Hottest Lizzo Appearances In Swimsuit Teaching To Love Your Body


Lizzo, 31 is the industry sensation, she received the most Grammy nominations and was nominated in eight categories! She appeared on covers such as Vogue, Billboard, Allure, The Rolling Stones. Time magazine named her Entertainer of the Year and Rihanna gave her a standing ovation.

Lizzo conquered everyone with her authenticity and philosophy of accepting herself and her body. That is why she is so popular on social media with almost 10 million followers on Instagram, where she often posts provocative videos and pics. Melissa Vivan Jefferson, the real name, shared a video in a revealing outfit that sparked controversy online. The 32-year-old star posted several candid videos on TikTok and Instagram, showing her twerk dancing in a snake-print bikini. The singer covered her tanned body with oil, so it sparkled in the sun, adding peppercorns to the photos. The singer showed off her buttocks and lush breasts, dancing and curving erotically. Fans of the star appreciated her candid pictures and bombarded her with compliments.

“You are an incredible beauty”,” Can someone really be so beautiful”,” Will you ever stop being perfect in all respects?”, wrote one of the stars in the comments.

Hot photos and videos of the performer excited the network. In less than a day, Liza’s messages have received over a million approvals and many comments, including from celebrity friends.

On the other hand, netizens criticized the singer’s appearance: “How to unsee it”, “I don’t believe she’s a vegetarian”, “Does anyone really want to see this?”, “Does she really think she looks good?”, “Someone, buys this woman a mirror”, they said.

Earlier in May, Lizzo was shamed online for a similar photo with cellulite on her thighs. The singer posted a candid photo on Instagram in which she poses in black lace panties and a crop top of the same color.

“This is not body positive but attention-grabbing! Why to post such pictures?” said one of the subscribers in the comments. After that, the curvaceous woman and eight-time Grammy nominee recorded a video message on TikTok, urging not to judge people by their figure, and stating that she was not ashamed of her body at all.

Also, the singer not only posts hot pics but also encourages taking care of her mental health. For example, earlier, the singer called to join her broadcast to conduct a mass meditation: “We need peace of mind during this global crisis. If you are with me, join me in a positive mood and any disinfectant you have.” And the star fulfilled its promise by going live on Instagram with a meditation session.

Mellisa Vivian Jefferson aka Lizzo does not suffer from complexes and does not hesitate to upload her spicy photos, despite the non-standard figure. Thus, the artist showed how body positivity leads to a harmony with oneself.

Recently, the rapper showed on Instagram what she does every morning to love her body. When Lizzo wakes up, she turns to her stomach and gives him a lot of compliments. At this time, she strokes him and does a small massage with breathing exercises. According to the singer, it is important to respect your body and its wishes, that’s why she does not limit herself to anything.

“I started talking to my belly this year. I send him kisses and praise him. I used to just want to cut off my belly, I hated it so much. But that’s really me. I am learning to radically love every part of myself, ” admitted Lizzo.

So, the singer stands for the acceptance of her body: “You can wake up and change a lot in your appearance, but you need to wake up in your body and accept it. This is what brings us together” — said Lizzo in one of her interviews.

By posting hot pics, Lizzo promotes a healthy attitude towards her body and encourages people not to be complex because of their figure, skin color, etc. The singer motivates people by her example and she does it well!