Royal Chic! 50 Head-Turning Royal Red Carpet Gowns Throughout History


Little girls grow up playing dress up so they can look like a princess or a queen. Royal weddings get international attention, but there are plenty of other regal occasions when royalty is caught on camera. There is something alluring about being seen in your most beautiful gown walking the red carpet. Imagine stepping that up a notch to the point of not only being red-carpet ready but also royal. The royal family is rarely, if ever, seen in the same clothing twice. When it comes to being seen in the most gorgeous gown, check out these crowned jewels among red carpet gowns.

Double Princesses In 1949

There is something very special about the bond between sisters. When those sisters happen to share a royal title a piece, any of their planned girls night out turns into a head-turning, camera-clicking event. At least that’s what happened when sisters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret attended a royal variety performance in London. The two princess sisters chose to wear extensively elaborate ball gowns accented by their own fur wrap. Even in black and white, these gowns look amazingly stunning. Imagine how glamorous each of these princess gowns looked in full color, live and in person at this very special event.

A Birthday Dress For Princess Margaret In 1951

Back in 1951, a full color photo was few and far between even to capture a photographic print of princesses wearing a glamorous ball gown. Birthdays were just as dotted with color as they are today especially for royal birthdays. These variations of color were just not always retained forever on a picture. When Margaret posed for a birthday portrait, photographer Cecil Beaton captured the very special pose on film. She was wearing a cream colored ball gown that leaves one shoulder bare and accents the other with some poof. The dress was embellished with gold and designed by Christian Dior. Since the picture was done in black and white, everyone looking at the photograph has to use a bit of imagination to envision the delicate and beautiful colors.

Queen Elizabeth With Her Prince, 1953

She wasn’t always the very mature and elegantly reserved matriarch of the royal family. Once upon a time, she was young. On her coronation day, June 2, 1953, all eyes were on her even though her husband was standing directly next to her side. Whatever she wore had to be carefully chosen to fit particular protocol for the royal family. Queen Elizabeth is pictured here on her coronation day. For the special event, she had an elaborate gown specially designed by Norman Hartnell. This very special dress was made from white duchess satin. It was embroidered with floral emblems that represented the commonwealth countries in gold and silver thread.

Princess Margaret’s Birthday, 1956

From the moment a princess is born or marries into the royal family, cameras are plentiful. No one seems to ever get enough images of these royal daughters. Everyone anxiously awaits capturing the best picture of the princess to share. This princess was known to be the Queen’s sister. On Princess Margaret’s 26th birthday, she posed for a very special portrait. She was wearing a one-shouldered gown that was made from pink tulle. What could be more princess-like than pink tulle? Her dress also featured a very elaborate embroidery consisting of sequins and flowers. This dress seems to be a forerunner to many princess styled prom dresses or wedding dresses when done in white.

Queen Elizabeth Meets John F. Kennedy and Jackie, 1961

When we all think about Queen Elizabeth, most of us probably don’t stop to think about the fact that Jackie Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth shared only a three years difference in age. Pictured here is a rare royal gem of a photograph. It not only pictures Jackie Kennedy wearing a light blue ballgown, but it shows Jackie Kennedy standing right next to her in a slightly lighter shade of blue gown. The Queen’s dress was designed by Norman Hartnell. Both wore long, white gloves. The event was to welcome America’s President John F. Kennedy and Jackie to visit Buckingham Palace for the very first time.

Princess Margaret Visits America In 1965

Surrounded by security guards and with tons of cameras clicking rapidly, this princess kept her composure as she set foot on American soil. In 1965, Princess Margaret visited America. For the special occasion, she wore a blue satin dress with a beautiful coat that appears to be woven and open from the waist down. On top, there are two feminine blue bows. She topped her head with a head-turning tiara. Of course, when a princess visits the USA, there is most likely a very good reason. While in the states, she attended an event at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles with Lord Snowdon.

