London Fashion Week 2022: 5 of the most approachable ideas to replicate.


As even the excitement around London Fashion Week dissipates, we prepare to embrace the haute-couture styles that will shape our collections in the coming months. Here are all the five top ideas to try right now.

After another year of presenting the designs that will impact the fashion industry in the coming months, London Fashion Week has come to an end. Some of the trends we’ve previously seen are beginning to gain traction in public, while others are new and sure to become famous as the new season progresses.

If you’re seeking to freshen up your spring wardrobe, these seven LFW fashion trends will help you stay ahead of the curve.

  • Cuts that are highly desired

The use of sharp, cut-out parts to create distinctive and streamlined designs was one of the most vital trends during London Fashion Week. Cuts across the rib cage and in the middle of the chest gave this style a fresh start, as shown in pieces by Nensi Dojaka, who blended her unique award-winning style with shoestring detailing and spaghetti straps.

  • Bustiers of Bridgerton

Bustiers and corsets are nothing new on the runway, but the 2018 London Fashion Week saw designers getting more adventurous with the trend. Feathers and sequins, for example, seemed to be an on-trend ’22 twist that supports maximalism and promised to be the center point of any ensemble.

  • The Survival of the Fittest is Resurrected

For a long time, upcycling (or recycling) has been a term in the fashion business, but companies have only made a shaky claim to being environmentally friendly until recently. Conner Ives, a young fashion genius whose raw materials are made up of 75% recycled clothing, has been the designer to watch this season, and his presentation at London Fashion Week didn’t disappoint. His runway debut has prompted a broader discussion about how manufacturers may make new customized items using readily accessible materials and clothes.

  • A woman from society

If Elle Woods or Blair Waldorf wore it, it was almost certainly shown during London Fashion Week. Along with wool sweaters, low-rise jeans, and block-heel mules, accessories like chunky headbands and small sunglasses were paraded down the catwalk. The current trend is washed-out colors, which tend to overlap with the Y2K fashions that have been rapidly gaining popularity in recent months.

  • Fashionistas will swoon over hot pink.

During this year’s London Style Weekend, artists from all over the world embraced the color pink, featuring magenta micro skirts, Fuschia boots, and bubblegum jackets, all making an appearance on the runways. It’s related to the aforementioned ‘Society Girl’ style, except the brighter, the finer instead of pastels. Eudon Choi, renowned for his neutral shades, brought out models in blindingly brilliant pink, and we can anticipate seeing that hue dominate next season’s trends as well.

  • Subdued designs

A few presentations during LFW included frilly collars, elegant bonnets, and clean gloves, perhaps famously in Bora Aksu’s existing portfolio. The main emphasis was a blend of navy blue with tea-party pink, with lovely bursts of lilac in which the two tones overlapped.