Harry Styles Defies Social Distancing With Watermelon Sugar


You may not be able to enjoy a traditional beach-packed moment this year, but Harry Styles has come up with a safely distanced video, Watermelon Sugar, that is a tribute to touch and allows viewers to dream of the day everyone is free to express themselves through the means of touch once again. While the video may be dedicated to touching in the wake of the coronavirus, the video was shot before the pandemic sent us all into lockdown mode. It was filmed in January, so don’t gasp at the lack of social distancing portrayed on camera.

As everyone around the globe gets ready to embrace social distancing throughout the summer, touch is still a basic human need. Yet, in the wake of COVID-19 shutdowns and quarantines, many long for a hug or a simple touch of a hand, especially with dreams of a normal summer being dashed.

The video opens with a dedication to touching with a lone Styles sitting on the beach at a table singing and eating watermelon. It continues by incorporating bikini-clad models and celebrates touch in the form of dancing, kissing, and hugging as depicted by a Southern California love-in and an underlying fashion statement. Those featured in the video are seen wearing beach attire of not-so-typical or even expected look.

The concept stems from The Summer of Love which was a social phenomenon that took place in 1967. Around 100,000 people wearing hippie attire converged in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood with hippie music, anti-war sentiment, and a lot of free-love promoted. These hippies were sometimes called flower children and many rejected the idea of consumerism. A lot of music was birthed out of The Summer of Love.

In the music video, there is a hippie culture displayed with knit bikinis, florals, short shorts, and crop tops. Alongside the upbeat song, the menswear seems to fit. A cropped jumper done in rainbow colors with a floral scarf comes from the Gucci line for fall 2020.

The beachwear was completely well-thought-out to match the mood, the water and sand backdrop as well as the music. The crochet vest that is seen wearing on Styles at the beginning of the video is a flashback to decades ago and connects with the closing scene floral blouse. Also, the red heart and blue flowered sunglasses saw in the video is a tip of the hat to Elton John. 

The clothing is all accented with some subtle jewelry touches. Expect to see pearls, peace beads, and initial rings splashed throughout the music video.