Lottie Moss removed from top modeling agencies website


Chaos, a fashion company, has removed Lottie Moss from its webpage, leading to rumors that she was fired due to her crazy living, alcohol consumption, and cosmetic surgery, according to MailOnline.

Lottie Moss, 24, the minor sister of model Kate Moss, 48, has been told by industry reports for days or weeks that she is jeopardizing her potential fashion profession by selling obscene images of herself on the downmarket erotica website OnlyFans.

Storm Management, which has cultivated the futures of several famous young women, notably Cara Delevingne, 29, was said to have eventually run out of tolerance with Lottie and severed connections with her irreversibly, according to individuals who belong to the company.

The storm hasn’t posted about Lottie on their Instagram page, which has been followed by 439K followers and industry representatives, since September 2020, in addition to removing her showcase off the agency’s webpage.

Lottie, for her part, has erased any reference of Storm from her social media sites, stating instead that she has been sponsored by We Are Certified, a Los Angeles-based independent group that represents celebrities.

‘Lottie became tangled up in an environment of drinking and drug usage, even confessing to possessing a heroin addiction on social networking sites,’ one source stated.

‘She gave Storm Managers no option but to cut relations because that isn’t how they work.’

‘They are recognized for helping thousands of celebrities build successful jobs, and their link with Lottie seemed to start to ruin their image.

‘Lottie’s going to parties behavior, sexualized Instagram material, and OnlyFans profile made it much harder for her to be contracted for fashion brand advertisements like Chanel and Calvin Klein, where she spent time.’

Lottie’s presence at the NME Awards last week, which is her first major speech since her recovery, fueled fan suspicion that she’d changed her face structure following her jawline was substantially straighter.

Lottie has been underneath the blade before, confessing to getting a chest augmentation in 2019 and sporting various markings as well as coloring her hairstyle.

‘Lottie seems to have had filler injected into her jaw as well as her chin, which has now made it look pointier,’ a leading cosmetic surgeon stated.

‘It’s probable she employed tape recordings to provide her forehead an immediate elevation for the perfect red carpet appearance at the NME Awards,’ says one source.

‘Leading companies advise its models against changing their looks in their agreements, and breaching such terms might result in them becoming dismissed,’ according to the other insider.

‘Stars are warned to just not radically change their bodies, complexion, weight, or hair style and color, or their agreements may be cancelled.’

Lottie’s modeling profile is currently on Storm’s least renowned Los Angeles web page, with 31.1k Social media followers contrasted to Storm London’s 439K.

We Are Certified, her manager, demonstrated their dedication to Lottie by publicizing a question and answer session she made on their site in November 2021.

After entering a treatment clinic in January, Lottie admitted to having a ‘really serious addiction’ to heroin last month.

‘Whenever people are wondering how I’m in treatment,’ she posted on TikTok, after lip-syncing towards someone adding, ‘I have an extremely serious habit to cocaine.’ ‘Beast but real,’ Lottie said.