Kylie Jenner Stunning Tattoo Bodysuit


Kylie Jenner shows off and stuns onlookers with the jaw-dropping look as she stepped out in her Tattoo bodysuit. The 22-year-old E! Reality television show model of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and founder of Kylie Cosmetics, donned a two-piece Marine Serre full bodysuit and posed for pictures she later posted on Instagram. Her Instagram pics were captioned with nothing more than a blue heart emoji.

It may appear as if she is posing nude covered with tattoos, but the outfit didn’t come cheap. The French design brand hugged every curve with tattoo-like images set against a slightly lighter-than-her own skin-toned fabric. The two pieces retail for a total of more than $760. The top piece sells for $443, and the bottom part of the outfit is sold for $323. Throw in the PVC clear pumps for $338 with the accent Christian Dior Ski 6 Shield sunglasses, and the outfit pictured is worth well over a Thousand Dollars.

While the bodysuit covers all, including a high neckline, to look as though the tattoo designs may actually be on her own skin, the model has 7 real tattoos of her own. On her left arm, she has a very small heart tattoo that celebrated her 18th birthday. Unlike the all-black inked tattoo look on the bodysuit, her heart design is done in red.

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On her right hand, she has the letter m that almost looks like a jagged cut on her pinky finger. She and her friend Jordyn Woods both got inked together by artist Jon Boy for that tat. On her left arm is a red signature look that reads, Mary Jo. This is her grandmother’s name, and the tattoo art is done in her grandfather’s handwriting.

Another red tattoo on her upper right hip simply reads, ‘\’sa-na-te\’, or the word sanity written out phonetically. It was her first inking and was a reminder to hold onto her sanity despite being plunged into the constant public eye. Since her first inking, she added the word, “before” in front of the sanity.

On her left ankle is a small letter ‘t’ that reminds her of rapper Tyga. After their breakup, she had the tattoo modified to read ‘la’ in honor of her hometown Los Angeles. On her right leg, she has a small butterfly which she and boyfriend Travis Scott had done as matching butterfly tattoos at the time. Finally, she has a STORMI tattoo on her back right arm. Stormi is the daughter that she and boyfriend Travis share.