Is wearing your bikini upside down a new 2021 trend?


So, as you might have imagined, 2021 has started with quite a flourish. With everyone stuck at home for most of last year, it’s fair to say that most of us are looking for ways to get creative. To get zany. To let off some steam and feel a whole lot less frustrated at, well, everything. One good way to feel good is to let your creative thinking do the talking for a change. And it looks like 2021 is going to be filled up with some creative ideas – some more insightful than others. Trends, too, will become commonplace.

One trend that has caught the eye of quite a few people is the wearing of bikinis in an upside-down manner. As many might be shocked to know, the Kardashians have played a pretty big role in making this odd obsession become a thing. Bikini season might still feel a world away because isolation isn’t getting any easier in most parts of the world, but the Kardashians are happy to show off their high glamour, jet-setting life for the whole world to see at the best of times. So why not keep doing so now?

If you take a look at the photos of the likes of Kylie & Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kendall Jenner, you might notice something rather odd – they appear to be wearing their bikinis in the ‘wrong’ way. These ladies love to get their kit off and show the world how they look in their lingerie and their bikinis, and this is no different. However, it’s how they appear to be wearing them that has caught the attention of most people.

The top in particular is clearly being worn upside down – the ruching is sitting atop the triangle, which isn’t where it would normally go. We’ve noticed each member of this media empire go down this route recently, with Kourtney posting a similar upside-down bikini snap last month.

So, is this a new trend that they think looks good? Or have the ladies just realized that they hold enough sway and power in society to basically make people do whatever they want?

We suspect its probably the former. But, personally speaking, if I had the power these girls do? I’d push the boundaries to see just how crazy I could get the rest of society to start dressing!

These are some pretty interesting design choices, but it’s pretty clear that they have no problem at all in setting trends as opposed to following them. People like the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s tend to have a habit of setting trends and basically doing whatever they want within the confines of their own fashion and style. comfortable with who they are, they don’t mind showing people how they think it should be done.

And for that reason, expect some big changes to come in the near future. If you start seeing girls running around the beach in upside-down bikinis, now you know why!