Princess Margaret With Lady Bird Johnson, 1965

In 1965, Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones traveled to the White House. Princess Margaret posed with Lady Byrd for a very special moment when they visited President Lyndon Johnson in Washington D.C. Margaret is Queen Elizabeth’s sister and married to the 1st Earl of Snowdon. So, what do you wear to a special meeting of a president? Princess Margaret chose to wear a long, pink ball gown with matching jacket. She paired the outfit together by adding a beautiful necklace. She originally had white gloves to properly complement the full outfit, but it looks as though she opted to simply hold the gloves in hand rather than wear them.

Like Mother, Like Daughter, 1969

In 1969, Princess Anne and Queen Elizabeth were caught during a sweet moment in their beautiful ball gowns. Like mother, like daughter. This picture really exhibits how similar the two look. The picture was snapped when Princess Anne went with her mother on a state visit to Austria. They dressed up to the hilt for a glamorous event held at the British Embassy. Princess Anne was donning a white dress with the same kind of sash worn by her mother. She also had gloves and a tiara to set off the look. The Queen wore a dark lime green dress accessorized with a lot of priceless jewelry.

Princess Anne Looking Mod In 1973 Florals

As Princess Anne began to step out into finding her own place of the royal family, she could be seen in clothing that shared trends of the times. Seen here, she was displaying her unique personality and discovering who she was as she was seen wearing a large floral print full-length gown. It’s not the typical princess, off-the-shoulder dress filled with sparkle. Instead, it is long-sleeved and high-necked. She wore her hair sleek and up. This event was not a formal state or palace affair. It was a more casually dressy film premiere held in London. She attended with her husband, Mark Phillips.

Princess Margaret And Lord Snowdon Enjoy The Ballet, 1974

No, this is not her wedding gown. Though, it’s pure white with just a hint of sparkle make it look as though it’s ready to walk down an aisle. The bouquet she’s holding only adds to the impression. Princess Margaret put on a white sequined gown with sheer cape to attend a ballet performance with her husband. Her husband by her side was Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon. He was also well known as a British photographer and filmmaker. Although, his most well-known act was marrying the sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret. The ballet was presented in New York.

Queen Elizabeth Visits American President, 1976

Occasionally royalty makes a visit to America. These visits are typically met with a great deal of excitement and classy events or parties to attend along with plenty of cameras from the press on hand. When Queen Elizabeth visited the United States in 1976, she was seen in Washington, D.C. wearing a golden, almost mustard yellow gown. The occasion was a formal dinner with President Ford. She looked simply elegant in her floor-length gown that was accented with a sequined floral design. Her hands were graced in long white signature gloves while she clutched a small purse. She also wore a blue sash and a thick sparkly jeweled necklace.

Daughter Of The Queen, Princess Anne, 1978

Princess Anne is the Queen’s only daughter, so it’s only natural that she garners a great deal of attention whenever she is seen in public. Cameras are always a flutter when a member of the royal family steps out into public for even a glimpse even when there is no official royal business or need for a tiara. When she was spotted at an event at the Dorchester Hotel in London in 1978, she was wearing a floor-length floral gown filled with ruffles. The dress flowed with soft ruffles and a floral print. She donned her hands with the signature white gloves while clutching a small purse.

Happy Birthday To The Queen Mother, 1980

Happy birthday to the Queen. The day she was born was the start of a long-lasting era of royalty and certainly worthy of celebration. On the Queen’s 80th birthday, in 1980, there was a grand celebration. When Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, arrived she was wearing an elegant white chiffon evening gown. The gown swept the floor with a sheer ruffled hem and sparkled with accents throughout the entire dress. Atop her head was a crown, and around her neck was a dark gem necklace with matching earrings dangling from her ears. She had on the iconic white glove, but not on her right hand.

