learn about yourself through figuring out what your style is.