On the front of Elle, Kaia Gerber is wearing a recreated copy of Gwyneth Paltrow’s iconic red Gucci outfit from 1996.


Get a double! Kaia Gerber looked stunning on the cover of Elle, and her ensemble might look similar. The 20-year-old actress, who ended her relationship with Jacob Elordi, donned a reinvented copy of Gwyneth Paltrow’s classic red velvet Gucci outfit, which she initially wore at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest.

Whereas the resemblance was unmistakable, the men’s clothing aesthetic first introduced by Tom Ford 25 years ago has been updated. Gucci brand manager Alessandro Michele created the present version for Gucci’s spring 2022 collection.

Although there are minor variations all along the shirt collar and pockets, it’s correct to conclude that this appearance has changed over the decades.

Gerber even added her spin on the historic ensemble with a few stylistic tweaks.

The Goop creator, 49, wore the attire with a blue button-up, and her hair was combed up into a ponytail at first, but the YSL Beauty spokesperson gave it a hotter twist.

She didn’t wear an undergarment at all and let her hair down.

The audience quickly recognized the “Who Decided to Wear It Better” event.

A comment on Gerber’s Instagram image said, “The red outfit.” “Wow, they’re resurrecting something from the 1990s!” Another individual remarked on Elle’s editor-in-chief, Nina Garcia’s article, “I recall when Gwyneth Paltrow wore that outfit.”

Gerber isn’t the one who found the old bodysuit. The Legislator actress gave the style she popularised before this year her touch.

 Paltrow donned the updated red outfit for the Gucci Dream Parade in October, and she dressed it in the same manner. Her hairstyle was in such a casual topknot, and she wore an open dress shirt, plus her makeup was incredibly similar.

Whereas the spectacular fashion event undoubtedly threw style fans into a tailspin, it shouldn’t sound surprising. Inside an April film in Magazine, Paltrow expressed her admiration for the style, saying it “one among my favorites.”

It’s one of Gucci’s first designs, designed by Tom Ford. I was enamored with what he does at Gucci, as did everyone else at the moment. In her Life in Style segment, she remarked that he “totally transformed the brand.” “Everyone wanted to have something they can out of the collections, and I was extremely fortunate to be able to take this stunning red velvet jacket off him.”