Sarah Jessica Admits She Kept All of Her Outfits From Sex in the City


Sarah Jessica Parker is one of our ultimate style icons, known for her impeccable sense of chic. And apparently, when it came to packing up the costumes from Sex and the City, she didn’t want to leave anything behind.

It turns out all of Carrie Bradshaw’s most prized outfits were carefully packed away in the actress’ own closet. She was so particular about how she took care of them during the series run that she kept everything—even the shoes.

Why did she keep all of the clothes?

How could anyone resist?

During a recent interview for Parker revealed that she kept every single outfit from the TV series. Could you imagine all of Carrie’s designer gowns and shoe boots? It’s a significant dedication to her character.

Fans of the show will recall that Carrie’s closet had over 400 items. Now Parker has only set aside about 140-150 of them for posterity, ‘so that others can see them,’ she says.

She’s not kidding

Every single one of them is neatly packed away in her own closet. She says she couldn’t bear to part with any of them, so they stayed in storage after filming. We can’t imagine what it would be like to own (let alone wear) every single outfit from the show. But we would love to see how Sarah Jessica Parker styled every one of them.

The actress says she was lucky to get her hands on all of Carrie’s outfits. “I feel very grateful that I got to keep them,” she said. “They’re a little bit of a time capsule.”

Sarah Jessica Parker is truly die-hard when it comes to Carrie Bradshaw. She loves the character just as much as her fans do.

How does she store so many outfits? We have to know!

Sarah Jessica Parker said she likes to look at the costumes now and then, but that’s about it. She’s not planning to wear them.

One of the most amazing things about Sex and the City is that Carrie Bradshaw was always impeccably dressed. Her ensembles were a mix of luxury and edgy, and she was always stepping out in the most coveted designer clothes from the late 90s.

Sex in the City fans would be amazed

Just imagine if you could see the outfit she wore in your favorite episode? Wouldn’t that be a treat? The show is a gold mine for fashion inspiration.

Her closet was a veritable museum of conspicuous consumption. But apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker locked them away in her own closet. When asked what she did with all of Carrie Bradshaw’s clothes, the actress revealed that she couldn’t bear to part with any of them.

It’s dedication like this that makes us adore her even more!

You knew she loved the character, but you didn’t know she loved her this much. It’s great that Parker is so attached to Carrie Bradshaw’s character that she’s kept all of her outfits just in case.

She could have sold them for a fortune, but thankfully she didn’t.

Her love for Carrie Bradshaw’s character must be deep

And if Parker’s dedication to Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t enough, the actress also revealed that she also kept all of Carrie’s shoes. That’s a fantastic amount of commitment!