Mariah Carey and Her Boyfriend Bryan Tanaka Go On a Shopping Spree in Aspen


The beautiful diva and her boyfriend were caught doing some last-minute Christmas shopping in Aspen. Not only did she try out and buy some amazing clothes and accessories, but she was also already rocking an amazing outfit with black leggings and a black top with a long black coat. Her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka was looking exceptionally good as well.

Mariah Carey and Her Boyfriend

Mariah Carey has been dating Bryan Tanaka for some time now. They met while working and have since then grown quite close to each other and are all set to take their relationship to the next level. It is not very clear when exactly they will get married, but it seems like the future looks quite bright for this couple.

Mariah and Bryan were seen heading out to do some Christmas shopping together. Mariah was looking her usual gorgeous self and she sported a long black coat with matching leggings and top. Her boyfriend though did not look bad either as he was seen complementing the amazing dressing of her girlfriend. Mariah looks great in whatever she wears, but it seems like her boyfriend has been learning from his step as well!

Mariah Has Been in the News for All the Positive reasons lately.

She also released a Christmas album by the name All I Want for Christmas Is You. Not only has the song hit number one but it has also helped her earn around $60 million.

The song has been Mariah Carey’s biggest hit and it will be interesting to see whether she can release anything else that pushes her career forward. The beautiful diva has not had the best times recently, especially when it comes to her relationships with men. However, it seems like she and Bryan Tanaka are set to go all the way.

Mariah Carey and McDonald’s

Mariah Carey and McDonald’s have been in a business partnership for many years now. With her new song reaching great heights of success and McDonald’s wanting to take advantage of the situation, McDonald’s approached Mariah Carey for a promotional deal. They have launched their Mariah Menu link to Mariah Carey. It has a lot of amazing items and people are visiting McDonald’s and ordering the Mariah Menu as well. Both Mariah and McDonalds never seem to disappoint.

Following the Aspen Tradition

Mariah uploaded a video where she and her daughters are doing the aspen tradition. They come out of the hot Jacuzzi and roll on the snow for some time and then go back into the water. It is a tradition very common in Aspen. After rolling on the snow both Mariah and her daughter ran back to the hot Jacuzzi while calming how cold it was to roll in the snow. This is the Aspen tradition and they do it almost every year. It is a fun and exciting way to enjoy Christmas together.