Kim Kardashian Steps Out Of Quarantine To Shock Fans


While we’ve all been home shut off from the world, some well-known stars have done the same. Whether a famous person or a homebody at heart, we have all experienced some amount of staying at home more lately than ever before. Some of us may have even become so comfy that we’ve walked around the house paying no worry to undergarments.

Of course, there is the image of the typical American household locked down at home in our most comfy attire not fit to be seen in public. And, then there is the Kardashian’s style of what to wear at home, at work, or out on the town.

Star Kim Kardashian is wife to Kanye West and mother to six-year-old North, 4-year-old Saint, 2-year-old Chicago, and 10-month-old Psalm. In the midst of stay-at-home orders, she has found herself homeschooling her children and admits to not even showering, putting on makeup, or brushing her hair on most days. And, then there was a day like the one recently caught on camera where she expressed that she still enjoys a good photo op shocking fans.

Kim Kardashian West, from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show, stepped out of quarantine all dressed in white with a platinum blonde wig and showing just enough skin to raise an eyebrow. She donned a head-turning outfit and got caught on camera. What was she wearing? An all-white Not Safe For Work NSFW chaps and a bra, or was it a bikini top? A closer look reveals that the chaps may be a hint of very light beige. And, the bra and briefs were all part of a photoshoot to show off her brand, SKIMS.

Her all-new white bra and underwear look outfit was part of her attire worn during a SKIMS launch promo. SKIMS is a new, solution-focused approach to shape-enhancing undergarments by Kim Kardashian West. She accented the otherwise all-white look with light-colored chaps, black oval frame and clear heels.

An additional photo revealed much more as she squatted near her vehicle with chaps unsnapped at the ankle showing much more skin in true Kardashian style. In yet a third photo, remaining squatted, this one features her head on where you can clearly see a silver sun-shaped accent on the toe of her shoes and her manicured nails.

After the photoshoot, she probably threw off the long, wavy platinum blonde wig and kicked off the clear, Cinderella-like pumps. After that, she no doubts put on some sweats over top of her SKIMS attire to return to her at-home role of wife and mother to four.