Shaquiel Compous On The Way To Create A Fashion Label


While most people think that life ends once you go to prison, it can also begin again once you get out. Of course, it is not an easy thing to do, but Shaquiel Campous is showing us that it is possible. He was sent to prison when he was only 15, and he is now learning to create his fashion label.

Here is everything you must know about his story.

Shaquiel’s Encounter With Prison

Shaquiel was sent to prison for possession with the intention to supply drugs at age 15. He was released just a year and two months later. However, he knew that he never wanted to go back to prison again.

According to Shaquiel, he wanted to continue being on the right path, but the only people he knew were also criminals. Of course, once you get out of prison, it is not easy to fend for yourself. Former inmates don’t have the money, connections, or support to begin life anew.

Most people that get out of prison turn back to crimes because no one is willing to hire them or offer them help. Unfortunately, Shaquiel also faced this problem, and he went back to prison for two years this time.

A Bright Future For Shaquiel

Bad days don’t last forever, and Shaquiel’s future finally seems bright as he is an aspiring fashion designer and musician. He is one of the eight former prisoners selling bags, clothes, facemasks, and more at a pop-up store in London, Blank Canvas. The Inside Out Clothing project runs this initiative.

They are a social enterprise that aims to provide young people who have spent time in prison with the opportunity to make a living. The enterprise helps these young people by aiding them in designing, manufacturing, and selling their clothing brands. Of course, the store is also fantastic, and it has presentations from various speakers throughout the day.

Any customer can also get headshots taken by a professional photographer or meet people for career advice. The young former inmates are part of this project and on their way to a brighter and more successful future.

What Is Inside Out?

Inside Out is a non-profit organization trying to help young people who have gotten out of prison. The money from sales goes back into the project that they run every year. Of course, fashion was the choice because young people are into it and they can connect with it.

The project lasts seven weeks, and people learn skills such as sales, social media marketing, and screen printing. It is trying to curb the stigma that prisoners face in the job market, and they are doing a great job. We couldn’t be happier for people such as Shaquiel.

Final Thoughts

That is everything you must know about Shaquiel’s story and Inside Out. It is a great initiative that is trying to help young people get their life back on track. We hope to see more such initiatives soon.