Race Flag Checkered Prints Making A Big Fashion Statement


How about a game of checkers, anyone? Or, maybe we should announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!” Why rush to the racetrack or break out a game board when you can stop for a game of chess anywhere you wear the latest fashion trend? 

A specific type of checkered print keeps showing up everywhere lately. It is not the typical sweet gingham that is reminiscent of picnics. It’s certainly not plaid or a buffalo check that makes everyone feel as though it’s time for a hoe-down or a square dance, maybe an old-fashioned country or Texas BBQ. 

The type of checkered print that is so popular in fashion trends lately is the kind you see on a racing flag or on a checkers or chess board. It takes two opposite or extremely contrasting shades and brings it together in symmetrical style. Sometimes, it gets creative with the design to come off as a bit of an optical illusion. But, the idea is simple squares with two basic colors.

The latest trend in checkered prints take two contrasting colors, or one color in a monochromatic contrasting shade and turns it into a fashion statement. The colors can be as bold as black and white, purple and orange, or the same color in different tones, such as a classic pair of Van’s slip-ons in two varying shades of yellow.

These checkered patterns that were first seen in the fall/winter 2020 runways carried over into the spring/summer 2021 shows as well. And, it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Rather, this checkered print is making a big fashion statement and revving up its engine to pick up speed as it seems to be quickly coming out as a front runner in fashion.

Popular brands such as Paloma Wool, Tyler McGillivary, KJ Plumb, Kkco, Gimaguas, Holiday the Label, Wray, and Lisa Says Gah! are just a few of the trending examples. Each designer has added their own signature twists, such as warping the squares to create an illusion effect or changing the squares into other shapes.

Extending Beyond Wearable Fashion

Don’t stop at the wardrobe to enjoy the latest trend in checkered prints. This checkerboard pattern has also made its way into home goods, rugs, towels, pillows, quilts. It has even been spotted on coffee mugs and plates. Knit throws, textiles, and drum baskets have jumped into the checkered game.

The design of solid squares with alternating contrasting colors has been seen on sweater vests, sweatshirts, dresses, jeans, cardigans, shirts, and hats. It has even been used for tote bags and purses, beach hats, hair clips, socks, sunglasses, and the trim around the bottom of a sneaker. Phone cases and jewelry has even touted the popular craze design. And, of course, it has even made its way onto face mask designs.

There is just something about these checkered prints that seems to make everyone demand to see more. Something about the color contrast is soothing to the eye. Or, maybe it’s reminiscent of race cars with the checkered flag that waves that make us want to move ahead at lightning fast speeds. Whatever the reason for the checkered print pattern’s popularity, it looks like it’s time to jump into the rat race of life and see how many ways you can express yourself with this latest checkered pattern print.