Romeo Beckham makes L’UOMO Vogue Debut


As the son of two of the most culturally popular people in the 1990s and 2000s, Romeo Beckham has had it tough. While many see the fame and fortune and opportunity, others see the mass suffocation of the media. Imagine being a small kid, trying to decide what you want to do with your life, and having to try contend with the press trying to find out every little detail about you?

Romeo has been a ‘cover kid’ for most of his life, with everything he does dissected purely because his parents were well-respected, intelligent, and talented professionals. While father David was a world class footballer and one of the faces of the international game, mother Victoria was a hugely successful musician and is today one of the leading names in fashion. So, that’s quite the record to live up to – but judging by his tremendous L’UOMO Vogue cover shoot, he’s finding life pretty easy!

(Before you do anything else, though, go and look at a photo of father David when he played for Manchester United in the 1990s…. the resemblance is insane!)

While many speculated if any of the Beckham children would follow into the football or music industries, it looks like Romeo is going to follow in his mother’s second career path instead. He’s made a splash as the cover for the Generation issue of Vogue, with the 18-year-old immediately recognizable from a distance. Even if you had no idea who he was, you’d probably recognize the mixture of David and Victoria from a mile off.

The shot, taken by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, has caught Romeo in the most interesting light possible. They always say that we look a mixture of our parents, but Romeo really proves just how much a child can look like their parents.

The future looks bright for the Beckhams

As the family continues to return to the press headlines for numerous reasons, Romeo looks to be making good on his own talent and potential. Clearly a looker and a charismatic sort, he’s made a huge impact already on the fashion world. His parents, too, were delighted for him, with dad David telling him that he “so proud” and that the first cover shoot was “incredible”.

He’s also got plenty of A-list mates to come on and tell him how good he looks, too. From the likes of Justin Bieber to other big name hitters in the world of culture and media, he’s clearly got some friends in high places. But hey, when your mum and dad two of the most successful and popular people of their generation, it must be pretty easy to make waves!

A natural in front of the camera and clearly someone with the desire to make his own way in life, Romeo Beckham looks set to have a long and successful career in front of the camera. And while brother Brooklyn is doing well behind the camera, 15-year-old brother Cruz is making a big splash on the piano.

Most families would kill to have just one talented member!