Have you spotted Selena Gomez’s hidden message in ‘De Una Vez’?


As one of the most famous artists of her era, Selena Gomez is someone who has made a habit of breaking convention. She’s someone who clearly has belief in her own ability to shake things up, as is easily visible from her numerous hit songs and media appearances. However, with her latest video ‘De Una Vez’, she rocks a gorgeous Rodarte dress in the video. Resplendent in gorgeous floral pink, it’s the kind of eye-catching dress that makes Gomez such a big name on the media circuit.

However, there is actually a bit more to this particular choice of dress than it looking 100% awesome. The 28-year-old dropped the latest single, in Spanish, and the video was immediately a hit. Shot by Tania Verduzco and Adrian Perez, it made an immediate impact on the audience that it was provided to. The video shows Gomez in her puffed-sleeves floral dress. Throughout the video, we see more of the dress than we do of Gomez, really. So, is it a marketing stunt? Is she doing a promotional push for the dress?

Actually, it’s a little nod to one of the most important people in modern history; Frida Kahlo. The Mexican painter is one of the most revered artists of all-time and makes a wonderful person to try and attribute some fame towards. After all, despite her amazing lifetime achievements, many Gomez fans might not know who Kahlo is. Now, they should know about her beyond all doubt!

On top of this, Gomez wore gorgeous jewelry developed by Daniela Villegas, a popular Mexican jewelry expert who has a habit and reputation of making the right stand-out style come to life in her videos.

Why did Gomez choose to represent Frida Kahlo?

There were quite a few reasons given, but the main reason was to try and modernize a classic Kahlo image and bring it to a more modern audience. As people look into the history of the dress, they will find themselves naturally curious about Kahlo. What better way to raise the profile of an extremely important person than to introduce them to the world through one of the most popular and culturally relevant musicians of her era?

For that reason, then, this was clearly an idea that came with plenty of thought and passion put into the role. While many music videos are essential to show off sex appeal and/or sell products, the use of such an emotive and driven message is something very impressive indeed.

The aim is to try and show the world that healing and growth is something that we can all achieve, and that we can all reach a point of genuine progression in our lives. The introduction of a little nod to one of the most important people of her – or any – era, though, is an awesome little step in the right direction from the industry.

Instead of focusing on how we can make money through music videos, little nods to vital culture like this is so important.