Princess Anne In London, 1980

In 1980, when she showed up at an event at the Royal Opera House in London, this royal family member was smiling and shaking hands. Princess Anne was seen in an elegant white dress with an embroidered sheer overlay but minus those signature white long gloves. The dress itself was a very simple white, long strapless dress. It is that long sheer overlay with delicate embroidery work that really makes her stand out in a crowd. Around her neck she wore a pearl choker necklace with earrings to match. She clutched a simple silver colored handbag and wore shoes to match that shimmered from underneath the long gown.

Princess Diana, The People’s Lady Di, 1984

When Princess Di came on the scenes, she sent camera shutters a flutter. She constantly graced magazine covers with images of the down-to-earth princess. In 1984, when Princess Diana was at the peak of being the center of tabloid gossip, she always seemed to show up with an air of class. At a ballet performance in London, she looked absolutely stunning in a pink and white dress designed by Catherine Walker. The dress was floor-length with pink pumps peaking out from underneath. The skirt was plain and straight, but the white top resembled an opened formal jacket with large cuffs and pearl-like cuff links and a plain white chest panel underneath.

Princess Diana At Film Premiere, 1985

This princess was known to be a princess of the people. At least, the people seemed to feel a sense of commonality with her, and she was not afraid to mix with commoners. However, there was never any doubt of her elegant grace. She equally pulled off the royal look with a lot of grace and a bit of shyness. There was nothing shy about this all shimmering gold evening gown designed by Bruce Oldfield, however. Princess Diana was seen donning the stunning creation when she arrived at the premiere of the James Bond film, A View to Kill, which was shown in 1985.

Princess Diana At The Washington Gallery, USA In 1985

Simple, yet oh so elegant. The dress basically defines who Princess Diana was. In 1985, she was photographed wearing a white, crystal-beaded silk chiffon full-length gown when she attended an event at the National Gallery in Washington D.C. The dress was the creation of a Japanese designer named Hachi. The absolutely stunningly gorgeous dress shows off one shoulder while completely covering the other shoulder straight down the arm to the wrist. She accents the dress only with fairly plan slightly dangling earrings and silver shoes. She clutches a plain shiny purse and walks with confident grace down the numerous steps.

Princess Diana In 1986 Style

Even royalty reflects the fashion designs of the times such as large, over sized elements and puffy shouldered sleeves. In 1986, Princess Diana was flocked from head to toe in 1980s design. She wore this black and white strikingly contrasting satin evening gown that proudly perched a giant black and white bow at the side of the waistline. She offset the over-the-top design elements with basic earrings and basic black shoes. She wore this to a royal wedding in Saudi Arabia. Since it was an official royal event she also topped her head with a stunning large and shiny tiara.

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip’s 40th Anniversary, 1987

Simple elegance is how The Queen will be forever viewed, and the dress she chose for this very special portrait communicates her personality quite well. When the portrait was commissioned for the Queen and Prince Philip’s 40th wedding anniversary, she looked absolutely stunning even though the dress was really fairly basic. The Queen chose to wear a white dress with a subtle monochromatic Polk-a-dot design. Of course, she also wore a sparkling large tiara and an elaborate diamond necklace as the perfect accessories. Prince Philip looked handsome and dashing in full dress uniform with a chest full of medals of accomplishments and honors.

Princess Diana At The Cannes Film Festival, 1987

At the Cannes Film Festival in 1987, Princess Di wore an absolutely gorgeous chiffon dress. The extremely pale blue color was reminiscent of a Cinderella fairy tale. Although, she had already swept her prince off of his feet, and it doesn’t look like her slippers are made of glass. She looked as though she and her prince could have danced all night, even though she was there for a film festival and not for a ball. The beautiful gracefully flowing full-length sleeveless ball gown with lightweight neck scarf wrap was designed by Catherine Walker who was consistently one of Princess Diana’s most favorite designers.

Just Look The Other Way Princess Diana, 1980s

Perhaps the expression on her face is just as captivating as her choice in ball gowns in this moment captured on film in 1987. As elegant as she looks in this black velvet off-the-shoulder floor-length work of art, her facial expression reveals something more complicated going on between her and the prince who is strangely looking off in the other direction paying no attention to this beauty of a princess. She wore an absolutely breathtaking black velvet dress designed by Victor Edelstein on at least two occasions. She chose the dress for a black tie affair during a visit to the White house in 1985 when she also famously danced with actor John Travolta. Two years later, she wore it once more during a state visit in Germany.

