J-Lo dazzles in stunning log slit dress


We’ve all grown used to Jennifer Lopez reminding us that glamour and beauty can be eternal when in the right hands. Still, every time the superstar appears on stage or on TV, we’re quickly reminded just how drop-dread gorgeous she really is. As an individual, few people can find the happy combination between talent, personality, and beauty quite like J-Lo has over the years. And few people in this world are quite as confident in themselves and/or their bodies as the Latin superstar is.

And it’s easy to see why when you see her performing at the AMAs Red Carpet event. Known for her stylish and bombastic style, she turned up at the 2020 edition of the American Music Awards looking absolutely spectacular. She pulled off an outrageous glittery two-piece from the Balmain spring/summer collection. This included a stylish skirt with an ambitious leg slit, as well as a top that showed off plenty of midriff.

Add in the stylish look of her hair and her stilettos, and J-Lo quite genuinely looked gorgeous from head to toe. She also finished off the look with some grandiose accessories, including a one-of-a-kind clutch from the Balmain collection. So, she was rocking some pretty stylish and modern looks; the perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to be reminded what body confidence and optimism can lead to.

Few people on this earth know how to flaunt if quite like J-Lo, and it is easy to see why. With her supreme self-belief matched by an outstanding natural talent and a human empathy, she really is quite the inspirational figure.

And it wasn’t just on the red carpet that J-Lo decided to wow us, either. Once the event began in earnest, she rocked up on stage to perform alongside Maluma on a fine “Pa Ti” and “Lonely” set.

Looking ravishing in a sheer black bodysuit, Lopez showed the world what you can do with a helping of swagger, a smattering of self-belief, and no shortage of belief in her own natural beauty. It was the same kind of bodysuit, designed by LaQuan Smith, that she had worn in the music video for the song. Now, be sure not to watch this in the company of others; they might wonder why you need to keep adjust your tie!

If you’ve enjoyed your little indulgence of Lopez back in your life, then you might be happy to know that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She’s already planned to be one of the stars in the action comedy movie Shotgun Wedding. The film will see her alongside Armie Hammer in a comical movie that will see the engaged couple take part in a pretty wild family wedding event with some rather outrageous circumstances.

When the wedding party is taken hostage at their dream venue for a wedding, though, things get even crazier from there. We would, though, like to suggest that few things in this film are likely to get as hot as J-Lo parading around the stage in a sheer black bodysuit!