Jennifer Lopez Has an Amazing New Look, And We Are All About It


Jennifer Lopez is a walking icon.  Her music and fashion make a statement wherever she goes.  Recently her hair has made a statement, and we love it!

Why are focused on hair anyway?

In 2020, all of the salons closed.  Everything shut down and we were left to amuse ourselves at home.  For those of us who had high maintenance hair, it was a nightmare.  No salons meant no treatments or work for any of us!  You would think that during this time, our hair would be the last thing we would want to be showing off.  Well, time has proven that wrong.

The lack of salons has inspired us to try some new DIY looks.  Some results have made us really appreciate our stylists and how hard they must have trained in order to be able to do hair so well.  On the other hand, there are some looks that look brilliant.  Cotton candy pink hair and rich copper tones have been just some of the trends born this year, and we love them. 

Now, Jennifer Lopez has shared some of her own looks and they look positively gorgeous.

What have we seen Jennifer rocking?

Jennifer’s stylist is Chris Appleton.  Do not recognize that name?  How about the names Kim Kardashian-West and Dua Lipa?  These two are both former clients of Appleton’s and he has put together some fabulous looks for them.  So, what has he done recently for Lopez?

One hugely promoted look features Lopez in a shoulder-length, platinum blonde wig.  The wig is completely straight, allowing for its prime design element.  The left side features beautiful stencil work showcasing some natural elements.  Chris Appleton shared an image on his Instagram, stating “Coming soon… #hairart #hairstencil” What could that mean?  Read on to find out about the possible answers.

Lopez’s latest look: featuring none other than Chris Appleton

If you thought that Appleton’s looks could not get any better, then you were wrong.  His latest work is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Lopez is once again donning an amazing wig, with this one having several beautiful hues.  We can see bright light purple, pastel pink and platinum blonde shades all throughout the wig.  The combination of colors is exquisite, and we are loving it.  Many have referred to this as a unicorn barbie (coined by Appleton himself) or space-age princess look, and both of these descriptions perfectly describe this new color.  Check out Appleton’s Instagram (@chrisappleton1) for more.

What do we see in the future of Jennifer Lopez?

Along with these major looks, there has been some major hit dropped about what Lopez plans to do next.  Some of these include her new single, “In the Morning”.  Along with a teaser she shared on her Instagram, there was an additional hashtag that fans were quick to point out.  It reads #JLOBEAUTY and it has us thinking.  What is Lopez really planning?  Does it have something to do with beauty?  Are Appleton’s stencils (remember, #comingsoon) a part of it?