Gigi Hadid Shares Her Secret Lip-Plumping Secret


The pandemic has caused people to shutter themselves in for what feels like forever. Worse yet, no one has much of a budget for makeup these days. If you want the type of lips that Gigi Hadid often flaunts, you’ll want to pay close attention. She has a trick that costs less than four pounds, and your lips will look fabulous. Gone are the days when you have to feel uneasy about yourself because of what’s going on around you. Take control of your beauty routine by doing exactly what Gigi Hadid does for thicker, fuller lips. The hack is so crazy simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it.

It all starts with plenty of lip balm

Don’t be stingy when it comes to lip balm. You’ll want to grease your lips up as much as possible. You’ll know that you’ve done a good job when it looks like you’ve eaten an entire bucket of KFC. Smack those lips a few times to see if you’re good to go and then move onto the next step.

The secret is Maybelline Colourshow Shaping Lip Liner

Maybelline Colourshow Shaping Lip Liner is a mouthful to say. Isn’t it? You put that around your lips and make sure to follow the contours carefully. What you’re trying to do is create a shadow-like area between your lips and your face. It sounds a little odd, but trust us, it works. Generously apply the lip liner to the area and now look at yourself in the mirror. You should see a distinctive area between your lips and your face.

Take a tissue and blot the lip liner to dull its color

Be careful not to make a mess, but you’re going to want to blot the lip liner. Your lips are already covered with balm, so they’re a bit greasy. Go ahead and blot away until the liner looks a little dull. What you’re trying to do here is bring down the color a tad so that it looks natural. If the line between your lips and face is too bold, it will look fake. You want the liner to naturally bring out the contours of your lips while not making you look like a clown.

Now you’re ready for your next Zoom meeting

You’re looking snazzy with your lips that cost under four pounds. Who would’ve ever thought that you could look so great without spending much money? The savings are great, but even better is how quick and easy the entire process is. The person on the other end of the cam will think that you spent countless hours working on your lips. You are the only person that needs to know what really happened. Take this tip from Gigi Hadid and make your lips look like a million bucks without having to spend anywhere near that much. Anyone who believes that you can’t look great even during a pandemic has a thing, or two learn from Gigi Hadid.