Princess Diana Steps Into 1988

She may have come into the royal family with a reputation of being a bit shy, but after several years as a princess, she easily fit into her royal role. When she made her appearance at a dinner hosted by the British Ambassador in Paris, Princess Diana turned plenty of heads in this vibrant solid red floral set against a strikingly contrasting black background. The style was clearly representative of the era with a slightly dropped waistline and form hugging top. One shoulder was left sleeveless, and the other with a skin-hugging sleeve all the way down to the wrist. This bold design was the work of Catherine Walker, one of Princess Diana’s favorite.

Princess Diana Looking Gorgeous, 1989

In 1989, Princess Diana was greeted at a banquet held at Claridges in London wearing a sparkly red dress by designer Bruce Oldfield. She accented with solid red pumps, an elegant necklace, earrings, and the Spencer tiara. The dress is very unique with a skirt that crimps in tight at the hip and waist and then gently flares out in a mermaid-like fashion. The top looks as though she is hugged in a sari wrapped garment that looks as though the style would have been more than appropriate at this red carpet affair where she exchanges a handshake with what looks to be a Saudi Sheikh or prince.

Princess Diana In Her Elvis Dress, 1989

She possibly has never looked so simply elegant during a royal visit to Hong Kong in 1989. After all, what more do you need to go with that gorgeous smile than a tiara? It seems the simpler or more understated the garment, the more her features are accentuated. This dress is a pure white silk with extensive pearl and sequin bugle pearl details that was a nod to Chinese culture. The dress was accented with a midriff jacket with elbow-length sleeves by one of her favorite designers, Catherine Walker. This dress was later coined “The Elvis Dress” by the press because of it’s high back collar and bolero jacket.

Princess Margaret At Her Mother’s 90th Birthday, 1990

When Princess Margaret arrived to celebrate the Queen Mother’s 90th birthday at the London Palladium, she looked absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. Apparently, gone are the days of her iconic long white gloves. Although, the style of the dress and her up swept hairdo remains mostly traditional in style. She made her appearance wearing an icy-blue ball gown accented only with an amazing blue jewel necklace and earrings to match. The dress design she chose is very traditional with an added floor-length cape that starts at the tops of each sleeve. She looked as though she could glide across a ballroom floor.

Princess Diana In Familiar Looking Gown, 1990

This strapless form hugging white gown looks very familiar. Could it be her famous Elvis Dress without the bolero jacket? The ball gown sheath was designed by Catherine Walker. Princess Diana wore it when she attended a state banquet during an official visit to Hungary in 1990. The multi-leveled pearl choker necklace with center set jewel and basic dangling earrings seems to be all she needs to accentuate the look. The choker was a converted piece of jewelry of a wedding gift she had received from the Queen Mother. It was a large sapphire and diamond brooch that became the clasp of a seven-strand pearl necklace.

Princess Diana, Lady In Red, 1992

This red number is another dress that Princess Diana chose to wear on more than one occasion. In fact, she wore it a total of eight times seen in public. She is seen here in 1992 wearing this ball gown dress designed by Victor Edelstein. This occasion happened to be when she visited Budapest, Hungary. The dress flattered her thin frame nicely with the off-the-shoulder sleeves and plunging neckline stopping before becoming immodest. The hemline of the skirt is unique and scalloped scoop like as it cascades down the leg. She topped it off with very little accent jewelry other than her Spencer tiara.

