Kim Kardashian Debuts The Sports Illustrated Cover In Skims


A great achievement for Kim Kardashian just got dropped on her doorstep. Her debut on the cover of Sports Illustrated in her brand “Skims” is making headlines nowadays.

She is one of the four cover models who were featured this year. Undoubtedly, Kim has been in the headlines this year due to many personal reasons, but this is a great one.

The KKW beauty has been featured in countless magazine covers, but for the Skims Swimsuit, this is a milestone. Kim featured in such an outfit on the magazine’s cover after a very long time, too, for her brand. In addition, she is rocking the cover of Sports Illustrated for the month of May, published with her curvy figure.

How Did It Happen?

The Sports Illustrated decision to feature Kim on the cover was very inclusive. They wanted someone bold to make a statement on their cover.

Everyone knows how Kim has overcome the challenges she faced in the past. The world judging her for her mistakes and how she came out of them is worth appreciating. We need such women to inspire and motivate others to break the mold and live freely.

Kin has penned down some feelings that she wanted to share with the world in the magazine. In recent events, we all are aware of the changes she had to face in her marriage life and the criticism she had to face.

“It can be easy to avoid the criticism, but one day it will click in your mind that it is about you and your family. It is about helping others. The more public your life will get, the more private and isolated you will become,” Kim writes. Just a few lines from her side touched many people.

Many others appreciated her for opening up and sharing what she has been going through recently. The world can be a harsh place sometimes, but it depends on how you deal with everything and overcome the challenges you’ve been facing.

Sports Illustrated did a good job featuring her and making her write a not-for-the-world. Kim took it seriously and penned words that touched everyone’s heart. 

Kim Kardashian is well aware of the curiosity everyone has regarding her current life after the divorce. She knew people were looking for statements from her side. The answer she gave in this magazine is a bit deep for everyone to understand, but those who can are well aware of what she is talking about.

In this letter, she wrote a note to her younger self, recalling what she did and how she could’ve avoided all that. But that’s okay everyone has a harsh past, and what is done is done. We can’t change it and look forward to how to improve our future and to be an inspiration for everyone.

Now everyone is looking forward to such meaningful letters from Kim, as this one has helped many people connect with and understand her point of view.