Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel Have Their First Child Together


Great news for Miranda Kerr and all of her fans, she has given birth to her second child, which now makes a family of four!

A Second Son

Expanding her family, the supermodel, who is now 35 years of age, has given birth to her second son and first child with Evan Spiegel on the 8th of May. The son was reportedly born healthy, and all is well in the house of Spiegel. Kerr had her first child, Flynn, who is now seven, with Orlando Bloom, who is now her ex-husband. Bloom and Kerr were married from the years 2010 and lasted three years.

Kerr and Spiegel

After first being spotted together in a relationship back in June of the year 2015, the supermodel and the CEO of Snapchat announced that they engaged, roughly a year later, in July of 2016. The following year, in May of 2017, the two lovebirds then got married in a quaint and small ceremony, which was held in Los Angeles in their backyard in the Brentwood neighborhood.

The Announcement

Back in November, the couple made their first announcement regarding the pregnancy, and in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Kerr was incredibly vocal about how she and Spiegel were thrilled to expand their family. She even mentioned that Flynn was excited about having a younger brother, calling the whole ordeal “so sweet.”

The Second Pregnancy Experience

Miranda Kerr was also vocal about her experience with her second pregnancy, which has reportedly more complications when compared to her first one. A month after the announcement of the pregnancy, Kerr talked about how she had been struggling with consistent headaches due to the hormones, something which she had not experienced when she was expecting Flynn. However, she seemed to be handling it quite well with the help of her doctor, who, according to Kerr herself, had said that with the second pregnancy, her hormones are likely to kick in much harder due to the fact that her body had experienced this before.

Labor Snaps?

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Kerr has made several appearances on a variety of talk shows, one of which included Jimmy Kimmel Live! Back in the month of February. When asked a humorous question on whether her husband, the CEO of Snapchat, would document her labor with the second pregnancy, Kerr was quick to reassure her fans that she did not think so.

The supermodel and founder of KORA Organics that an aspect that she loved about Snapchat is the fact that it gives her the ability to snap and share intimate moments of her with her family and friends to those who she held dear to her. She then mentioned how she and her family, who lives back in Australia, send snaps to each other all throughout the day. However, when it comes to sharing intimate moments with the public, she talked about how that was a whole other ordeal. Kerr then went on to state how she wanted to keep some aspects of her life private.