Princess Diana Ready For A Feast

To look your best in a slim-fitting dress requires a trim figure and body build, and it looks as though it was custom made for this princess. When Princess Diana visited a state banquet at the Dorchester Hotel in 1993, she made her appearance looking stunningly beautiful in this emerald green ballgown. The dress was designed by Catherine Walker, one of her all-time favorite designers. The dress was an off-the-shoulder, slightly V-dipping crisscross neckline. She accented the dress with a tiara and jewel-set necklace and earrings that go with the dress with elegant style. She clutched a simple green handbag.

Princess Anne In Christmas Scottish Plaid, 1995

With a kilt-like Scottish flair, Princess Anne arrived at the Royal Caledonian Ball at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London held in 1995. She chose to wear this dark green, full-length dress that displayed a red and green plaid sweeping sash-like neckline which wrapped around the shoulders and was held together with a brooch pinned to the upper left front. It looked as though she was clutching a matching plaid handbag under her arm. Princess Anne also accented the entire regal look with the traditional long white royal gloves. She kept the jewelry basic yet glamorous to let the dress speak for itself.

Princess Diana Looking Electrifying, 1996

Once upon a time she was considered to be a shy, inexperienced girl marrying into a royal family. Now, Princess Diana stepped out with confidence in her womanhood and in her appointed royal position that ended far too soon. It’s electrifying! In 1996 during a dinner in Sydney, Australia, Princess Diana was seen looking stunningly gorgeous in this electric blue color Versace ball gown. The dress is essentially one solid piece of bright blue fabric leaving one shoulder bare with only a thin strip of fabric over the other shoulder. She chose a matching handbag clutch and only a bracelet and earrings for jewelry accents.

Princess Diana Visits The Windy City Clad In Purple

Very few other women could look so regal draped in solid purple but the elegant and beautiful Princess Diana. She wore this absolutely gorgeous Versace dress to a gala dinner while she was on a visit to Chicago in the United States. The almost form fitting long skirt that could not be blown up by a gust of wind was a sensible choice as well seeing as how she was visiting the Windy City. Her clutch and shoes are a perfect match to the monochromatic streamlined dress that reaches to the floor. The only break in solid color is the scalloped neckline.

Princess Diana At Swan Lake Ballet, 1997

Chances are she may have been mistaken for one of the ballerinas on stage when Princess Diana showed up in public wearing a simple, yet elegant short dress. No, the dress doesn’t reach all the way to floor so probably wouldn’t technically qualify as a ballroom gown. But, it still fits into some of the most wonderful dresses worn by the royal family. She stepped out in this mini dress with sling-back silvery white pumps and matching hand clutch. In 1997, only a couple months before her tragic death, Princess Diana was seen in this ice blue colored dress designed by Jacques Azagury when she attended a performance of Swan Lake in London.

Princess Diana, 1997

She was looking so young and beautiful when she celebrated her 36th birthday in 1997. Photographers captured her on the sidewalk wearing this stunning sparkly black gown that reached all the way to the pavement. Jacques Azagury was the brilliant designer behind this stunningly gorgeous number. The thin straps are sweetly accented with small front bows, and the gown delivered plenty of sparkle. To top it all off, she wore an emerald and diamond necklace with matching earrings as she clutched a basic black handbag. Perhaps it was that smile that made her look completely content with life, which would end one short month later, that really made the gown stand out.

Princess Anne At The Royal Dock, 2003

Being a part of royalty calls for elegance, tradition, and class. Princess Anne delivers all three of these traits. In 2003 at a dinner held at the Royal Victoria Dock, Princess Anne looked elegantly stunning. She stood at attention wearing a blue silk floor length gown with matching jacket. The skirt of the dress was filled with Polk-a-dots and accented with a solid blue jacket. While the jacket was a solid color, it was accented with Polk-a-dot collar and cuffs. Instead of wearing her traditional long white gloves, she opted for black along with matching black handbag clutch and shoes.

50 Years Of Queen Elizabeth, 2003

When the Queen poses for a picture, it’s always a memorable occasion. It makes it all the more special when she is wearing the most beautiful dress. Queen Elizabeth posed for this photo with Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Prince William to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. Three generations of royal men with Queen Elizabeth II. To mark this occasion, she wore a pale pink dress that had full accents of dazzling sparkles which she accented with a diamond necklace. Her silvery shoes and purse and sparkling diamonds only served to offset the color of the dress.

