Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Dress Channeled a Major Favorite Character for Many, But People Disagree About Which One


Christmas is a favorite time for all.  We enjoy the time spent decorating the tree, opening presents, hanging out with our family, and often, a fun Christmas party.  This year, we did not get to take part in these same delights.  2020 has been one heck of a year.  COVID 19 has been around the world, shutting down any gathering and making just going out to lunch with a friend a huge risk for you and your household.  Unfortunately for us, the virus does not take holidays off.  In fact, the holiday time was when the virus was busier than ever. 

For many of us, that meant we had to take a new approach to how we celebrated the Christmas of 2020, and that includes our Hollywood residents.

Normally, the Kardashians, one of America’s most famous families, would throw a massive party to celebrate Christmas.  Kris Jenner started this trend in the 1970s and ever since the event has been one filled with people and it always features all five Kardashian sisters fully dressed up in gorgeous, unique designs. 

COVID-19 may have made the ball impossible, but does that mean that the Kardashians did not dress up?  Anyone who has followed this family for a while knows the answer.  No, it does not mean that at all.

The Grinch? Or another favorite?

Instead of spending Christmas at a large, fancy party, four out of five sisters (everyone but Khloe) spent Christmas Eve in Courtney’s house.  They still got dressed up, with Kim Kardashians Instagram highlighted some of the looks. 

One of her pictures features Kylie in a long-sleeve full-length red ball gown, Kim’s look is far from traditional.

Her down dress has a lime green velvet skirt with a thigh split and is topped with a dark green latex piece that is strapless and features some fine-looking chiseled abs. 

Her picture is on Instagram and the caption reads “Merry Christmas from the Grinch and Santa.”

Even though her look was meant to represent the grinch, her fans had other ideas.  Many thought that her dress instead more resembled the hulk.  How could it not?  The top was the perfect color, and those abs look just the same way the hulks would…you know if they were human-sized and made of latex.

Some of the comments for the photo read “Damn, more like the hulk” and “Merry Hulkmas.”  Another set of shots featured her and her four children (North, 7, Saint, 5, Chicago, 2, and Psalm, 1) prompted more Hulk comparisons, many of which received likes from Kim.

So, what did the Kardashian’s do with their Christmas?

We can see that they all dressed up and had a fun time at Kourtney Kardashians house.  In her solo shots, Kim thanked the designers of her dress (@danielroseberry and @schiaparelli) and noted that even though their initial Christmas plans had to be cancelled, the dress still made her feel festive.