Kourtney Kardashian’s Extreme Take On A Sheer Dress


The Kardashians are always the talk of the town because of almost anything they do. The tabloids are filled with who has done what and what is going on in their lives. One of the Kardashians taking up the headlines many times now is Kourtney. You will find that ever since her split with Scott, she has undergone a major transformation in terms of her style and the way she generally is.

Kourtney’s Evolving Style

Kourtney has recently developed a large following for her changing style. She has embraced a different lifestyle when it comes to her eating habits and overall living, and it is safe to say that her style has also changed throughout the process.

You will now find that Kourtney is no longer the girl with her long hair and old fashion-sense. She is all about bringing on the edge with her exceptional style. From showcasing cowboy-inspired looks to dressing up in an almost-naked dress, there is so much that Kourtney has been up to.

Her latest posts show her wearing perhaps one of the most naked dresses you might have ever seen. We will get into the details of the dress now.

What Is The Sheer/Naked Dress All About?

When talking about the dress that she recently wore for a shoot, she posted the picture herself on her Instagram. The caption states “Post-matcha, pre-zoodles fitting…” Now, that is something we expect Kourtney to say.

When it comes to the dress itself, you should know that there is barely anything covered from it. She is seen wearing a beige bra and black underwear underneath the almost transparent dress. It is quite a sight, and many are loving how it all looks in the picture she has posted.

The dress is a form of a metallic dress that is made using mesh. It looks as if there is silver work all over it. The shape of the dress is body hugging and long, with a slit running as high as Kourtney’s underwear. Along with this, you will find that the dress features a high-neck that is also covered with the same silver mesh design. She wore transparent heels with the entire look and managed to pull it of magnificently.

The dress is surely one of a kind and perhaps one of the more daring looks that Kourtney has pulled off seamlessly. What tops off the entire look is the edgy bob that Kourtney is carrying in the picture. While it can be a wig, but there is a fair chance that it isn’t either. With the bob in place, you’ll find more and more people wanting to get it cut.

Mesh Is The New Fashion

You might be wondering about the fabric that has been used for the shoot. Well, according to the latest trends, it seems like mesh is a popular option for many. You will find a range of options available for you to choose from when it comes to mesh. Whether you like bedazzle or simple mesh, you’re sure to find the right option for yourself as well.