Duchess of Cornwall With Wife Of Bahrain, 2007

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall looked very elegant in this pale blue dress with a touch of royalty. She wore it to a dinner that took place in 2007. The dinner was hosted by the King of Bahrain’s wife, Sheikha Sabika. In a country where women are traditionally covered from head to toe, her pretty yet simple blue gown was a touch of honor. It displayed rows of silvery studded designs that lined the two side openings of the covering all the way up to the shoulders as well as the cuffs. The solid pale blue flowing gown was covered with a long-sleeved silver-studded design jacket that fell only a foot or so from reaching the floor itself.

Queen Elizabeth In Ireland, 2011

If you’re not going to wear green in Ireland, the next best thing is to embellish a gown with chiffon shamrocks even if they’re white. In 2011, Queen Elizabeth paid tribute to her host country while she was on a royal visit to Ireland. She did so by wearing the white evening dress with a hint of chiffon shamrocks which is the national emblem of Ireland. She even wears long white gloves. The only colors that contrast the pure white is a hint of silver in the handbag, shoes, and jewelry which actually match her crown more than the dress.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 2011

It seems like absolutely everything looks super elegant on this royal girl. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, made one of her first appearances as part of the royal family at an April, 2011 event following her royal wedding that captivated the entire world to watch. Duchess Kate looked simply amazing in this Jenny Packham blush gown. The dress touts elaborate detailing on the front, a high, slightly scooped collar and feminine sheer fabric to cascade from her shoulders as sleeves. In the picture, she gently lifts the long skirt at the thigh line as she walks as if it is a natural graceful move.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge In The USA, 2011

Nobody makes a simple, traditional pale purple gown look better than The Duchess of Cambridge. This one is almost pure white with an extremely subtle hint of color. She always carries her self with such elegance and grace as a natural beauty. The dress she chose to wear in this moment captured by photographers was designed by Alexander McQueen. The dress cascades to the floor with a slightly ruffled hemline. The simple belt at the waist helps show off her slim figure. She stepped out in this dress while attending BAFTA Brits To Watch event in Los Angeles while on a royal visit to the United States in 2011.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 2012

Pretty in pink seldom looks this great! The Countess of Wessex looked very elegant in this solid pink gown. Sophie wore this one shouldered dress to the 2012 Paralympic Ball that she attended with Prince Edward, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. While the dress is one solid color from top to bottom, it displays plenty of unique design elements. Starting at the top, only one shoulder has a strap that is clasped with a tan clip. It then tightly shows off a form fitting top with a skirt that crimps up at the hip on the opposite side of the shoulder strap. The skirt gently flows down to a small ruffled hemline that reaches the floor.

Zara Tindall Looking Royal In Purple, 2012

When Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall attended the Rugby For Heroes Charity Gala Dinner at Twickenham Stadium with her husband, Mike Tindall, she looked amazing. At this 2012 event, Zara Tindall stood out looking gorgeous in this deep purple gown with a contrasting teal colored sash belt. As she stood looking like a member of the royal family that she is, she was literally draped in the color of royalty, purple. The teal waist sash not only provides a break in the full monochromatic look but also cinches in the waist a bit to accentuate Zara’s fabulous figure all done with total class and dignity.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall In Black And White, 2013

When it’s a black tie affair, there is simply nothing more elegant than wearing black contrasted with a splash of white. That is exactly what Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall did when she captivated photographers at a dinner hosted by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in Amsterdam. Her smashing dress featured a flowing long black skirt with a sequined white long-sleeved top. The black skirt part of the gown begins midway at the white chest top. The elegant detailing on the top was a jaw-dropping head turning accent. The jeweled tiara only served to add sheer regal beauty to the entire dress.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 2013

When Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex showed up at Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s wedding, Sophie looked stunningly gorgeous and elegant. She was dressed in a pale pink ball gown that was only a small step away from being bridal white. Princess Madeleine was marrying Christopher O’Neill, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex was just as beautiful as the blushing bride. Only, The Countess was on the arm of Prince Edward decked out in full dress uniform. Her long pale pink slender gown featured a lacy top. She also wore a blue sash over her shoulder and held a small white clutch purse.

