Nicole Scherzinger’s Awesome Wigs


How do you cope with another week of being shut in at home? Well, if you’re Nicole Scherzinger, you take the time to show off your colorful wig collection. After all, what better way to spend your time than entertaining fans and maybe bring a smile to their faces.

From her Los Angeles home, she took to Instagram with a video donning a series of brightly colored wigs. She started with her naturally long, cascading black hair and then began the wig-wearing fun sequence.

The wigs began by contrasting her natural dark colored hair with a long blonde wig in contrast to her natural look. From there it was pink, purple, and bluish teal, or aqua for her more than 4 million fans to enjoy. The pink wig was shorter and whimsical. While the purple and bluish teal, or aqua wig were both long, the aqua one expressed a bit more wave. Which color do you think looks best on her?

41-year old Nicole Scherzinger is best known as the lead singer for the Pussycat Dolls. She got her start in a band named Eden’s Crush. In 2010, she and dance partner Derek Hough won the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars. She later joined Australia’s Got Talent as a judge for its ninth season. Today, she is stuck at home in front of a camera tossing wigs on her head to make her fans happy.

On a personal note, Scherzinger has been a spokesperson to raise awareness of the eating disorder, bulimia. She suffered from this disorder after being made to pose for photos for the Pussycat Dolls wearing only a bra, underwear and garters which made her very uncomfortable.

Of course, her beautiful, naturally bronzed Hawaiian face nicely accented each and every wig regardless of their color or length, with plump pink lips and eye makeup that eloquently brought attention to her best features. She also revealed her natural, luxurious hair as well.

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Nicole is currently quarantining at her Los Angeles with her boyfriend. The two normally share their time between the United States and England. Before signing off, when she and Thom do a video together, they remind the viewers to stay safe. The two had left the United Kingdom just before Britain mandated a lockdown and before international travel between the US and the UK was banned. When she is not showing off wigs to entertain her fans, the two sometimes share their own videos, including her workout videos.