Lil Nas X Channels Iman during the 2022 VMAs


The arrival of Lil Nas X! The 23-year-old rapper made an impression on the red carpet at the 38th yearly Video Award Show, wearing a look just off the launch pad.

When Lil Nas X entered the 2022 MTV VMAs black staircase on Sunday evening, he undoubtedly made an impression.

The “Industry Baby” performer paired a stunning Harris Reed ensemble with De Beers gems from the creator’s February 2016 Fashion Shows Week show.

The extravagant ensemble, which comprised a black hairy poofy dress and matching headdress, was appropriate for Lil Nas X’s entrance on the MTV carpet. Lil Nas X, 23, added his dramatic flair to the ensemble by amplifying the showmanship in the eye-catching “look.”

The singer unveiled a skin-baring costume by British fashion designer Harris Reed, who’s up for seven categories during this year’s awards ceremony.

On the MTV VMAs carpet, Lil Nas X bragged about his appearance and remarked, “This is hefty, and it’s Harris Reed.” “This was something unusual and novel. I feel fantastic.”

Reed, who previously created outfits for Harry Styles, Adele, and Emma Corrin, has earned a reputation for his gender-neutral style, which blurs the distinction between what was traditionally thought of as fashionable items only for men and women. On the other hand, Reed experiments with the nonbinary, producing simple, universally appealing clothing. He also created a style identical to the one Iman wore to the 2021 Met Gala.

“Sixty Years a Queen,” the theme of Reed’s LFW presentation in February, was described as “wow, what a style sensation” by WWD. “If a few people find it offensive, so be it. I’m concerned that it is a fleeting moment from which you cannot turn your gaze. There are enormous feathered headdresses, flying arrows, draped skirts, and other activities going forth, baby.”

An impressive, height-defying spherical headgear was paired with a tiered feathery skirt placed above white, black glittering bell trousers.

You could also be reminded of Beyoncé’s headpiece on the July cover of a British magazine if the headpiece seems identical to it.

Lil Nax X’s headgear is probably composed of peacock feathers, much like Queen Bey’s was.

According to the source, they were “remains from the extravagant headgear Reed carefully crafted for Iman to wear to the Met Gala 2021.”

The model also unveiled the magnificent hairpiece, demonstrating its unmistakably evolving into a red carpet staple.

Lil Nas X has a history of setting trends on the red carpet. He attended the VMAs in a purple Atelier Versace suit-dress hybrid embellished with sequins and jewels the previous year.

Recently, the performance has garnered considerable media attention, particularly while pushing limits. The artist became the newest YSL Beauty representative on Friday, August 26.

He said in a social media post posted with his more than 12 million followers that he doesn’t “know what the term [representative] implies,” but he is feeling”extremely gratified.”