Duchess of Cambridge Looking Naturally Elegant

When Duchess Kate appeared at the National Portrait Gallery’s annual gala in London, she looked dressed to the hilt with her dark hair cascading down to meet a dress that seemed to continue the elegant flow. She wore a flowing dress that featured a form fitting top with short sleeves and a black belt accent to break up the solid color with grace. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was wearing a dark full length dress designed by Jenny Packham. The Duchess of Cambridge was the one looking great in the dress, but she wore with it a piece of The Queen. The gown displayed a sparkling necklace that actually belonged to Queen Elizabeth.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 2016

In April of 2016, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, headed to a royal tour of India. She traveled there on royal business with husband, Prince William. When she appeared at one event, she looked simply lovely wearing a royal blue gown by Jenny Packham. The jacket and upper front of the dress featured element designs that were a complete tribute to the culture of India. Trimmed in sparkle and delicate, intricate floral vines, the sparkling design served to outline the edges of the jacket and make the top of the dress stand out. The choice of dangling blue earrings bring the entire look together, and of course, her smile always adds beauty to any attire.


Queen Letizia of Spain and Queen Elizabeth, 2017

It wasn’t a battle of the crowns, but one may stand out with the most brilliance. In 2017, Queen Elizabeth hosted the royals King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain on a state visit to the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II welcomed them to Buckingham Palace. Queen Letizia was seen wearing a breathtaking off the shoulder red dress and tiara. Queen Elizabeth wore a white long floor length gown with elegantly embroidered embellishments. Besides the embroidered design, the only thing breaking up the all white gown was a red bow pinned to the Queen’s shoulder. Of course, she donned her signature long white gloves as well.

Will And Kate, A Royal Pair, 2018

Will and Kate have been a pair that has been captivating the attention of magazine covers and newspapers from the start. If either is spotted anywhere, cameras begin to click. When they set out on a royal tour of Norway and Sweden in 2018 for a formal state dinner during the royal visit, cameras were competing to get the first and best image of the two. The Duchess of Cambridge wore an ethereal blush pink dress that flowed down to the floor. The gown was designed by Alexander McQueen and added a cape with breathtaking crystal detailing to top it all off.

The Heir To Spare With Bride Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, 2018

The wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle was a delight to the media. After the 2018 royal wedding, bride and new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, changed into a separate wedding dress to attend the wedding reception. The gown was a bespoke lily white dress by Stella McCartney. It featured a sleek solid white color with a high neck and sleeveless shoulders exposed. She gathered up the skirt that seemed to extend into a short train as they entered the reception. Besides her new wedding ring set, she accented the entire look with only a subtle pair of earrings.

Princess Eugenie, 2018

As the sixth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Eugenie often gets passed by for being front and center in photographs. She is the younger daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York and was once tenth in line of succession to the British throne after her sister Princess Beatrice. When Princess Eugenie was wed to Jack Brooksbank in October 2018, she slipped into a second wedding dress to attend her reception as is often the custom. The full length draping gown was a blush tone that almost resembled her skin tone and hugged her top tight. The dress was designed by Zac Posen.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex In Fijian Blue, 2018

Second only to the attention that a royal wedding receives, when a royal couple is expecting their first child, the media goes into a frenzy. For Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, many speculated that she was expecting to give birth to the newest member of the royal family soon after the wedding. Whether she was already expecting Archie in this picture or not, she made the dress look good. The gown pictured here featured an extremely subtle cape set against a vibrant Fijian blue gown that was a nod to the colors on the country’s flag when the couple went on royal tour to Fiji that year.