Kim Kardashian continues to set fashion trends for summer 2021


Unless you are entirely removed from celebrity culture and big names in the media world, you probably know who Kim Kardashian is. If you somehow don’t, she’s part of the massive Kardashian empire, one of the biggest media families in the world – and among the most high-profile for…reasons. Kim is also (currently) married to Kanye West, one of the most high-profile musicians of his era. So, it’s safe to say that whatever Kim does, the world will find out – and she’s never too shy in telling, or showing us.

Her latest show and tell comes just in time for the sun to come out from the clouds again. Always one to show off her body and style, Kardashian has posted a few risky snaps of her latest bikinis for the happy times in Spring/Summer 2021. Taking to social media to give her audience what they want, the celeb has probably also just set plenty of ladies off racing to buy bikinis just like the one she has decided to go for.

In the photo, she posed in a stylish Jade Cropper bikini set that comes in a very pleasing beige colour. It’s a classic throwback to the early 2000s, when we seen a lot of ‘signature’ style prints from Cropper and co. It’s quite cool, quite stylish, but it’s got that classic colour scheme that Kardashian seems to take such pride in wearing. She’s got quite the catalogue of photos to prove that you can definitely look pretty interesting when wearing beige.

It’s got that classic triangular style top, too, though it does come with some interesting little adult-themed additions, such as some little straps that go around the torso. If you think it looks a little BDSM-inspired, then you won’t be shocked to see plenty of similar items coming onto the market this summer and spring.

The design on the bottoms retains that classic look and style, while she’s got the signature pull-up of the straps to give it that leg-lengthening style that is so appealing on the eye. Add in the classic shades and skin that glows as much as the sun in the sky, and it’s easy to see why Kardashian is so at ease with posting herself in her smalls.

As a family who are all too accustomed to living life in the highest profile way possible, we assume this will be the first of many Kardashian bikini snaps as the year progresses. Few people in the world are quite as keen to show the world how happy and successful they are quite like the Kardashian clan – chief among them Kim.

So, expect some big snaps to come in the coming months as she continues to solidify her position as one of the biggest icons of her generation. Sure, you might still wonder why, but it’s a fact; Kardashian is a model template for many ladies in the world, and when she posts snaps with such apparent self-confidence? It’s easy to see why.